What is Lotto Betting?

You probably have dreamed of swimming in a pool of cash at least once in your life. Perhaps, you’re one of the millions of people who act on their dream by joining lotto contests. A lot of people have won big jackpots in the lottery, including the Scottish couple who won the biggest lotto jackpot in the UK.

However, for some, lotto contests just don’t work for them. You might be someone who has better luck with betting. If this is the case, then lotto betting may be perfect for you. There are a number of popular and reputable operators you can choose from to place your lotto bets, including Coral, Bet365 and Ladbrokes lotto betting site.

Lotto Betting Explained

When you engage in lotto betting, instead of buying tickets online or through a retailer for an official lottery contest, you place wagers on the outcome of a lotto draw. It goes without saying that you can pick the numbers the same way you do when you’re buying lottery tickets, but instead of joining the draw, you are betting on the results.

The good thing about this betting scheme is that you can place wagers on the outcome of different official lottery contests from around the world. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can bet on the outcome of the EuroMillions draw that happens every Tuesday and Friday in Paris.

Types of Lottery Bets

If you think that lotto betting is boring, then you just might want to revise that thought once you’ve read through all the options available to you as outlined below. There are several types of lotto bets that you can place wagers on. So browse through the list below and get ready to view lotto results online.

Straight Bets

When you place a straight lotto bet, you will choose one or more sets of numbers. The amount of numbers you select for every set depends on how many you believe will show up in the correct order. Let’s say you want to wager on getting two correct balls, and you choose the numbers 39 and 12. For your bet to win, the first two numbers that come up in the lotto draw should be 39 and 12. A single bet is a wager placed on one number. Betting on two numbers is referred to as a doubles bet, three numbers a treble bet, four numbers a four-fold bet and five numbers a five-fold bet.

Combination Bets

When you choose to place a combination bet, you have to select a set of numbers and wager on how many you believe will show up. For example, you will bet that five numbers out of your ten chosen numbers will come up. Your wager will win if the outcome is the same as your bet.

Odds or Evens Wagers

Various odds/evens bets are available in lotteries for you to place wagers on. One of the simplest wager you can place is if the first ball to be drawn would be an even or an odd number.

Hi or Lo Bets

In hi/lo bets, bookmakers will give a set of numbers and on every number, you will bet whether the number that will come up is higher or lower. For instance, the bookmaker will set 25 as the third number for the draw, you will place a bet on whether the actual number that will be drawn is higher or lower.

Lowest/Highest Ball Bets

You can wager on the lowest or highest number that you believe will show up in the lotto draw.

Total Ball Value Bets

You can also place a bet on what you believe will be the sum of all the numbers that will come up on a lotto draw. A bookmaker will typically as you to wager on a particular range of numbers (for example, between 76 and 101). To maximise your chances of winning on your total ball value bets, make sure you check out HitYah’s list of hot and cold numbers for each type of lotto.

First Number Drawn Bets

This is one of the simplest betting types in lotto. You just have to place a wager on the ball that you believe will be drawn first.

Bonus Ball Bets

This is another simple betting type available. You simply have to select the number of the ball that you believe will come up as the bonus ball.

Bonus Ball Colour

If you enter national lotteries, you will notice that most of them use various colour balls for the number sets. You can also place a wager on the colour that you believe the bonus ball will be. Chances for winning in this type of bet are higher compared to guessing the bonus ball’s number. Just say you want to bet on the 49s Lunchtime 6 Ball Draw, and place a wager on the first ball colour drawn. It’s a fun bet to do, and if you don’t have any luck you can quickly and easily try again the next day, or in the 49s Teatime Draw that same day!

Want to learn more about picking lotto numbers? Read our article about lotto numbers strategies to increase your chances of winning on lotto bets.