Lotto Number Generator

We all find our own ways of picking our Lotto numbers. Some of us like to pick special numbers, but a lot of people like to play a random selection. For this we have automatically randomised tickets for sale for most lottery draws around the world. These are usually called something like Quick Pick, or Lucky Dip. For those who want to choose random numbers for themselves, there is the random number generator.

Why Use a Number Generator

You can choose your own numbers of course, by just randomly marking your ticket. Studies have shown, however, that the human mind tends to favour patterns and symmetry. This means that often your random selection of number isn’t so random after all. You can see why people prefer to a Lotto number generator rather than choose their own random selections!

Lotto number generators are so popular mainly because theymake the task of selecting numbers much easier. It works the same way as acomputer or lottery machine would when selecting your random numbers. Whiledoing so may not exactly increase your chances of winning, you can still resteasy knowing that no other players will come up with the same numbers as yours

Are all Number Generators the Same?

Different draws around the world have different numbers of balls, so you want a random number generator that is specific to the draw you are playing. Let’s take an Oz Lotto number generator as our example, that’s the main draw played in Australia and has 45 main balls. This differs greatly from other draws around the world so that Lotto number generator would need to be specific to the draw. Even without taking other countries into consideration, many countries have several draws and each plays with different rules. That means different generators for each draw. Again, we’ll use a Lotto number generator for Australia as an example as the country has several draws. These include Lotto 1, Oz Powerball, Oz Lotto and several super jackpot draws too. Each of those requires its own random number generator.

Random number generators are a useful tool for lottery players, especially those who wish to play the same numbers each week. A Lucky Dip or Quick Pick ticket might offer random selections, but these will change each draw. However with a Lotto random number generator you can mark down your numbers and go on to play them in many draws.

These generators are especially useful to syndicate players who may want to keep everything as random as possible. If you allow players to choose their own numbers, they may then feel ‘ownership’ of that ticket. They are especially useful in displaying fairness in ball selection.