About the UK Health Lottery

The UK Health Lottery is a raffle contest run by select local authorities in the United Kingdom. Players who join this lottery contest only have to spend £1 to be able to get the chance to win up to £100,000. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, the drawings are held and are broadcasted exclusively on Channel 5. The lottery randomly draws five main winning numbers as well as a bonus number from a pool of 50 numbered balls. When you play the UK Health Lottery, you have to know that your odds of winning the jackpot prize are 1 in over 2 million while your chances of matching two numbers plus the bonus ball are 1 in 671.

Features of the UK Health Lottery

For only £1, you can play the game which offers prizes ranging from £10 to £100,000. When your ticket matches the five main numbers, you will win the main jackpot prize. Meanwhile, you can still win the £10,000 prize if you match four numbers and the bonus number ball. The main jackpot prize is determined based on the total ticket sales for the draw (10% of the total amount for a maximum of £100,000).

If you are just looking to pass the time, you can check out the UK Health Lottery’s Instant Win Games. These are games similar to the ones you see on online casino and slot sites. You only have to spend £1 to enjoy a round. However, you need to sign up and deposit a minimum of £5 so you can start playing for real money. If you are not ready to wager your actual money, you can click ‘Try it Out’ and play the demo version. The prizes of the games vary, but they mostly range from £500 to £10,000.

Playing the UK Health Lottery

You can visit a local retailer or purchase UK Health Lottery tickets online to start playing. For each line, you only have to spend £1. What you have to do is select five numbers from 1 to 50. Alternatively, you can ask the retailer a Quick Pick ticket and the computer will generate random numbers for you. You can also use a UK Health Lottery Number Generator which you can easily find online. Using a tool like this eliminates the stress of picking your own numbers. After you’ve chosen your numbers the next thing you have to do is indicate the number of weeks you would like to play. Keep in mind that you can purchases for up to eight weeks in advance.

How the UK Health Lottery Works

Every week one or more society lotteries are involved in the UK Health Lottery. These local authorities donate the money they raised through their respective lotteries to certain health-related initiatives within their communities. A setup like this ensures that more areas of Great Britain get a fair share of the funds raised from the Health Lottery.

For every £1 earned from ticket sales, 20p goes to support local health-related causes. Needless to say, the UK Health Lottery functions as a fundraiser for health-related projects that benefit a variety of community members. Some of the projects that the UK Health Lottery funds include initiatives that will keep the elderly fit and safe from vascular dementia; respite programmes that allow young carers to get their much-needed break and projects that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Playing the UK Health Lottery Online

You can be physically located anywhere in the world and still play the UK Health Lottery. Here at HitYah, we feature online lottery shops where you can buy your tickets and enter the draw. This means that you do not even have to step out of your home. As long as you have a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection, you can play the UK Health Lottery.

Once you’ve submitted your ticket request, the online lottery shop will purchase the ticket for you, scan it and then post it to your account. They will keep the ticket safe and if you win, they will notify you via SMS or email. In some cases, if you win the jackpot prize, the online lotto shop will even arrange for you to collect your prize in person. Whether you are located in the UK, South Africa or other parts of the world, you can join the Health Lottery today!

UK Health Lottery Results

As we mentioned earlier, you can view the drawings through the live broadcasts on Channel 5. During the 9:55 advertisement break you will see the UK Health Lottery results for the day. You can also view the results on select publications, including The Daily Express, The Sunday Express, The Daily Star, The Daily Star Sunday, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Sun and The Sun on Sunday. Alternatively, you can always visit HitYah to check the Health Lottery results.