Free Fantasy Sports

Often when people think of DFS, they immediately think money has to be involved. Well, that’s not always the case. There are several types of free fantasy sports these days. Both in season-long fantasy leagues or daily fantasy leagues, there are opportunities for you to play fantasy drafts free of charge.

We will take a look at some of these sites that offer free sports drafts and talk about how you can get started.

Types of Free Fantasy Sports Drafts

First we need to explain the difference between season-long and daily fantasy sports. When we refer to season-long fantasy sports, it means you draft a free fantasy team and play them all season. You can add, trade and drop players.

On the other side of things is daily fantasy sports. With DFS, you are doing your free draft for one day or one weekend of games. Let’s take a further look at the types of free fantasy sports drafts here.

Season-Long League vs. Friends

This is probably the most common type of free fantasy league. This type of league has been around for years. You get a group of friends together and do a free draft. No entry fees are collected and no prizes are given out. Typically it’s for nothing more than bragging rights.

Season-Long League vs. Random Opponents

Many websites like Yahoo and ESPN give you the chance to play in a free season-long fantasy league against players you have never met. With one click, you can sign up for a free league and do your draft online. These are popular for fantasy players that don’t have many friends with the same fantasy sports interest. It’s also a good way to meet new people.

Daily Fantasy Contests for Free (with no prize money)

As daily fantasy sports is so new, a good way to be introduced to the concept is to play it for free. FanDuel, DraftKings, and most other DFS operators will let you do free drafts and compete in free contests nightly. This gives you a chance to learn how DFS works and practice without having to pay any money.

Daily Fantasy Freeroll Contests (with prize money)

This is our favorite type of free fantasy sports contests. The true freeroll! Many of the daily fantasy sites will offer free contests with prize money given away. These are no-brainers to play in as you don’t have to commit any entry fee money. But they are giving away prize money. It’s a nice way to boost your bankroll and learn the game in the same contest.

So that’s a quick look at the free fantasy sports contests that you will typically see. Continue reading and we’ll give some reasons why it’s a good idea to play free fantasy sports.

Why Play Free Fantasy Sports?

People sometimes wonder why they should play free fantasy sports rather than paid fantasy sports. We have a few reasons why free is better in some cases.

Learn the Game

You may be a newcomer to fantasy basketball, or fantasy baseball, or whatever fantasy sport you want to list. Playing a free contest and doing some free drafts in that sport is a great way for you to learn the sport and the game. It gives you a chance to learn the players and understand how things work for free, and not have put any money down. Once you are comfortable with the game, you can start playing fantasy contests for real money if you like.

Just Want to Have Fun

Another common reason to play free fantasy sports is simply that you just want to have fun! It’s not always about the money. Some people want to play fantasy sports as a true hobby. Once you start playing for real money, it becomes a little more stressful. Playing for free keeps it 100% entertaining.

Friendly Challenge of a Friend

On occasion a friend will want to play you in fantasy sports. Free fantasy drafts are great ways to have a bit of friendly competition. No money has to be exchanged, and it can be done quickly and stress-free.

Trying a New Site

In fantasy sports there are new fantasy sites popping up every day offering contests. Sometimes it’s not the best idea to jump right in and play for money on these sites. Take some time and do some free drafts to get yourself accustomed to the new sites. You can learn the ins and outs of these sites before you deposit any money at all.

These are four good reasons to play fantasy sports for free. But what about when you are ready to play for money? How can you get started? Keep reading and we’ll talk about just that!

The Jump from Free Fantasy Sports to Real Money Leagues

So you have played free fantasy sports leagues for awhile and have gotten pretty good at the game. Now you are ready to transition to playing real money leagues. That’s good!

The first step to this transition is picking a site you trust to deposit your money into. Unlike free contest, these pay contests require that you use an e-wallet system or a credit or debit card to deposit money into them. You want to ensure you are using a trusted site.

Once you have funded your account, it’s time to start playing paid leagues. You have done the practice and know what works. Now, take what you have learned in these free games and apply them to the real money contests. Watch your bankroll grow as you win these contests.

Finally, even after you start playing real money fantasy leagues, you should keep an eye out for freerolls. There are many times it still makes sense to do a free draft or play in a free tournament. Good luck with your free fantasy sports contests!