Game Glossary: All You Need to Know About Slots

Game Glossary: All You Need to Know About Slots

- February 17, 2016

Slots is one of the most popular casino games… which makes it no surprise that new players always want to give it a try. If it’s your first foray at playing slots, you need to know how everything works. And to know how everything works, learning the terms involved helps you to better enjoy the game.

The more you add to your slot playing arsenal, the stronger player you'll be. Of course, the definitions below include key words you'll need to know, but by no means provide a definitive list of all slot terms and their meanings. Maybe we'll do that one day! For now, as you play and glean more and more newfound knowledge, this listing will certainly help you on your way to your online slots success.


Online Slots – Simply put, this is when you play slot machine games on the internet. You can play by downloading a client to your computer or signing up with an online casino to play online.

Pokies – An abbreviation of “poker machine”, this is the term Australians use for slots.

Fruit Machine – The common name for a slot game in the UK. This originated from a time that most machines featured fruit on the reels.

Bonus Video Slots – Games that feature something extra that isn’t usually in the format of reel games. Some slots have a small video game where players can wager on the results.

Progressive – A game wherein the jackpot grows in every spin until there’s a winning combination.

Flat-Top Slots – These games offer a constant top payout that’s not affected by the amount of money accumulated or how many times a game has had a winner.


Random Number Generator – A computer software that ensures that game results are random. This software ensures the randomness for the reel positions, game odds, and payouts.

Reels – The spinning wheels of a slot machine. Older machines had mechanical wheels with symbols and pictures on them. Online slots borrowed the idea, and now offer up to seven-reel games with plenty of other symbols.

Scatter Symbols – Symbols that can activate a winning combination. Players can receive bonuses, multipliers, and cash prizes even without being on a pay line.

Multiplier – This symbol helps up the winning sum. For example, your spin results in a payout and it has a multiplier. Your wins are multiplied.

Wilds – These are symbols that you can exchange for other symbols so you can complete a winning combination.

Free Spins – The ability to spin without losing credit.

Bonus FeaturesFeatures that reward a pokie player, including free spins, new games, and opportunities to win the jackpot.

Bets and Pays

Bet – Placing a wager on the outcome of a spin. The player can determine how much to bet every time, then spin the reel to see if they won, and how much they will get in return.

Max Bet – This is when you place the maximum allowable credits on a spin. There are even some games that require you use this feature for a chance to win the biggest payout.

Payout – The amount a game rewards for each win.

Payline – The line that determines how big the payout is.

Payout Percentage – The amount of money rewarded by a machine over a certain period of time.

Pay Table – A reference board that shows payouts for each winning combination.


Winning Combination – On a payline, this is a combination of symbols that results in a win.

Hit – Winning spins can either be small hits wherein you win back what you bet on that spin, or big hits that can include getting the jackpot.

Jackpot – The highest prize you can win on a game. This term is thought to have originated from poker, where the “pot” kept accumulating until a player opens the game with two Jack cards.

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