UK National Lottery

The UK National Lottery, more commonly known as the UK Lotto, is one of the most loved raffle contests in the region and even across the globe. Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday. When no winners are announced, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw. Aside from winning the main jackpot prize, lotto players can also take advantage of their chance of becoming a millionaire through the UK Lotto’s Millionaire Raffle. By entering this category, players have the chance to win the guaranteed £1 million prize as well as 20 prizes of £20,000. Anyone can be a winner even without hitting all the numbers. The UK Lotto lets players win a free Lucky Dip ticket when they match two numbers.

The UK Lotto Jackpot Rollover

If no one matches the UK Lotto jackpot numbers and the prize hits £22 million or more, it will roll over to the next draw one final time. Whatever happens, the jackpot will be won. If the winning numbers are still not hit by that time, the accumulated prize will be distributed among the players who have the most winning numbers.

How to Play the UK Lotto

Learning how to play the UK Lotto is quite easy. You just have to select six numbers from 1 to 59. You can also choose Lucky Dip to let the computer select random numbers for you. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a UK lotto number generator. You can find this tool online and use it for free. Moreover, it takes the trouble of selecting numbers off your shoulders as it will do all the hard work for you.

The next thing you have to do is select the number of lines you wish to play. You can buy up to ten lotto tickets and play up to seven lines. Also, don’t forget to buy your ticket before 7:30 PM to be able to join the evening’s draw. Your odds of winning the UK Lotto jackpot prize are 1 in over 45 million while your chances of matching three numbers are 1 in 96. Matching five main numbers and the bonus number will allow you to win an estimated £50,000. Meanwhile, the prize for five number matches is an estimate of £1,000.

Free Lucky Dip

By matching two numbers in a particular draw, you will win a free Lucky Dip ticket. This allows you to gain another chance to win the jackpot in a future draw. When you purchase lottery tickets online or by direct debit, the free Lucky Dip ticket that you win will be entered into the following draw.

Postcodes with the Most UK Lotto Winners

The Essex postcode Romford (RM) can be considered as the luckiest postcode in the country. This is the area where you are most likely to win a big lottery prize worth £50,000 or more. According to statistics, the following are the luckiest postcodes for lotteries.

8NENewcastle Upon Tyne

Picking UK Lotto Numbers

Just by clicking some buttons online, you can probably come up with the perfect number combination that will let you win the massive, dream jackpot. While playing the lottery is completely a game of chance, you can still employ ways to tip the odds a bit to your favour. The key is selecting the ideal number combination for the draw. What you can do is compare the most common UK Lotto numbers and the least common numbers.

Keep in mind that you should not pick numbers based on birthdays or other dates. There are 59 numbers in the pool and when you choose dates, you only go until number 31, missing the numbers beyond that and reducing your chances of winning. Also, if you choose dates, chances are someone will come up with the same numbers as well. Another thing worth mentioning is you should not select the number 13 as it is indeed unlucky. If you look at the UK Lotto results, you will see that this number has only appeared over 150 times as the main ball.

If you want to avoid the hassle of selecting numbers, your best bet would be to use a number generator, like we mentioned earlier. Playing a random set of numbers, not only gives you better chances of winning the UK Lotto, but it also helps you avoid sharing your winnings with other players.