Review Summary

MoneyBall is Australia’s first fantasy sports website – making it a pioneer, inspired by the success of the fantasy sports industry in the U.S.

This fantasy sports site is geared towards new and first-time players. MoneyBall offers a range of fantasy sports to play such as the NRL, AFL, EPL, NFL, RWC, and NBA. Players can pick whether they’d like to join daily or weekly contests.

The website aims to develop fan engagement in the sports industry in Australia – captivating audiences through a gaming format, where they can win big money. Additionally, the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority has licensed MoneyBall in all Australian states and territories.

Current Promotions

Being the first and only fantasy sports website in Australia, MoneyBall is keeping the promotions on the quiet side at the moment.

Ongoing Promotions

Although there are no promotions as such, there are many contests with big prizes. With a minimum entry fee of $2 for most contests, that's a promotion in itself.

VIP Loyalty Program

Just like their promotions, MoneyBall currently has no VIP loyalty program. Their low minimum entry fees should be enough to keep you coming back.

Device Reviews

MoneyBall’s mobile site is functional and appealing. Playing directly through your browser you can experience fast gameplay just as you would on your desktop. Though a mobile app for iOS and Android users is lacking, you'll find the mobile site caters for everything that you’d need to play fantasy sports games anywhere you go!

Cashing In / Out

MoneyBall automatically credits deposits made by their players. You can instantly join contests upon depositing funds via your credit card. Withdrawing your winnings are also processed immediately by and depending on your bank, the funds will be in your bank account in up to 3 working days.

Wagering Requirements

MoneyBall has no wagering requirement. This gives players freedom to withdraw their funds and winnings as they wish. New players can easily get at their winnings through the various payment portals available.

Games Available

MoneyBall offers a wide variety of sports to their fantasy sports players. Players can choose to join the following leagues: Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL), English Premiere League (EPL), Rugby World Cup (RWC), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA).

MoneyBall offers more sport choices than some of the more established fantasy sports websites in the U.S. Aside from this, Australian players can choose to participate in either daily or weekly fantasy sports contests, eliminating season-long commitments.

Below are the several game choices available on MoneyBall. Players can choose what type of game they’d like to participate in: head-to-head, system created leagues, user created leagues, 50/50 leagues.

Interested in playing these games in your favorite fantasy sport? Joining MoneyBall is easy, and the website offers a fantastic fantasy sports experience to first-time players!

Game Operators with Game Play Game
NFL 27 Play NFL
NBA 23 Play NBA
NRL 1 Play NRL
AFL 1 Play AFL
EPL 4 Play EPL
RWC 1 Play RWC

Site Usage

MoneyBall’s fantasy sports website is simple to navigate and use. Australian players will love the user-friendly interface as everything a player needs can be found on every single page. The design is fantastic too, creating the ambiance of real competitive sports. Another thing that’s worth to mention is their search filters that allow you to search contests that you’d like to participate in. No hassle at all.

Software Rating

MoneyBall has top-notch software up their sleeves. Players can watch their favorite fantasy sports contests in real time, allowing a very interactive software. Players can also learn strategies as they watch teams compete against each other – showing the strengths and weaknesses of other teams.

Pros and Cons

  • Pioneer fantasy sports website in Australia
  • Superb website interface and software
  • User-friendly website
  • No wagering requirement
  • Wide range of sports leagues offered
  • Startup fantasy sports website
  • No mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • No promotions or VIP loyalty program


You’ll love playing your favorite fantasy sports with a wide range of game choices. Drafting your team is easy too – just like everything on MoneyBall’s website. Consider playing on your smartphone or tablet too, you can access MoneyBall everywhere you go!

The fantasy sports pioneer in Australia boasts quality performance and service. MoneyBall is a great site that allows you to enjoy playing fantasy sports games with great chances of winning big cash prizes!

Mobile Betting

MoneyBall's mobile site has everything that you'd need to bet on your mobile. The mobile site is power packed and customized to fit all smartphone and tablet devices. You can easily navigate the mobile site as if you’re playing on MoneyBall’s desktop site.

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