Sign Up for Free Slots Bonuses

Online slots games are some of the most popular games in the casino industry. These games, which are mostly dependent on luck, let players spin the reels and create winning combinations.

Some casinos, while knowing these games attract a lot of players, offer special packages that let them try out the games for free. Those packages include free bonus no deposit slots and slots free bonus.

We will learn all about the packages offered, their pros and cons, how they can be best used, and much more.

Free Spin Bonuses

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Top Dog Slots Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus + 20 free spins on Fish & Chips
Slot Shack Logo Regular Promotions Win a fancy new BBQ
Viking Slots Logo Welcome Bonus Up to £200 bonus + 100 free spins
Amazon Slots Logo Welcome Bonus Up to £200 free play on first 3 deposits + 20 free spins
Slot Pages Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Lucky Slots 7 Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Wunderino Logo Welcome Bonus 200% bonus up to €100 + 30 cash spins
Cashmio Logo Welcome Bonus 25% bonus up to €25
LVbet Logo Welcome Bonus 100% up to €150
Slots Million Logo Welcome Bonus 100 free spins + more spins every month

Why Do the Casinos Offer Free Slot Bonus?

The initial experience of a gamer in the casino can never be replaced. The more the player enjoys these first moments, the longer they are going to stay around. People who keep on playing in the casinos get to try out more and more games, promotions, tournaments and much more. It is in the casino's best interest to keep the players satisfied and interested in the place's offering. That is the reason that casinos will offer special packages and free bonus slots. Great way to keep potential players entertained as much as possible.

Sign-up bonuses, also known as welcome packages or bonuses allow players get experience in the different casino games for free. You can use free bonus slots no deposit, for example. The thrill of playing slots while depositing absolutely nothing is definitely one of a kind. 

Welcome Packages


When playing in regular gaming mode, spinning the reels requires real money credits. To gain these credits players are required to deposit real money.

When signing up to a new casino, the casino will usually grant players with a certain amount of credits. Some casinos will allow the players to use those credits while playing any game that they want. Others will dictate in advance which games can and cannot be played with those credits.

Even when the offering of games is limited, keep in mind that the casinos will be offering the best games they have. This is so that players will get to enjoy a very exciting experience at the casino, and come back for more.

Free spins

While credits are offered to allow players to spin the reels for free, the 'free spins bonus' is how to start playing the games right away. Some casinos will offer players to play whichever game they want while others will offer the players to choose from a limited selection.

Some casinos will allow players to split their 'free spins bonus' among multiple games. Others will let them use the bonus all at once while playing their very first game.

Loyalty points, loyalty clubs and loyalty tiers

Most casinos offer players enrol in a loyalty club. These offer further bonuses and rewards as players keep playing and accumulating loyalty points.

Some casinos will open the virtual doors of the loyalty clubs right from the very first game the members play. This may even happen when players are still using the welcome bonus. Players will be able to play slots games for free, either by using the credits granted to them, or applying the free spins bonus. They can do this while they start winning real money credits, they will also be able to win loyalty points.

These points are added to a player's balance account, and will allow them to start making progress through the loyalty tiers. It can happen from their very first game. It is possible that players will still be using their slots deposit bonus while they win enough loyalty points to start playing for even more free spins.

Rules For Using the Sign-Up Bonuses

Step #1 – Open an account

The most important step to qualify for the sign-up bonus is to create a real money account. Usually, the registration will require choosing a banking method and giving some bank or credit card details.

After completing this phase, next step would usually be to start playing games.

Step #2 – Use the match up bonuses

A very common way to reward players with credits is called a'match up bonus'. According to this method, players will have to deposit a certain amount of cash, and thus they will receive a match up of cash from the casino. Match up bonuses can be for 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, and so on. For example, a player who deposits $200 in his first spin, and is qualified to receive a match up bonus of 100%, will get another $200 right away, and he will start his first spin with $400. In most casinos, the match up bonuses will apply in the first three or four deposits made by the new member.

Step #3 – Seize your free spins

Some casinos let players receive both match up bonuses and additional free spins, in their first few games.

Receiving these free spins may be dependent either upon making deposits or can be granted with no prerequisites.

