Finding a Real Money Poker App

Let’s go over the many ways you can play an exciting game of poker. In the old days, poker was typically played in someone’s home. That’s how the game got started.

In the mid-1900s, casinos began realising the profit potential of offering regulated poker games. Poker still wasn’t hugely popular back then, but getting poker players to the casino was a smart business move. The casino operators knew they would also play other casino games. Poker was strictly a home or casino game until the late 1990s Internet boom.

The Internet poker boom hit in 2003 after amateur Chris Moneymaker won a $27 online satellite game to get into the World Series of Poker Main Event. He won this tournament and earned $2.5 million. Moneymaker’s win led to millions of people getting excited to play poker online. For the next few years, online poker sites were insanely popular, but poker players could only play on a computer or laptop.

In recent years, Internet poker has greatly improved thanks to being able to play poker on a mobile device. By downloading a poker app free of charge from your poker site, you can play on your phone, from anywhere. You won’t have to be home in front of your computer. You can be out and about, perhaps stuck at a long layover at the airport, and still play cards from your phone.

Qualities of the Best Poker Apps

Unfortunately, not every poker app is fantastic. There are some bad ones out there, which we promise you we won’t recommend to you. Before getting into detail about the qualities of the best poker apps for iPhone and Android phones, we want to go over some things you should avoid.

First of all, if you constantly log into your poker account on your phone and the app freezes up, it’s not worth your time. There are certain mobile apps out there that can be extremely frustrating. If the app doesn’t work consistently, find another one. You’ll quickly get irritated.

Another reason to avoid a specific iPhone or Android poker app is if the poker site reputation is far too negative. There’s always going to be some haters out there for any poker site; it's like that for most businesses. If there appear to be far more negative reviews than positive reviews, it’s likely that poker site is mediocre. So stay away!


Now, onto the good stuff! The main quality to look for is a poker app that has a great reputation. We’ve done the dirty work and checked out all the apps out there, and we know which ones are worth your time. Reputation does matter because a poker app that everyone seems to say bad things about probably isn’t any good. But an app that everyone seems to rave about is certainly good, or it wouldn’t receive so much high praise.


Another quality you should look for is an app that offers the games you like to play. You will discover that the games aren’t the same from one poker site to another. Some poker sites are more centered towards tournaments and sit-and-go poker (SNGs) while others offer more cash games. Some poker sites offer a good mix of the games. Before signing up, be sure the games you play are prevalent on that poker site.


Site security is also extremely important. Never play at a poker site or download a mobile poker app that isn’t safe. If you can’t trust where you’re playing, don’t play there. The poker site you choose should have proper security features in place for the mobile app and computer software. We want to reiterate just how crucial it is only to play at poker sites that are verified as safe and secure.

Other Qualities of the Best Poker Apps

The above qualities are the three most important, but there are other qualities you should seek out. Don’t feel bad about having high expectations for a mobile poker app. You have every right to seek near perfection. We do. That’s why we only recommend the best of the best to you. So when you are searching for a poker app, have the highest expectations. There are many great mobile poker apps out there so why settle for anything less than the best?

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Making a deposit and getting paid is another important aspect of a poker app and site. On most poker apps, you can make a deposit and request a withdrawal. But you will also be able to do your banking on a computer if you prefer. Before joining any poker site, be certain you have a way to make a deposit. For example, if you only want to deposit using Skrill, check to see that they allow Skrill deposits. If they don’t, you won’t be able to make a deposit.

Withdrawal methods are typically limited, unlike deposits. Many of the poker sites will let you deposit using a debit or credit card but will require you to select a different option for withdrawals. We don’t want you to be surprised when you cash out.

How does it look?

Many of our readers enjoy a poker app that is aesthetically pleasing. This isn’t a necessity for some, but we totally understand if you want something that looks spiffy. Some mobile poker apps aren’t the easiest on the eyes, but there are many that are bright and shiny. Feel free to download the app before making a deposit to ensure you like the way it looks on your phone. After all, you’ll be the one staring at your screen all the time when playing. So don’t feel bad about being shallow when it comes to mobile poker apps!

