Live Online Horse Racing

If you have not seen a horse race meet before, then you are missing out. Watching live horse races is a wonderful experience. It is entertaining and it feels like you are at an outing and sharing in an exhilarating experience. With the long history and tradition of horse racing, you will have a great time and maybe even win some money.

Betting Online at the Race Track

Thanks to the wonderful technology of smartphones and mobile devices along with the Internet, live horse betting while you are at the track has become more convenient. Just switch on your data, visit your favourite online bookmakers and you can start placing bets right where you’re seated! This also means that you can avoid the long queues at the bookmakers on site! So the next time you watch a horse race live at the track, don’t forget to bring your mobile device so you can place your bets conveniently.

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Finally, don’t forget to bring your mobile device when you’re watching live horse racing. You can use your mobile device to visit bookmakers online and check top picks, predictions and the latest odds for the races you’re watching or about to watch.

Horse Race Live Streaming on Online Bookmakers

No matter where you are, online live horse racing sportsbooks have so many features that will make you feel as if you are watching the action in person. Even if you are not in the field, you will still get to watch the races in real time – thanks to the wonderful technology of live streaming. A lot of bookmakers tirelessly maintain live stream pages dedicated to their customers who want to see the action as it unfolds over the Internet.

As long as you have a laptop, desktop or mobile device, you can live stream your favourite horse races. Keep in mind that some online bookies require a minimum bet amount for you to live stream racing. But once you have met the requirements, you will be able to watch horse races from the UK, Ireland, South Africa and other parts of the world. If you are lucky enough, you would even find online bookmakers that do not require subscription fees.

Here at HitYah, we feature a number of online sportsbooks which offer live streaming with no hidden charges or additional fees. All you need to do is place a qualifying bet and you can start watching horse races live! Thanks to these online bookmakers, those who want to live stream racing can get convenient access to the meetings wherever they are.

Sportsbooks With Horse Race Podcasts

While you may think that you have an impeccable ability when it comes to analysing upcoming horse races, the opinion of experts in the field is still necessary. As a punter, you have to look at all angles and possibilities to make sure that you are placing yourself in a good position to win. To help you make the best decision before you place your bets, it is good to listen to commentaries and horse race podcasts in advance.

That is why it is good to know that you can visit online bookies and find a wide selection of horse racing tips and podcasts. Before the game starts, you can listen to observations, predictions and tips from expert horse racing analysts. These podcasts are run by industry experts like racing journalists, trainers and even retired jockeys. You will also get the odds for the best horses in a particular upcoming race. By listening to these commentaries and podcasts, you are giving yourself an edge and higher chances of winning. After all, listening to other people’s sound advice would not hurt at all.

The great thing about listening to the podcasts via online sportsbooks is the promotions that come with them. Aside from getting the latest tips in live horse betting, punters can also take advantage of available bonuses. In between the podcasts, the available promos are advertised and at times, there are special links that will direct you to exclusive offers.

Online Bookmakers that Feature Horse Race Live Results

Aside from live streaming, online bookmakers also keep their customers updated by posting live results of ongoing horse races. So wherever you may be, you can see the results in real-time. You can be on your way home or inside the office and still see live results of your favourite horse race meetings. As long as you have a laptop, desktop PC or mobile device as well as an Internet connection, you can access the online sportsbooks and see horse race results.

Effectively Betting on Live Horse Racing

For many years, punters have taken advantage of their ability to wager on horse racing. Some visit the field itself and turn to bookmakers on site to place their bets. Others use the Internet to make their wagering experience more convenient. The truth is it does not really matter how, when, where or why you are betting on horse racing. What really matters is you use a system that will help you increase your chances of winning. Go online and check out the horse race tips. Review the background and past performances of the horses and the jockeys. Prepare your top picks before you place your bets so you can make sure that you’re only backing the best in a particular race meet. After that, look for an online sportsbook that will feature live streaming of the horse race so you can closely watch your picks.

