How to Play Free Slots

Free slots are the most popular form of casino game out there for people who want to play for fun without putting any real money down. It’s simple and easy to get started.

In the online casino world, social gaming is the idea of playing games like slots for play money. This is purely because you enjoy the games instead of playing with real money for the purpose of trying to run up winnings. Free slots are the most popular of all of the free casino titles. We want to show you everything that you need to know to find games that you’ll enjoy and possibly even turn a real money profit. You can do all this without having to wager anything of your own.

Where to Play Free Slots Online

There are a lot of operators offering free slots. Most of the time, online casinos use them to attract new players to their site. You will find that a lot of new Fluffy Favourites bingo sites also offer free spins as an incentive for regular players. It is easy to find online casinos, bingo sites or slots sites offering this bonus. However, the simplest way to do so is to check out our reliable slot sites reviews to find the most suitable one for you.

Free Slots Terminology

Slots are a genre of games known for being easy to get started with. They aren’t particularly complicated, but there are a handful of terms and concepts that you’ll need to know if you want to make the best decisions about what to play. Knowing these ideas will help you find a game with the format, theme, and features that will give you a good overall experience.

Reels, rows, and paylines are the three things that determine the layout and format of a game. Reels are the vertical columns of symbols that spin on each play, and rows are the horizontal lines across those reels. Reels and rows combine to form a grid, and across that grid, you have what are known as paylines. These are the sets of symbols that can combine to give you winning combinations.

For example, older classic slots had three reels with one row, and there was only one payline. Later on, classic slots started to have three reels with three rows to form a three-by-three grid. They could have up to five paylines: three horizontal across each row and two diagonally.

Basic Gameplay for Free Slots

Gameplay for free slots is pretty straightforward. You’ll be given a set of play money to start with, and you have to decide how many of those you want to bet per spin. You’ll do this by choosing the value of your coin size and how many coins you want to bet on each payline. For example, with a 10p play money coin size and one coin being wagered on each of 25 paylines, you’d be wagering £2.50 per spin total.

Once your bet size is chosen, you’ll press the spin button to see the reels rapidly turn. They’ll stop in place after a moment, and if any symbols line up, then you’ll be rewarded with payouts for them. To see which payouts you can get, you can consult the pay table for that particular slot itself. After that, the gameplay just continues with you continuing to press the spin button. You can also use an auto-spin option if you don’t want to have to keep pushing the same button over and over to keep the game going.

The Two Main Types of Slots

No matter if you’re playing free slots or if you’re playing slots for real money, there are two main types that tend to appeal to two major types of players. Classic slots have three reels. These tend to have fewer bonus features and extra goodies with plain, straightforward themes. Video slots, on the other hand, typically have five reels. They generally have a lot of extra features, more flamboyant graphics and a wider variety of themes.

Knowing these two types and how the formats differ will be the key factor in finding a game that you like. If you just want a straightforward experience with no bells or whistles, then start out with classic slots. If you want a game with a lot more excitement, then video slots are the place to start.

Volatility Issues and Pay Table Balance

Once you start to get used to playing these games, you’ll notice that some games seem to have more big swings than others. A lot of this comes down to a term called volatility and how balanced (or unbalanced) the pay table happens to be. A balanced pay table won’t have a big jump between the large, medium and small payouts. This creates a situation where you’ll have plenty of small and medium wins to keep your play chip bankroll topped up while you go after a big jackpot.

However, if the pay table is unbalanced, then you can run into a situation where the swings will be a big more severe. This happens a lot with top-heavy payout structures where there might be a big jackpot with a huge drop between that and the size of the medium payouts. This means that you’ll get fewer medium-sized wins to keep your chip balance up, so your experience will have more up and down swings.

If you’re the type of player who wants to go big or go home, then you’ll prefer games with a high volatility and unbalanced pay tables. However, if you’d prefer to try to run up some moderate winnings and to have a smooth experience that doesn’t put your chip total all over the place, then more balanced games will be your thing.

Platform Options for Free Money Slots

Typically, you’ll find that there are three main platform options to play free slot games: downloadable programs, in-browser options, and slots mobile apps. How you choose to play will depend largely on what you want out of your experience and where you’ll be playing from.

Downloadable programs

Downloadable programs are best for people who will always be playing from the same computer. If you switch computers a lot, then you don’t want to have to install a program every single time you move to a different computer and want to play. If you’re playing on machines that belong to other people, that can also be rude, and nobody wants that.

In-browser option

The in-browser, instant play options allow you to play these titles in your web browser. This is probably the most popular option because it’s the most flexible. It gives you an opportunity to move from computer to computer without having to worry about installing new software. What’s more is that you can play from a wide variety of operating systems as all you need is an up-to-date Internet browser and a connection.

Mobile option

Mobile games have received a lot more attention since smartphones have become more popular. They can run impressive graphics and sounds with a touchscreen interface that’s intuitive and a lot of fun to play. Because of this, it’s no surprise that mobile free slots are the fastest-growing segment of the market.

When you play these games on a mobile device or tablet, you have two main options. The first option is that you play from a website, and the second is that you play from a downloaded app. Both of these have the potential to give you more or less the same kind of experience, but having a mobile app can make it easier to access your games quickly. You can also switch between different apps on your phone without losing your game progress.

Winning Real Money Prizes From Free Slots

It is possible to run up real money slot winnings from free slot games. You’ll need to know how to approach certain types of promotions and offers that online casinos have available from time to time. Many sites will offer a no deposit bonus that gives you bonus money to play with on your account without requiring a deposit. If you clear the wagering requirements on these free chips, then you can usually cash out your winnings. There are, however, a few things you should know about these deals.

Play through requirements

First, you should know that the play through requirements have to be met before you can cash out any winnings. They’re normally a multiple of the size of the free chip you’re given. For example, if you get a £25 no deposit bonus for free slots with a 20x play through requirement, then you’ll need to put in a total of 20 x £25 = £500 in wagers before you can cash out. It’s also worth noting that you can typically only cash out your winnings on top of the original bonus. Some sites do allow you to cash out the free chip itself.

Finally, there’s often a maximum cash out amount for the offer, and this will affect your game selection. If you can only cash out up to £100 in winnings from one of these deals, then it doesn’t make sense to play a game where the top jackpot would award you £1,000. If you happen to hit that big of a payout, then you’ll be losing out on £900 of those winnings. In these cases, it’s much better to play games with a more balanced pay table as discussed above. There would be nothing worse than running up large winnings that you can’t actually cash out.