Difference between skill and slot games

What Are Online Skill Games?

The majority of online casino games are based purely on chance or luck. However there is a new category of casino games commonly referred to as online skill games that reduces the luck factor and introduces an element of skill. These online skill games are especially sought after by millennials who are interested to add their skills to the luck factor and have a new online gaming experience.

The most popular category of games at an online casino continues to be slot games which are purely based on luck. Online slots along with games such as roulette, bingo and scratch cards depend 100 percent on luck. These games have generally been shunned by millennials (people between the ages of 23 and 38) at both land based and online casinos.

Casino game software developers like GameCo and GameGrin have decided to target these elusive millennials by developing a number of online skill based games in an effort to get them to start playing skill based games.

Skilled Games vs. Slots & Scratch Cards

These online skill based games do involve an element of luck but the biggest factor for winning are the players’ skills and strategies. This differs from playing online slot games and scratch card games where the final outcome of the game is completely dependent on luck and no element of skill is involved.

One of the main differences in games of chance is the chance of winning or losing is always equal. For example, the odds of winning do not improve irrespective of the number of times you played the game. The only factors you can control are the amount you bet, how long you play and how often you play. This is why it is a good idea to set a limit before you play

chance based online casino games.

Some slot games offer a bonus game that is an arcade-like video game. The bonus prize can be affected by the player’s skill. However, chance is still a key factor. Another critical issue is an online casino always has a long-term “house edge” which reduces the chances of the player winning.

Skill based games are different as they require players to think logically, make quick decisions and use their skills to come out on the winning side. The luck factor is significantly reduced and players feel more confident of spending their money online and playing them because they know they have a certain amount of control in determining the final result.

Some popular skill based games include EVE Online, Red vs. Blue Billiard and Slope.