Play SuperEnalotto and Become a Multi-Millionaire!

Play SuperEnalotto and Become a Multi-Millionaire!

- December 22, 2016

Since the 1950’s, SuperEnalotto, formerly known as Enalotto, has been widely popular. Who could blame the millions of people who join this lottery contest? Each entry with five lines only costs £10 and you are given the chance to win millions of pounds! The widely popular Italian lottery has rewarded one of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world and have transformed numerous ordinary Italians into instant millionaires! But you do not have to be Italian to join this lottery contest. Anyone from anywhere in the world can enter the draws.

If you are physically located in Italy, it can be quite convenient to join the SuperEnalotto. You can simply go to the nearest retailer offering it and buy your tickets. Do not fret if you located somewhere else in the world because thanks to the Internet, joining the SuperEnalotto draws could not be easier.

Joining the SuperEnalotto Online

Are the type of lotto player who dreams of winning big? While minor prizes are also offered on SuperEnalotto, this lottery contest also gives millions of pounds in jackpot prizes! The low cost of the tickets and the humongous jackpot prizes have even enticed celebrities like George Clooney, Paris Hilton and Madonna to join SuperEnalotto! And they are not even in Italy whenever they bought the lottery tickets!

How can you do it, you ask? Well, just sign up with The Lotter and select six numbers from a pool of 90. It only costs you £2 per line with a minimum of five lines to join! If you want to tip the odds a bit to your favour, use random numbers which you can get from a SuperEnalotto number generator. If you click the Quick Pick option or if you get random numbers, the less likely it would be that another player would come up with the same digits. After selecting your numbers, you can now buy the ticket and join the draw!

The interesting part about joining international lotto contests through the Internet is the fact that you can check SuperEnalotto results anywhere. As long as you have a mobile device and an Internet connection, you can view the numbers that were drawn and even review SuperEnalotto jackpot odds. You can be in the US, Britain, South Africa or any part of the world and still have the chance to win millions of pounds! It’s true! Did you know…Madonna’s biggest win from the SuperEnalotto is over £93,000!

You can Become a Millionaire by Joining SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is a pari-mutuel lottery which means that the prize will be based on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners in each prize tier. 60% of the prize money for the tiers are taken from the ticket sales. This also means that the more people who buy SuperEnalotto tickets, the bigger the prizes can get. If you match six numbers, you will get 17.4% of the prize pool. For instance, if the prize pool reaches £600 million, you can win a jackpot prize of £104.4 million!

The biggest value that the SuperEnalotto jackpot reached was at £138 million and it was won by a syndicate of 70 players. That only means that joining lottery syndicates is indeed an affordable and efficient way to increase your chances of winning. As we all know, the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of hitting the jackpot will be! So, whether you are in Italy, the US, Britain, South Africa or any part of the world, join the SuperEnalotto now to give yourself a chance to win millions of pounds!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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