Payment Methods

Being able to deposit to an online casino quickly and easily is one of the most important parts of the overall experience. The reason for the importance is that if you can’t deposit, then you don’t have much of a chance of getting in on the action in the first place. Along these lines, knowing what all of your options are for making casino deposits is a key piece of knowledge that you should have as a player as this makes it possible to have both primary and secondary deposit methods available at any given time. We’re going to cover the various types of deposit methods here.

Three Key Deposit Method Types

Generally speaking, there are three main groups of deposit methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Electronic wallets
  • Other options

We’re going to take a look at each of these groups here and break down the different options within those groups.

Credit Card Deposits

One of the easiest ways to make a deposit is with a credit card. The three main credit cards that are used are VisaMasterCard and American Express. In what follows, we’ll show you what you need to know about casinos that accept each of these.

The key advantage of using a credit card to make a casino deposit is that it’s quick and requires no real preparation. You take out your card, enter your information, confirm your identity, and you’re ready to get started playing. The biggest disadvantage is that they might not be accepted either at the casino you’re playing with or from the area you’re playing in just depending on local banking laws.

Visa Casino Options

Visa is the most popular credit card used for online casino play. Its advantages are that its quick, simple, common and widely-accepted. Almost any Visa casino you play with will also want you to complete a form that has you verify that you are the owner of the card, and that helps to prevent fraud from stolen credit cards. Visa card owners have a high degree of protection as well, so if a rogue operation ends up taking your deposit without allowing you to cash out, then you have options to get your deposit back under certain circumstances.

Playing at a MasterCard Casino

MasterCard is second only to Visa in terms of its popularity in the online casino world. Much like Visa, it offers a lot of security, many options for protection, is widely used and offers quick and easy deposits. However, it’s used a little bit less often in this particular industry, though most players won’t have trouble finding a MasterCard casino that suits their tastes. For all intents and purposes, MasterCard and Visa are on virtually equal footing when it comes to online casino deposits, so it’s a good choice for basically anyone who wants to play online.

Choosing an American Express Casino

Amex casino options are significantly more difficult to find than those for Visa and MasterCard. For whatever reason, it’s just not as widely-used in the online gaming world. With that having been said, you’ll get the usual set of protections, and this will typically involve verifying that you are the owner of the card before you are allowed to use it for transactions with reputable sites. This is a great measure to help keep any type of fraud from happening involving your card when you play at an American Express casino online, and that’s extremely important to give you peace of mind when using your card online.

Electronic Wallets

An electronic wallet is basically a type of account held by a third party. You can fund your electronic wallet account and then use that balance at a number of online retailers, and this includes online gaming sites. Different sites accept different eWallets, but we’re going to show you the most popular ones here.

The largest advantage to electronic wallets is that they can be used by people all over the world in different banking environments since they’re not subject to the same rules as credit cards. On the other hand, their biggest disadvantage is that they do require additional time to set up, and there is a small learning curve that has to be scaled before making deposits becomes quick, though that process is fairly intuitive.

Skrill Casino Deposits

Skrill is one of the two most popular electronic wallets going today in the online gaming world. (Note that the other is Neteller, which is owned by the same company.) Skrill casino deposits are extremely easy to initiate since all you need is your username, password and the amount that you wish to transfer from Skrill to the online casino. Known for having some of the best security out there and an extremely easy-to-use interface, Skrill has a very low learning curve and has years of experience in taking care of their players.

The Neteller Deposit Method

Neteller is the other of the two top eWallets for online gaming transactions. In the early 2000s, they controlled more than 80 percent of all transactions for online casinos, and that’s a very impressive share of the market. A few business deals later, and they are now a part of the same group as Skrill, though they still offer an extremely high calibre of service. Much like Skrill, Neteller has a simple interface that’s easy for new players to use, and they are accepted at a very large number of online casinos.

Other Methods

The rest of the non-credit card and non-electronic wallet methods are grouped together primarily because they cover such a small percentage of total deposits. Electronic checks, voucher systems like Ukash and other options are included in this final group, and they all have their own pros and cons. The vast majority of players tend to use an eWallet or credit card, even if they’re playing at more difficult to find Amex casino options.

The fact of the matter is that it’s very hard to compete with alternative methods because credit cards and eWallets are just so good at what they do for online casino deposits.


Being able to make deposits without a hassle is one of the key things that a player needs to have a good experience with an online casino. Electronic wallets and credit cards are the primary ways to make that happen. You can also explore other ways that will add another layer of security to your transactions.