Poker Sites That Accept Webmoney Deposits

If you want to have a smooth online poker experience, you have to find operators which offer convenient ways for depositing and withdrawing funds. It can be troublesome to put up multiple accounts just so you can make deposits and withdrawals. Aside from knowing the best poker hands, it is important that you find an operator which features the deposit and withdrawal method that you are comfortable with.

What is a Webmoney Poker Deposit

Webmoney is one of the few payment processors which you can use for deposits and withdrawals. Especially if you are located in one of the nations in Eastern Europe, this payment method may be an ideal option for funding your online poker account. It functions like a virtual wallet that lets you add funds to your online poker account, acting like a “middleman” between your bank and the poker operator.

Its system allows users to have real-time financial transactions. It is worth noting that these customers are not required to possess a credit card or a bank account just to manage their money. While it is widely popular in Russia and Eastern Europe, the brand is still used by millions of customers in at least 86 countries across the world. Your Webmoney account can be funded through bank transfers, Ukash and Paysafecard. You can also use Webmoney cards or visit Webmoney Exchange offices and add funds to your account.

How do Webmoney Poker Sites Work?

When you choose the poker deposit Webmoney method, you have to use one of the free software available on the brand’s site. Your choices include:

  • WM Keeper Lite – You do not have to download this software to your computer. Instead, you can use a secure https connection and your Internet browser for your transactions. Your computer will be installed with a personal certificate so that the necessary data can be identified, transmitted and protected. Keep in mind that these personal certificates are valid for two years. Once yours expires, you have to renew it.
  • WM Keeper Classic – This is the downloadable version which you can install on your computer. It is a more versatile option as compared to WM Keeper Lite.
  • WM Keeper Mini – This is the smaller version which functions as a simple add-on to your browser. However, it offers limited functionality.
  • WM Keeper Mobile – This is ideal for individuals who love to play poker on a mobile device. It is a downloadable app which can be installed on a smartphone or tablet.

Before you fund your account in poker sites that accept Webmoney, you have to understand how the payment processor’s system works. When you put up a Webmoney account, all currencies are stored in “purses.” Each purse possesses a 12-digit number and is associated to a WMID. These have a prefix which identifies the type of funds available in the account. The following are the available purse types:

  • WMZ (Z Purse) – US dollars
  • WMR (R Purse) – Russian rubles
  • WME (E Purse) – Euros
  • WMU (U Purse) – Ukrainian hryvnias
  • WMK (K Purse) – Kazakh tenge
  • WMY (Y Purse) – Uzbekistan soms
  • WMB (B Purse) – Belarusian rubles
  • WMG (G Purse) – gold
  • WMX (X Purse) – bitcoins

Whenever you want to add funds to your accounts at the best online poker sites, what you need to do is to visit the cashier page and choose the Webmoney poker deposit option. The next thing you have to do is simply input your WMID and your money will instantly see your money in your account.

Advantages of Choosing Poker Deposit Webmoney

Just like other poker deposit methods, there are pros and cons when using the Webmoney poker deposit method. Let’s discuss the advantages first. For one, you do not have to submit your bank or credit card details to the poker site and even to Webmoney. This means that you are adding two layers of security to your transactions. Aside from that, all the payments you make with Webmoney are protected by the latest SSL encryption technology. Finally, deposits are fast and you will find that funds are received by the poker site in a matter of seconds.

Disadvantages of Using Poker Deposit Webmoney

One of the disadvantages of using Webmoney is the transaction fee. Note that whenever you deposit funds to your online poker account, you will be charged a 0.8% service fee. Also, there is an added step to your transaction because you have to create an account with Webmoney instead of dealing directly with your poker site. Finally, remember that Webmoney features numerous services. So, when you visit its site, the experience may be complex and overwhelming.