Good Sign-Up Bonuses

  • The casino offers you a high number of free credits when signing up. It is best to compare the offer to other casinos operating in your geographic area. Usually, a nice amount of credits to start with would be over $800.
  • At times, you will find online casinos offering no deposit slots bonuses. You do not have to deposit any money and the site will offer you free credits which you can use on the games. However, do note that the slots sites typically have conditions before you can withdraw your winnings. Usually, they will ask you to wager actual money. Needless to say, you will eventually deposit cash.
  • The casino offers a lot of free spins when players register. Once more, it is best to make a fair comparison, although it is good to check whether the casino offers at least 100 free spins.
  • In case the casino offers match up bonuses, there are at least three of these (for the first three deposits). Casinos who offer match up bonuses for the four first deposits are considered highly beneficial in that matter. In addition to that, it is also good to check what the grant's percentage is. For example, ask yourself “is there at least one match up bonus for 100% or more?”
  • Although it can be a bit rare, some casinos offer the credits and the free spins even without using the match up bonuses. These casinos simply offer the bonuses for free when no deposit is required. These bonuses are considered the most beneficial for new members.
  • The bonuses can be seized for a relatively long time from the moment of registration. Most casinos will either keep the bonus available for up to a month from registration. They may simply offer up to seven days delay between one deposit and another, for the first few match up bonuses.

Poor Sign-Up Bonuses

  • Relatively low credits' offering. Usually less than $800.
  • Very few free spins. Usually less than 100. In addition to that, a very low offering of games in which the new members can play the free spins is also considered a disadvantage in that matter.
  • When a match up bonus is offered, it is offered only for the members' first, or first and second, deposits. In addition to that, the match up bonus would be low, such as 25% per deposit.
  • There is a very short period in which the players can seize their match up bonus from the moment of registration. An example for that would be the necessity to seize all of the bonus within an hour or 24 hours after registering with the casino.

Pros and Cons – Sign-Up Bonuses

It is no wonder the match up bonuses draw a lot of new players to many casinos. Now we will try to understand what are the pros and cons of this phenomenon.


  • Players can enjoy playing for free, or relatively low deposits at the new casinos.
  • The Sign Up Bonuses let the players enjoy a very thrilling experience at their first few steps at the casinos.
  • The free spins and free credits let players try out more games than they would usually check out when trying out a new casino. This way, players can try games they have never played and find out they like these new games better
  • By being attracted to the sign-up bonuses, the players decide to register to a new casino. Players can keep on benefiting from this decision, as they start taking part in the promotions and tournaments.
  • Most casinos allow players to start accumulating loyalty points when they are still using the sign-up bonuses and playing for free. Thus, the players' way to get into the VIP clubs and highest loyalty tiers is much shorter and definitely cheaper.


  • Players may find themselves signed up to a lot of casinos just to use these bonuses.
  • Players may decide they want to take the match up bonuses to the maximum level and deposit the highest amounts of money allowed. This can be done, but players must be sure that the highest deposit rate is within budget.

Important Information When Claiming a Sign-Up Bonus

Some players don't bother to read the relevant terms and conditions regarding their sign-up bonus. They may miss a few important details that may cost them in claiming their bonus the best way.

Time and availability

Players should be aware of the period in which the bonus is offered. While some casinos will let players enjoy a delay of seven days between deposits, other casinos will require players to use all the credits within an hour of registering. It is important to know how long the bonus can be used for, to make the most of it.

Maximum depositing amount relevant to the match up bonus.

When making the first deposits, or any other deposit at a casino, there is no limit on the maximum betting amount. However, some players may misunderstand the way the match up bonuses work. If the first deposit, for example, can grant players with 100% cash, up to $200, the meaning is that any additional money deposited will be used when playing, but not be credited with an equivalent match up bonus. In that case, it may be better to wait until the second or third deposit as these too sometimes have match up bonuses attached.

Games available

Players may misunderstand the offering of games relevant for the free spins granted to them. It is possible new members will think they can play all the games at the casino with the credits and spins offered. In reality only some of the games are offered at this stage. If that is the case, some players may be disappointed after they already made their deposit. However, most casinos either offer access to all games when using the bonus, or offer the best games they have, so players will still enjoy the games.

One way or another, always read the information regarding the sign-up bonus carefully. It may even be worth reading the Terms and Conditions page relating to the bonus. This way, players will have all the information they need prior to registering and playing at the casino. This way they will be able to choose what fits them best.