The Lottery Office Review

Reviewed By: Brodey Sheppard – Team

Review Summary

Finally a legit lottery company in Australia and New Zealand in The Lottery Office. The Lottery Office was first licensed and registered in 2003 while the online appearance in Australia was made in 2014. 

Many people try their luck using lottery services but the major problem with most of the lottery online is their legitimacy. Most of these so called online lottery companies are not legal in Australia, and people lose their money as well as trust in lottery online in general. Here, we aim to review the credibility of The Lottery Office as well as the workings and features of they provide.

Options available at The Office Lottery:

The Lottery Office is a big name in industry and it is due to the numerous key features it provides to its players. Lottery Office has provided different options to make it easy for its users to work. Makeover, it has made things enjoyable and engaging for the users. Here, we are going to share all the key features available:

Save the Favourite Numbers:

Many players have lucky numbers for lotteries. They want to choose the same numbers every time. Here, Office Lottery provides a very usable option of Favorites. This can help the players to save certain numbers and use them frequently with ease. This will sort out the problem of choosing the numbers manually.

Multiple Draws Option:

Another exciting feature is Multi-draws. This will help the user to choose numerous entries in a single time. It is made especially for users who want to play regularly. It helps them to save a lot of time and effort. It’s a great inclusion in this regard.


This option has helped many players to win prizes as it allows multi users to collectively buy tickets and the prize is distributed equally among them. This increases the chance of prize winning as there are numerous tickets purchased. Players can buy as many shares as they want and the prize is distributed according to the shares.


Combo is a great deal to participate in two different lotteries at a time. This can help players to win big. Combos are present in groups and the player can choose only one combo. There are four combos available:

● USA Combo: USA Mega Lotto and USA Power lotto

● Euro Combo: European Jackpot and European Millions

● USA/Euro Combo: European Millions, USA Mega Lotto and USA Power Lotto

● All Lotteries Combo: It includes all the lotteries options i.e.European Jackpot, European Millions, Irish Lotto, Italian Super Jackpot, UK Lotto, USA Power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto.

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Let’s start the review with the credibility of the company.

One thing should be clear in mind is that the Lottery Office is 100% legitimate as well as government backed.

The Lottery Office has a great reputation in this industry and it is managed by Global Players Network Pvt. Ltd. The office of GPN is located at Gold Coast, Queensland and in Darwin, NT.

The Lottery Office is audited annually by the Northern Territory Government. Thus, the company regulates its workings officially.

How does The Lottery Office work?

The Lottery Office is a company that helps the residents of Australia and New Zealand to participate in international lotteries and hopefully win millions of dollars. But how does this all work? Let’s summarise it.

When someone buys a lottery ticket from The Lottery Office, they purchase a lottery ticket from the international lottery.
 This is the same ticket with the same number and is not directly purchased by you as the player.

Instead, The Lottery Office buys it. This process is 100% secure and legal. And if someone wins a lottery The Lottery Office claims the prize in the overseas lottery and then that amount is paid to the winner. For example, if you want to play in Italian Super Jackpot then a ticket is bought in SuperEnalotto. When you win the lottery, the amount will be paid to The Lottery Office and then they pay you directly.

Customer Service:

The Office Lottery provides great customer service. They are available for live customer satisfaction during 9:00-17:00 AEST. Moreover, they have a lot of FAQs available on the website where one can almost have all of their queries. There is a dedicated email for the customer support i.e. ([email protected]). They have social media presence at:

● Facebook

● Twitter

● Instagram

The Lottery Office Review Conclusion:

The Office Lottery is one of the best legal and government backed lottery companies. It is a great source of fun for the residents of Australia and New Zealand. It has a great web design and interface to help the customers. Moreover, a great initiative by them is the charity for different organisations.

Many players have won a handsome amount of prize with this 100% legal gambling platform. 

