5 Techniques to Get You out of Your Short Stack

5 Techniques to Get You out of Your Short Stack

- March 01, 2016

Several factors may come into play when you find yourself short-stacked at the poker table. Perhaps you haven’t completely understood how to play poker or you were overconfident during the game. Whatever the reason may be, making the right decisions now about to proceed when you're in this situation in the future is the next step you should take to help you get out of such a predicament next time.

While discovering that free poker bonus codes is a great way to help you continue playing poker, there are other ways you can try and tips you can use to help you escape from being short-stacked. Aside from choosing the right online poker tournament for you, the tips below will help you get out of that unwanted poker situation.

1. Go to war once you get a big hand in poker

Perhaps the easiest way to get out of being short-stacked is to wait for a good poker hand and get ready to go to war when you find one. However, you should remember that there are two downsides to this technique. The first problem is, of course, getting the hand. If you sit back and wait for a big hand while you’re 15 big blinds short-stacked, you may blind yourself down to a point where you can’t get out of trouble – even doubling up won’t do the trick.

The next problem would be getting results from that big hand. You’d be lucky if shortly after being short-stacked you’d immediately get a big hand. If this doesn’t happen to you, the table will definitely know what you’re up to. You may not get the action you want unless your opponent holds a strong hand. On the other hand, they might not even care about calling you because they simply have so many chips.

2. Focus your moves on medium and short stacks

Even when you’re playing free online poker, you are still vulnerable to becoming short-stacked. If you find yourself in this situation, focus on attacking the other short stacks as well as the medium stacks at the table. This is the point where you want to get into pots where you can take advantage of those medium and short stacks.

The short stacks will most probably only call you down because your aggressiveness will give them the idea that you have a solid hand.

Medium stacks, on the other hand, will not be able to double you up because doing so will either shorten their stack or cripple them to the point of no return. Once they call you light, take advantage of the few extra chances that you get to take away some chips from them.

3. Level up your aggressive moves

At times, this strategy works for players who are short stacked. Play like you’ve just found rare poker bonus codes with no deposit! Instead of being conservative with your moves, just go crazy with aggression and start attacking everyone.

This may be a funny technique, but it will definitely help to get the tight players and short stacks out of your way. Doing so will confuse them and they might just think that you are out of your mind, so they’ll just avoid you. Even the other aggressive players in the table will think twice before they attack you because they won’t be certain what your deal is. This technique will be even better if you try to flash a number of good hands every now and then.

4. Replenish your stack or top off your chips

This advice applies to rebuy poker tournaments or to cash games. The simple way to get out of being short-stacked in a cash game is to retool by adding more money to your stack. You can either add a complete buy-in to your stack or you can replenish your chips and go back to your initial buy-in amount.

Before you consider this move in a cash game, remember to evaluate your hand and the table to determine if this will be a sound decision. If you think that you’re just being unlucky and that you are actually playing well, then go ahead and top off your stack. On the other hand, if you feel that you are in an awful game or you are not playing your best, it’s high time you cash out or play out your short stack.

Even if you read the best online poker reviews out there and follow poker tips that pros use, all the crazy poker action can still get you short stacked. When this happens to you and you are in a rebuy tournament, evaluate your game to ensure that a rebuy will be worth it. If you think that you can outplay your opponents, it will be a good time to rebuy. On the other hand, if you’re just draining your stack without any plan to get out of the situation, it may be the best time to call it a day.

5. Bust out of the poker tournament

To get out of being short stacked, perhaps the most common thing to do is to lose all your chips.

It may be embarrassing to take the walk of shame after you bust out of a tournament, but after doing so you can review your game and determine what caused you to become short stacked.

Ask yourself if there were opportunities that you missed. Were you playing your best, or were you putting out too much and you got caught?

It might be such a big disappointment to bust out of a poker tournament, but you can still use it as an opportunity to help you improve your poker game. After the game, you can even ask your poker buddy some insights on your moves and identify the areas for improvement. In most cases, there’s always something we could have done to improve our chances of getting back into the game. The key is to determine what that was, learning from our mistakes moving forward.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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