Wire Transfer Poker Deposit

The top online poker sites make sure that they have multiple payment options available so that all types of players from all around the world can be accommodated. The most popular options are credit card poker deposits, while some use electronic wallets and others use prepaid vouchers.

If you are not a fan of any of the options mentioned, you can try wire transfers. Wire transfers (also called bank transfers) are ways to make online payments through your local bank.

Pros of Wire Transfer Poker Deposit

The biggest advantage of using a wire transfer poker deposit is the level of security you get. When you use a bank transfer, you do not disclose your credit card or debit card details to the wire transfer poker sites. If you are the type of player who is uncomfortable with the idea of typing in your private financial information online, then a wire transfer may be your solution.

So how does the poker deposit wire transfer option work? When you use a wire transfer, you have to process the payments through your bank or your bank’s site. You don’t transact with the poker site itself, like what you do when you use credit cards. This means that when you use the wire transfer, your details are never revealed because you are protected by the tight security measures of your bank.

For every bank transfer that you make, your bank will require that you provide a passcode in order to authorise the transaction. These passcodes usually come in the form of a code sent via SMS. The upside of having the passcode is that you are notified of each and every online transaction in your name. If you change your mind about the online poker deposit, you can simply opt out by not giving your passcode.

Cons of Wire Transfer Poker Deposit

The major disadvantage of using wire transfers for poker deposits is that transactions can be very slow. Because you process your payments through the bank and not the poker site, you are affected by the bank’s regular working schedule. This means that if you make one deposit, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week to arrive in your poker account. This can be pretty frustrating if you suddenly run out of funds and you are really in the zone.

If you are playing at wire transfer poker sites that are not registered to your own country, it can even take longer to process a deposit. So if you want to use wire transfers as your regular payment option, we suggest that you choose a poker site that is registered in your own country for faster transactions.

Another downside is that bank transfers often have fees and charges. This is because you have to utilise the services of the bank. Transactions involving currency conversion also usually have higher rates, so this can be troublesome if you like playing at different poker sites online.

Are Wire Transfers the Best Choice for You?

If your primary concern with online transactions is safety, then poker sites that support wire transfer are a good option for you. Wire transfers are highly regulated, so you don’t need to worry about hackers who steal your credit card details online.

The real struggle with wire transfers is that it can take a long time to process. If you like the idea of not disclosing your credit card details online but you want to have faster transactions, you can try Paysafecard poker deposits. Paysafecard is an example of a prepaid voucher that you have to purchase from a store. You then use a passcode written on the voucher to fund your poker account. The advantage of using Paysafecard is that you are not affected by banking hours. You can also look into electronic wallets for faster online transactions.