Mega Sena

Say olá to Brazil’s largest raffle contest and one of the biggest lotteries in the entire South American region! When in Brazil, or any part of the world, Mega Sena is the lottery game to play. This lotto contest is operated by the Caixa Economica Federal – one of the biggest banks in Brazil and the governing body that manages all the country’s lotteries.

Drawings are held twice a week at approximately 6 PM Brasilia Time, every Wednesday and Saturday. Moreover, every draw is televised (with a 25-minute delay) on RedeTV. In every draw, balls are randomly picked from two spinning spherical cages. These balls are picked in pairs, forming a two-digit decimal number from 01 to 60. In the first café, there are balls with numbers ranging from 0 to 5 for the first digit. The other cage has balls ranging from 0 to 9, forming the second digit. In the event that two zeros (00) show up, it will be substituted with the number 60 for prize purposes. Once six unique, two-digit numbers are drawn, the drawing is completed.

How to Play Mega Sena

In order to win the main prize for Mega Sena, your numbers must match the winning digits in the actual drawn. On the other hand, you can still win prizes when you hit four to five numbers. As a player, you can bet between 6 to 15 numbers out of a pool of 60. Now you may think that selecting numbers is an easy task. Some choose their birthdays or follow superstitions when choosing their numbers. However, doing the same will only make the odds of winning slimmer.

When you choose your numbers, do not forget to check out the most common Mega Sena numbers as well as other lotto number statistics online. On the other hand, if you do not have the time to come up with your own number combination, it is always best to use the Quick Pick feature (Surpresinha entry) and the computer will generate random numbers for you. You can also search for a Mega Sena number generator online. Tools like this are typically free for you to use and they eliminate the hassle of coming up with your own numbers. You can also opt to enter your numbers for two, four or eight consecutive draws in advance. Moreover, you can play using the same bet for two, four or eight consecutive contests or “Teimosinha.”

When you score 4, 5 or 6 points, you will win a prize. Keep in mind that the prices of the bets depend on the amount of possible groups of 6 numbers existing within the numbers you chose. This means that the bet prices vary from r$3.50 for six numbers (for one possible game) up to R$17,517.50 for 15 numbers (for 5,005 possible games). Your chances of winning the Mega Sena jackpot prize for a minimum bet are 1 in over 50 million.

Mega Sena Bet Prices and Odds

Games PlayedBet Amount in R$Mega Sena Odds

Largest Mega Sena Jackpots

1R$263,295,552.6431 December 201441665
2R$246,533,514.2931 December 201561775
3R$244,784,099.1631 December 201231455
4R$224,677,860.0831 December 201341560
5R$205.329.753.5425 November 201511764
6R$194,395,200.0431 December 201041245
7R$177,617,487.6031 December 201151350
8R$144,901,494.9231 December 200921140
9R$135,315,118.9622 November 201421655
10R$119,142,144.276 October 201011220

Mega da Virada

As you may have noticed, most of the biggest jackpots are won around New Year’s Eve. This is mainly due to the special draw called Mega da Virada. This special contest is widely popular among Brazilians due to the size of the jackpot prize. The reason behind this massive jackpot amount is mainly because 5% of the regular Mega Sena ticket sales go to the prize pool for Mega da Virada. So, do not forget to enter the Mega Sena before you party on New Year’s Eve!

Playing Mega Sena from Anywhere Around the World

Thanks to the Internet, you can enter Mega Sena draws no matter where you are located. When you go online, you will find online lottery shops which feature this game. Needless to say, you don’t even have to step out of your house just to get your chance at winning the massive Mega Sena jackpot!