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Lotteries Games by the Office Lottery:

A lot of legal overseas lotteries are available on the Office Lottery and they all are legal and work efficiently. These lorries are basically international lottery but are named to make a difference. All the lotteries have their overseas counterpart. We are going to share the lotteries options available on the Office Lottery. It includes:

●      USA Mega Lotto

●      USA Power Lotto

●      UK Lotto

●      Irish Lotto

●      European Millions

●      Italian Super Jackpot

●      European Jackpot

USA Mega Lotto

This lottery holds the record for the single biggest lottery win of $1.537 billion. For a USA Mega Lotto ticket bought at Office Lottery, a counter lottery number is bought from Mega Millions. The drawing for this lottery helps every Wednesday and Saturday. The first division price is of minimum AUD $50 million. USA based lotteries are subjected to state as well as federal taxes. The Office Lottery didn’t charge any fees on the winning prize but prize payout is charged to the players account after the tax deduction by the respective government.

USA Power Lotto

Its counterpart is USA Powerball and tickets are bought from them. It holds the record for biggest jackpot ever worth USD $1.586 . It’s an easy to play game with choosing five numbers and one powerball number. Drawing is being done on Wednesday and Saturday in Darwin. The guaranteed first division prize is of AUD $50 million. These prizes are subjected to taxes which can vary from state to state.

UK Lotto

The counterpart of this lottery is the UK National Lottery. The draw is held every Thursday and Saturday in Darwin. AUD $3.5 million is the guaranteed first division prize. The best thing about this lottery is that it is free from any tax and all the amount is transferred to the player’s account. Six numbers are mainly chosen while a bonus or mega number is also chosen to start the game. Moreover, the players of the Lottery Office can have some extra gifts.

Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto is actually Irish National Lotto. It is also a tax free lottery so when a player will win a lottery, the full payment is transferred to the winner. Guaranteed prize will be AUD $3 million. Draws are held every Thursday and Saturday in Darwin. Players will have to choose six local numbers and a bonus number.

European Millions

European Millions tickets are bought from EuroMillions. This lottery is available for most all of the European countries. The players will have to choose five main numbers and two bonus numbers. The first division prize will be AUD $23 million. Draws are held every Wednesday and Thursday.

Italian Super Jackpot

It is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. The tickets are bought from SuperEnalotto. Three draws are held three times a week on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Players have to choose six numbers only. Taxes are imposed after a certain threshold i.e. AUD $500. Promotional prizes are also available.

European Jackpot

Tickets are bought from Germany based lottery service, EuroJackpot. The player will have to choose five main numbers and two Euro numbers. Draw is held every only once a week, Saturday in Darwin. Guaranteed prize for first division is AUD $17 million. Prizes are exempted from taxes.

Banking options for account:

The Office Lottery has made things clear and easy to utilise. They have made things clear, transparent and legal. Cash deposit and withdrawal has great importance in the lottery industry.


It’s quite easy for the players to charge their account with dollars. They just click on the Add Funds option and enter one of the following source and charge the account.

● Visa

● MasterCard

● POLi Pay (Australian players only)

● Bpay

Withdraw Option:

Fortunately, the withdrawal procedure for The Office Lottery is much easier than some other international brands. You just have to choose the withdrawal option, enter funds and get the prize.

There are some restrictions like you can’t withdraw the Bonus amount in cash as well as you can’t withdraw the Charged amount. 

There are no fees charged by this company on the prize but different countries may charge a tax on prize like the USA.  The minimum amount to be withdrawn is $10 and the transfer is done within 2-3 business days.There are two options available for the withdrawal. It includes:

● Check

● Bank Transfer

Fees & Charity:

The Office Lottery charges some fee for the charity and its services. But the good thing is that they don’t charge when you withdraw your prize. Office Lottery pays at charities which help the local Australians. These charities includes:

● Backpack Beds for Homeless Australia

● Friends of the Koala

● Guide Dogs Victoria


● Rural Aid

● Red Dust

● New South Wales Rural Fire Service

● Stars Foundation