Slot Machine Games

Online slot machine games can be found alongside other games that we love to play online. While most of us enjoy the online bingo game because we love bingo, most bingo sites also offer slot games too. These online games are not dissimilar to slot machines you play in pubs or arcades. The virtual element, however, means fantastic graphics and more play options. These games are almost always no download, using software packages that are integrated with the site you are playing on. There can be some big prizes on offer too!

Where Will you Find Slot Games?

Gaming sites usually take one of two routes to integrate their slot machine games. You’ll either find slot machines in the bingo lobby or from a special casino tab. It’s not just slots available at many sites, you’ll also find a selection of casino games in an entire casino section at many online bingo sites.

There’s no doubt you’ll understand the principles of slot machines, even if it’s from the old arcade games. Today’s virtual slot machine games don’t differ too much from the base idea. Just like the old one arm bandits, you’re looking to link up symbols on the reels. The online aspect of the game means there are many, many more options for online players.

Where you play will determine which games are available to you. Different sites bring in different slots software packages to offer players a selection of games, but the games and types of games available will vary greatly. Two sites that use the same software will probably have the same slot machine games. Some of the bigger progressive jackpots games are available at a great many sites.


To list all the slot machine games available to players would be a virtual impossibility. There are hundreds of games and within those are many different types, all offering different features and challenges. Because online games vary so greatly from the actual slot machine game, here’s a rundown of terminology and the types of games you might see on offer.


These are the actual reels that spin on a slot machine. Most online versions have either 3-reels or 5-reels.


Paylines are the horizontal lines across the reels that signify a win. With pub slots, there is often one payline, but with online games many lines cross the reels giving you more chances to win. Paylines are significant when costing online games as whatever coin size you choose, you will need to multiply it for the number of paylines you are playing. For instance, if you are playing 10p a line across 25 paylines then each spin will cost you £2.50.

Pub slots

There are lots of different slot games available online but the ones that most resemble the arcade slots are pub slots. These are often simple 3-reel, single payline slots with the traditional fruit reels, often with nudges and holds.

Video slots

Video slots are exciting with fantastic graphics, features, bonus features, free spins, scatters, wilds and other features as you play. With fantastic graphics and sound effects, the games are a treat to all the senses and are often themed around popular films and comic book heroes.

Progressive jackpot

Not all slot games have a progressive jackpot but for those that do there are some amazing jackpots on offer! If you play progressive slots, then a tiny portion of each spin goes into a progressive pool. When you hit the progressive feature, you could win some life changing sums!

Free spins

Often games will have a feature where you can trigger free spins. If you’re lucky, free spins can often be doubled or trebled too, giving you more winning chances.


If it said that a game has a wild symbol, then this symbol can take the place of any symbol on the reels, increasing your chances of a win across the paylines.


Scatters are as their name suggests a symbol that can be scattered across the paylines. Usually players are required to get a set amount of scatters on screen at one time to launch a bonus game within your slot machines game.

Bonus feature

Bonus games or features are common on slot machine games and if you play a game with a bonus feature then triggering this feature can lead to big wins! Bonus features often aren’t played on the reels, but in a separate video style game offering you a challenge, usually based on luck to win some big cash

Slots tournaments

If you play slots regularly, you may notice that some sites offer slots tournaments as part of their promotional schedule. These tournaments allow you to compete with other slots players for a top prize. Slots tournaments usually play on selected slots and it’s best to check the full rules and see if you have to opt in before you begin.


Another promotional feature you often see with slots is cashback days. This is where if you play your favourite slots and if you’re unlucky you can claim a little cashback on your losses, giving you a little to play on with.

Multi-Player games

Some sites offer multi-player games that although quite different to traditional slots are based on the same model. These multi-player games offer chat functions and allow you to play slots, and compete against other players on site as you do so.

So now you know everything there is to know about online slot machine games, where they play, how to play them and the features and terminology you might come across. Next time you’re playing at your favourite online gaming site you can also check out the casino or games section and see if you can find your own favourite game to chase the jackpot on.