Why Play on a Mobile App

There are many reasons people love playing poker on mobile apps. Playing poker online on a computer is convenient, but not as convenient as when using a mobile app. With a computer, especially a desktop, you can’t always bring it with you. So if you’re on the bus or the train, it’s more convenient just to play poker on your phone than taking out a laptop, if you even have one.

Poker is such an entertaining game that many want to play at all times of the day. That’s really only possible if you have a mobile poker app. You can certainly play poker in a land-based casino or on a computer whenever you want. You won’t be able to play, however, while you’re lying down in bed, stuck at the airport, etc. unless you have downloaded a mobile poker app.

These are just so convenient and have become increasingly popular in recent years. The invention of smartphones was the greatest thing ever to happen to poker. Now, poker players can get in a game at any time, from anywhere in the world. You can even get in a game in the bathroom—whatever floats your boat! No matter where you are, a game will be available.

Who Uses Mobile Poker Apps?

Those that use mobile poker apps are people who enjoy convenience. And who could blame them? The fact of the matter is there simply isn’t a more convenient way to play poker than on a mobile app. Mobile poker apps are used by all poker types of poker players, young and old nowadays. If you have a smartphone, and most people do, you should download the poker app your poker site has available.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever play poker on your computer. In fact, you still should play on your computer often. If you are at your computer, play that way. But the mobile app is nice to have when you’re away from the screen.

Are Mobile Poker Apps Safe?

The quality poker apps are developed by skilled programmers and are tested to ensure they are safe and secure. What this means is you won’t be at risk by using these apps. Your credit card and personal information will be completely safe.

Can You Play a Poker App Offline?

Unfortunately, in order to play poker on your phone, you will need to be online. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have Wifi. Your standard cellular connection may be good enough. However, if the connection where you are at isn’t very good, you may have some issues playing on your mobile app.

The best advice we can give is to be sure you don’t join a game if you are in an area where the connection is temperamental. If you enter a game, and the reception is weak, you could end up losing connection while you’re in the middle of a hand or game.

What Devices are Mobile Apps Available?

The two most common devices used to download mobile poker apps are Androids and iPhones. If you are a hardcore poker player, you most certainly should own a smartphone. That doesn’t mean you have to own the latest iPhone or Android smartphone to download a mobile poker app. Even if you still have, say, an iPhone 4, the device will be compatible with mobile poker apps.

Other devices commonly used to play mobile poker apps include iPads and tablets. Many enjoy using these types of devices because they are convenient to bring along when travelling, more so than a laptop, but provide larger screens than a standard smartphone. Mobile poker apps are available on many devices.

Choosing the Absolute Best Mobile Poker App

Now that you understand how to play poker on a mobile device and which devices are compatible with mobile poker apps, it’s time to choose an app that is right for you. We aren’t going to tell you here the specific app to choose, but we are going to make it easy for you to choose. Let’s sum it all up for you right now.

You first need to find the right poker site. These mobile apps are just part of individual poker sites. The best apps are those that are part of the best poker sites. They go hand in hand. If you like the poker site and like the app, that’s the perfect place for you to play poker. If you want to play on a mobile app, you should expect both a quality overall poker site and a quality mobile poker app.

The next thing to do is to make sure the reviews are positive. That doesn’t mean every single review has to positive because no business can please everyone as you know. But it does mean that if most of the reviews are negative, you probably don’t have a quality mobile poker app.

Once you download the app, check to see that you like the feel and look. If you aren’t satisfied with the way it looks or find it difficult to navigate, choose a different poker site. As we said earlier, you have every right to be picky when it comes to choosing a poker site and mobile poker app. Don’t ever forget that.

Good luck finding a great app to play poker on. We’ll help you out in choosing a poker site. You focus on honing your poker skills so that you can win big. Enjoy!