The Meaning of 'Slots Volatility'

The Meaning of 'Slots Volatility'

- November 14, 2016

When you go online and search for the best slots featuring great bonuses, you will find thousands of titles with various themes, features and payouts. There are so many reasons why we love playing slots online and they vary from person to person. There are those who dream of hitting the massive progressive jackpot and winning tonnes of cash. On the other hand, there are some who are just passing time and are looking to encounter small yet frequent wins and bonuses. You might not realise it, but an online fruit machine’s volatility actually plays a very important role on how we determine the slots that suit our preferences. Once you understand how this feature works, you can use it to your advantage to improve your online gaming experience and profitability.

Slots Volatility Explained

When you use the word “volatile” in slots, you are talking about the how “risky” the game can be. Often, the term is used to pertain the frequency and the size of wins during your slots playing sessions. You will find that there are online slots that give big wins occasionally, yet they have long dry spells. Sometimes, these games offer big wins within a brief period of time. On the other hand, you will find games that that pay out frequently, but they tend to be small. When you go through several spins without winning anything, you might think that you are just having a very unlucky day. Perhaps you notice that you are winning more often. In this case, you might think that Lady Luck is on your side that day. Well, the truth is, volatility has something to do with how your game runs. Let’s take a look at how volatility varies from game to game.

Slots with High Volatility

Keep in mind that when an online slot machine has high volatility, it involves higher risk. The payouts tend to be bigger, but note that they are fewer and they are farther from each other. At times, you just keep on clicking the Spin button and you notice that your balance is slowly depleting. Yet you still haven’t received the return on your investment. But a few spins after, one of the big paying symbols line up perfectly and you discover that you have just won a massive payout which makes you think that the dry spell was definitely worth it. Players who are after big wins tend to love slots with high volatility. A perfect example of this is Microgaming’s Tomb Raider slots which offer a jackpot that can be as high as x7,500 a player’s wager.

The Perfect Time to Play Online Slot Machines with High Volatility

Since the wins tend to be rare, it is important to note that you should only play slots with high volatility when you have the time and money. A great amount of patience is needed especially during times when there really isn’t much action on the reels. After all, you have to wait for a while before you trigger bonus features that will replenish and expand your bankroll.

Also, remember that you should only play high volatility slots when you have a flexible budget. You should be comfortable enough to walk away from the game once you have used up your initial budget. Online video slots with high volatility are designed to entertain players who are after the excitement of chasing a massive win. Before you can be satisfied by winning the huge jackpot, you have to possess a certain amount of patience.

A majority of high volatility slot machines offer big wins and payouts. Sometimes, there are players who hit several massive wins within a few spins. Note that this rarely happens. However, if you have the money to afford the thrilling experience, then you will find higher volatility slot games more entertaining and rewarding.

Slots with Low Volatility

If you want a safer way of playing slots, then you should choose titles with lower volatility. When you play these games, the wins come more frequently but they tend to be a lot smaller. While the risk factor is not as adventurous as high volatility slots, there are still some features that will entertain you and keep you from getting bored. After a couple of spins, you will encounter small wins and you will not notice the time slipping because of all the bonus games and winning animations grabbing your attention. However, just because the wins are frequent and small, that does not mean that you will never encounter big wins. They actually do come occasionally. The only difference is the fact that they are not as big as the prizes available on higher volatility slots.

If you want a less risky gameplay with bonus games that are triggered frequently, then lower volatility slots are perfect for you. When you play these games, you wouldn’t put a dent on your bankroll and you will win modest prizes.

Determining the Volatility of an Online Slot Machine

The best thing about playing slots online is the fun you get when you win or just by merely spinning the reels. As slots players, we have varying preferences when it comes to how we want our games to run. There really is no good or bad type of slots volatility because they all apply to different markets. Before you go out checking the volatility of every slots you encounter, you have to note that slots software developers do not provide this information. However, after spinning the reels a couple of times, you will eventually have an idea of what a game’s level of volatility is.

Keep in mind that the volatility of an online fruit machine can be determined only when you play it. Needless to say, we highly advise that you play the slots game for free first before you put in your real money. Alternatively, you can look at the paytable to have an overview of the volatility of a slot machine. If you see that the prizes are high, that can serve as an identifier of a medium to high volatility. It is most likely that the game would not frequently award these massive prizes.

What’s the Difference Between Slots Volatility and Slots Variance?

There’s absolutely no difference between the terms. There are simply some sites using the term “variance” instead of “volatility.” You do not have to be confused because they are exactly the same thing. So, just the same, with high variance, the wins are bigger yet occasional and with low variance, the wins are smaller yet frequent.

The Best Sites to Play Slots Online

When you go online, you will find tonnes of websites offering a wide selection of slot games with varying volatility. Now, it can be quite difficult to choose the site that works best for you. So, check out HitYah’s list of slot site reviews that are objective and unbiased. Compare the bonuses, features and games so you can select the ideal one that is suitable to your preferences. To be able to check the volatility of the games, why not check the demo versions on Slots Café? This slots operator offers a spectrum of titles that can be played for real money or for free.


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