Best Slots Bonus

Slots Games – Why Are They So Popular?

Slots games are considered today to be among the most popular games in the casino industry. While many other games may require vast experience and technique, the slots rely mostly on luck and basic understanding of the gambling rules. However, advanced features existing in these games let players with further experience gain their own advantage over the game.

List of the best bonuses

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Top Dog Slots Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus + 20 free spins on Fish & Chips
Slot Shack Logo Regular Promotions Win a fancy new BBQ
Viking Slots Logo Welcome Bonus Up to £200 bonus + 100 free spins
Amazon Slots Logo Welcome Bonus Up to £200 free play on first 3 deposits + 20 free spins
Slot Pages Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Lucky Slots 7 Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Wunderino Logo Welcome Bonus 200% bonus up to €100 + 30 cash spins
Cashmio Logo Welcome Bonus 25% bonus up to €25
LVbet Logo Welcome Bonus 100% up to €150
Slots Million Logo Welcome Bonus 100 free spins + more spins every month

Therefore, it is common to find both experienced and inexperienced players highly intrigued by the slots games, which offer everyone a lot of bonuses, great payouts, thrilling gaming atmosphere and a lot more. In this article we will cover all of the best slot bonuses which gamers, of all types, can enjoy from.

Play the Slots Game For Free!

One of the most common desire of players is to enjoy their favourite game for the lowest deposits possible. Luckily, this option definitely exists as more and more slots games use the Scatter symbol and the “free spins” benefit.

In order to trigger the “free spins” mode, which some consider to be the best slots bonus, players would be required to win three, four, or five Scatter symbols in one spin. Once this amount of Scatter symbols is shown on the reels, the mode is triggered, and the players are not required to deposit even one single coin for a pre-determined number of “free spins”. Nonetheless, as long as the players are using the Real Money mode, they will be able to keep on winning real credits!

Eventually, the result would be they will win credits for no risk of reducing their current credits' amount even a bit!

Re triggered Free Spins

During the “free spins” mode, the reels keep on spinning and in most games all symbols appearing are identical to those appearing during the regular gaming mode. In many of the slots games, the Scatter symbol also keeps on appearing during this special mode. The result is that players can win, once more, “free spins”, while they are still playing for free, and thus re-trigger their current gaming mode!

Free Spins Choice

This bonus is very special and appears only on some of the slots games. “Free spins choice” means that once the “free spins” mode is about to start, a few options will be shown to the player. Each option is a “free mode” option, and these modes usually vary in the number of “free spins” offered, as well as additional benefits which may also be included. Choosing one of the modes once does not mean the same mode will be automatically chosen every time three, four or five Scatter symbols will appear on the reels. Mostly, the player is capable of choosing every time again the mode he or she wishes to play, and thus shift the modes as he or she wishes.

Improving Free Spins

This feature is also much more special than the regular “free spins” mode, and can be found in some of the slots games. This feature, which will have different names in different games, will let players enjoy better benefits as they keep on winning more and more “free spins”.

For example, players enjoying this mode for the first – five times of their game will be granted with 10 free spins. From the sixth to the tenth time players will play the mode, they will be able to enjoy 15 “free spins”, and once they passed the eleventh time, they will play 20 “free spins” every time. If additional benefits are included in the “free spins” mode, they would usually be improved as well every time.

Wild Symbol – Substitutes All Others

Wild is a special symbol which is usually capable of replacing all other symbols on reels, besides the Scatter. As most players know, in order to win credits during the game, a combination known as three, four or five of a kind should appear on the reels (three, four or five identical symbols, on adjacent reels).

However, another way to be granted with the credits is by using the Wild symbol. Since it can replace almost any other symbol by appearing on the reels, it is capable of participating in the creation process of different combinations. If, for example, two symbols of the same kind appear next to one another, the presence of Wild on the third reel will create a three – of – a – kind combination.

This method can also be applied when three or four of a kind already exist, and by using Wild, these combinations can quickly be upgraded to four or five of a kind. The main difference is in the number of credits granted to the player, since the greater the number of identical symbols is, the greater the payout gets.

Special Wild Features

Some games use the Wild symbol and improve the sorts of benefits players can be granted with. This way, players can enjoy both more ways to win the game and increase their total payout, as well as fun and unique benefits.

One such benefit is known as “splitting Wilds”. This benefit, once triggered causes Wild symbols which appear on the reels to split to two (or more) and land on other spots on the reels. Additional Wild symbols are suddenly on the reels, a fact which increases the players' chances to create additional or better winning combinations.

Another such benefit is known as the “stacking Wilds”. When this is triggered, the Wild symbols stack on a whole column and thus, once more, substantially increase the players' chances to win a lot of credits!


Multipliers is a very special sort of benefit, which can be used during the regular gaming mode, the free spins or both. The existence or absence of the bonus changes between one game and another.

Once the multiplier bonus is applied, the number of credits the player won will be multiplied by a pre-determined number. Multipliers can be, for example 2X, 3X, 4X and so on.

Increasing Multipliers

This bonus is even more unique than the regular “multipliers” benefit. When this one is applied, each successive win – spin will grant the players with a greater multiplier used in the previous win. First win, for example, can amount to 1X, second win for 2X, third one for 3X, etc. The increasing multipliers do not have to be successive, and while the second win can grant a player with 2X multiplier, for example, the third win can grant with a 4X or even 5X multiplier right away!

Monetary Rewards of Scatter and Wild

Although Scatter and Wild are mostly known for their unique bonuses, it is always good to keep in mind these symbols can also grant players with monetary payouts. The exact payout of each symbol varies between different games, but what is most important to remember is that most of the games will allow players to enjoy the payouts even when two of a kind appears on the reels.

Gamble Bonus Features During Free Spins

The Gamble Bonus Features have a few prominent benefits: first, they let the players enjoy a totally different gaming atmosphere than the one usually existing in the game. Many players tend to find it refreshing and fun. The second benefit is the fact the players can usually enjoy an opportunity to win more payouts using an easier way, or to be granted with additional multipliers under certain conditions.

The Gamble features usually let players pick one card out of some offered (mostly based upon colours or suits), or to spin a roulette. If the players win the bet they will usually be granted with credits, multipliers on their spin – bet, or both. It is important to remember that each game using the Gamble mode has its own way to implement it, and it is possible the mode will be nothing like picking cards or spinning a roulette.

Credits – 5 of a Kind, Bonus Symbol and Other High Paying Combinations

As previously mentioned, the greater the winning combination is, the greater the payout gets. This way, players who win five of a kind, can expect a better payout than those who won four of the same kind in the game. Mostly, five of a kind combinations are known to be with the highest payouts, unless different multipliers were used.

In addition to that, a Bonus symbol can also be used during some of the games, which can grant with additional high payouts, great multipliers, or both. Once more, the rewards coming with the Bonus symbol can be changed when playing different games.

Win Slots Bonuses When Joining a New Casino – Credits & Free Spins!

Winning bonuses related to slots games does not have to be dependent on playing slots games! It is also possible to be granted with a lot of great bonuses even before playing the very first game!

In order to do so, players will only be required to join a new casino which offers a Welcome Package or a Sign Up Bonus. These bonuses usually grant players with a specific number of free spins, and / or a certain amount of credits. The players will be able to use these gifts either on one or some games of a limited selection, or to use them when playing any kind of game they want from the casino.

When doing so, the players will be able to play for free and win for real, as long as they use the Real Money mode! Another benefit of using these bonuses would be that once they win for real, the players can keep on using their accumulated credits in order to keep on playing and winning!