Oz Lotto

Operated by Tattersalls, Oz Lotto is a traditional-style lottery that is syndicated throughout Australia. Featuring a guaranteed prize pool of AU$2 million, the game has quickly become one of the most popular lotteries in the country. Drawings are held every Tuesday night at approximately 8:30 PM AEST. The prize pool rolls over when no winner is announced and jackpots can quickly reach AU$50 million and even higher! If you’re going to ask which lottery holds the record for the largest jackpot prize ever won in Australia, the answer would be Oz Lotto. Back in November 2012, four tickets shared the Division 1 pool worth nearly AU$112 million.

Brief Background of Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto was launched as the first national lottery in February 1994, back when New South Wales was not a part of Saturday Lotto. It originally functioned the same way as Saturday Lotto, requiring players to select six numbers out of 45. However, in October 2005, a seventh number was added. This also made the odds of winning the Division 1 prize slimmer. Branding for the game varied across different states. However, from 2012, it has been simply known as Oz Lotto.

How to Play Oz Lotto

Every Tuesday evening, nine balls are drawn from a pool of balls numbered 1 to 45. The first seven balls are the “main numbers” while the last two numbers are the “supplementary numbers.” In order to win the Division 1 prize, you have to match seven numbers in a single game with the seven winning numbers drawn.

To play, you simply have to select seven numbers from 1 to 45. Keep in mind that these numbers may potentially bring you the dream, jackpot prize. While Oz Lotto is completely a game of chance, there are some measures you can take to tip the odds a bit to your favour. When selecting numbers, check out the most common Oz Lotto numbers and compare it with other lotto number statistics online. If you are having trouble picking your numbers, you can use the Quick Pick feature and let the computer generate random numbers for you. Alternatively, you can use an Oz Lotto number generator which you can easily find online. Using such tool is free and it eliminates the hassle of coming up with your own number combination.

Like other lotto variations, there are a few options available for you when you play Oz Lotto. As previously mentioned, Quick Pick entries are ideal if you want to avoid the hassle of coming up with your own number combination. There are also different Quick Pick options you can choose, depending on the size of game you wish to play.

  • MINI – Quick Pick for six games
  • REGULAR – Quick Pick for 12 games
  • SUPER – Quick Pick for 18 games
  • MEGA – Quick Pick for 24 games
  • JUMBO – Quick Pick for 36 games
  • MAXI – Quick Pick for 50 games

To increase your chances of winning, you can opt for Systems entries and play more numbers per game. For instance, when you choose a System 9 entry, you can select nine numbers as opposed to the standard seven numbers allowed. Another option you can take to increase your chances of winning is to play a Pick entry. By selecting this option, you are guaranteed two out of the seven winning numbers. All you have to select are the remaining five winning numbers in the game panel.

You can also opt for multi-week entries to make your lotto gameplay easier and more convenient. Let’s say you’re planning on going away for the holidays, you can purchase Advance entries especially for upcoming draws around Christmas time or New Year’s. In some cases, lottery shops will even provide you with discounts as high as 25% when you purchase tickets for multiple draws.

Winning Combinations for Oz Lotto Division Prizes

Division 1All 7 main winning numbers
Division 2Any 6 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers
Division 3Any 6 main winning numbers
Division 4Any 5 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers
Division 5Any 5 main winning numbers
Division 6Any 4 main winning numbers
Division 7Any 3 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers

Playing Oz Lotto From Anywhere Around the World

Thanks to the Internet, we can enter lotteries from around the world and get our chance to win a massive, dream jackpot. It goes without saying that no matter where you are physically located right now, you can enter Oz Lotto draws and dream of matching all seven numbers of the Division 1 prize! There are online lottery shops which feature this game. All you have to do is submit your numbers and the number of games you wish to play. They will purchase the ticket for you, scan it and then upload it to your account. When you win, they will notify you via email or SMS. There are even online lottery shops that will arrange for a winner to come and claim their prize in person in case of a big jackpot win.

Now that Oz Lotto can be easily accessed online, you can avoid the hassle of travelling and even stepping out of your own home just to play. You can be in Australia, the UK, South Africa or any part of the world and have Oz Lotto at your fingertips.