How to Maximise Bets on Live Horse Races

With that all the suspense and thrill happening around you in the horse track – whether you’re watching from the race track or online – you can easily get overwhelmed. Do not jump into live horse betting right away. Instead, take the necessary measures in ensuring that you pick a winning horse to bet on. If you are watching from the horse race field, you have the advantage of weighing the factors in person.

Here at HitYah we will continue to bring you all you need to know to maximise you’re betting experience and changes of success. Take a look at our live horse race betting tips so you can have enough information needed to make sound betting decisions.

Familiarise yourself with the race day program

You can successfully handicap horses if you effectively read and analyse the race day program. Keep in mind that the program is packed with all the information you need to enable you to make wise bets. Look for the section where you can learn the statistics and history for all the horses on each race. At first, you will find the lingo and the lines of numbers a bit intimidating. However, if you continue practicing and reviewing the program, you will learn it in no time.

Review the horses’ past performance on a particular surface type

Keep in mind that race tracks possess varying surfaces that the horses run on. Some fields have natural dirt and grass tracks while others feature artificial, all-weather race tracks. Note that the type of surface can also affect the performance of a horse. There are horses who perform better on dirt tracks, but do not like the artificial tracks’ feel and vice versa. If you take a look at the program, you will learn each horse’s past performance on the various surface types. For instance, you see a horse that has been a good performer on dirt tracks and yet it has failed miserably on an all-weather track. If you happen to be in an artificial track, it is advisable for you to exclude this horse from your list of top picks.

Extra Horse Racing Tips if You are at the Track

After you have narrowed your list of picks to two or three horses using the information you learned from the program, go to the paddock and observe the horses’ mood. Just like human beings, horses too can have good or bad days. There are simply some days when you are excited to start your routine and there are times when you are down with an awful case of the Mondays. The same goes with horses.

So here is what you will do. Observe the horses and take note of their behaviour. Do they look perked up and eager to compete? Do they look down and lethargic? You should also check if your top picks are sweating a lot. You can tell if a horse is sweating by looking for big dark splotches on its coat. If a horse is sweaty, it is highly possible that the horse is nervous. If you see sweat spots by the horse’s kidneys, this is a red flag and an indication that it is not feeling well. Hence, you have to exclude it from your top picks.

When you observe the horses inside the paddock, you will find that there can be some that will act very jittery. They will turn in circles and they will seem very uneasy. It may be a sign that this horse has some spunk, but the truth remains that it is wasting its precious energy inside the paddock instead of conserving it for the race. Choose the horse that looks calm and relaxed yet still alert. Many will say that this watching out for these signs is not a scientific method of selecting bets. However, it is still a lot of fun and after all, it would not hurt if you look for the obvious signs.

Watching Live at the Race Track

Watching horse race meetings is an exciting form of entertainment. For over a century, people have gone to the race fields to see the fast-paced action in person. Why would people want to visit a horse track anyway? Perhaps you are thinking, “My grandpa would be more interested. This is not for me.”

If you have not seen a horse race meet before, then you are missing out. Watching horse races is a wonderful experience, especially if you are in the horse track. It is entertaining and it feels like you are in an outing. With the long history and tradition of horse racing, you will have a great time whether you win or lose money.

These days, if you decide to watch a football game with your family, food and tickets can cost you around £300. On the other hand, most racetracks often offer free admission and in select fields, you can even bring your own food and drinks. You get to enjoy an afternoon outside, viewing the wonderful horses at their peak ability. And all these cost less than a trip to the movie theatres!

Watching horse racing live can also be a social experience. If you want to go to an event where you can dress up and enjoy the company of friends, visit the big horse race meets in the UK and Australia. Why not watch the Royal Ascot live which is considered to be the most prestigious horse racing event in the UK. It is so popular and highly sought-after that even the Queen attends the event. In Australia, women wear their most extravagant dresses and colourful fascinators to witness the “race that stops a nation” in person.