Best Slot Machines to Play

With online casino gaming, one of the things to look out for is the perfect game, with the perfect odds and sure wins. These, of course, do not even exist, as any company offering such a game would simply go bankrupt. Therefore when looking for the best slot machines to play you need to consider what you think is the best, and what it is that you are or should be looking for. The best casino slot machines are made with this in mind, and when thinking of a good slot experience you should also be thinking of the whole gambling experience. A lot of players consider many slots as bad or weak, and while there certainly are bad and badly done slots out there, the majority of these complaints come because players do not know what they are looking for in a game. At the end of the day, no one gambles to lose, and different kinds of wins and prizes are integral parts of any game, but cannot ever be the sole reason to play.

Best Slots Sites

Every year, there are several new online slots launching in the market. Needless to say, it can be quite difficult to find the ideal online casino for your preferences. Moreover, there are a lot of rogue casinos online whose main purpose is to earn money instead of making players happy. So, it is highly recommended that you check out HitYah's accurate slots reviews to be able to choose wisely. Our team of slots experts review every aspect of the slots site - from the bonuses and promotions to the software and games. Trust that you will only get the best gaming experience when you check out our featured slots.

The Fun in Playing Online Slots

So where do the entertainment and excitement come from then? There are a lot of different possibilities for any player depending on what they enjoy. The very first basic slots came with wins that ranged up to a few hundred dollars, and these were mainly played in smaller brick and mortar casinos, or anywhere the games could be installed in. With the advent of online casinos the average wins have climbed, thanks to the increase in the amount of players, and if it is big wins, small wins or medium wins you’re looking for they are certainly all available. In this regard the progressive jackpots are your best bet, as they can pay out up to 10 million dollars with a single spin. Without progressive jackpots the wins usually runs in tens of thousands, although popular slots with paytables going up to several hundred thousand exist as well. The main different between jackpots and high-end slots is that the latter usually pay out based on the bet level, and while you can play them with average bets the wins will be slightly lower. At the end of the day, when it comes to choosing the best real money slots casino, cash is the least and most important thing at the same time.

One of the things modern slots can offer players is a much wider variety in entertainment than the one-armed bandits of old. You can, for example, choose to play slots that are based on the Marvel superhero universe and feature movie clips, animations and graphic design based on the famous movies like Avengers, Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk. It’s good to remember these games are the culmination of teamwork between two companies that already excel in their own fields; superheroes, movies and slots. Best online slot machines are the ones that seamlessly combine factors from many sources and influences, working to create a package that is enjoyable as a whole and not just for some individual part of the game such as movie clip, maximum pay or background colour. This is also the reason why it is always best to check the online slots software.

Today the internet, computers, phones and every supporting infrastructure you can think of has come a long way from the first mechanical slots that run with levers and stayed together with an assortment of wires. More capacity, of course, means more and better slots, and this is clear especially when it comes to graphics. The first internet based slots were direct ports and copies from the old classics, whereas today the trend has reversed with only the best online slots converted into physical games. 3D effects and animations are just one part of this, with most producers choosing to improve the in-play graphics, such as buttons, symbols or bonus game animations. General upgrades to interface are the most common, and most important, aspect of modern games. These kinds of additions are meant to make the games easier to play and understand, yet to also offer a deep and engaging game under the surface.

Money and graphics, is that all there is?

The answer is quite simple: no, not by a long shot. Both of these are just parts of the overall game design, and the two things that must be top notch for the game to be even approved by any of our reviewed casinos. Music is one of the areas where the slots are still lacking, but where progress is being made with good speed. This again ties to the whole entertainment value of the game. At the moment most slots still offer a variation of themed music, or something that you are just as likely to hear in an elevator. Thanks to new and innovative companies this is one of the main areas of improvement, and games with catchy tunes and interesting music are starting to be available in good numbers. The rest I am sure are being updated as time permits. 

The final sign of quality is the game content itself, and how everything fits together. Is the music good, but has a beat twice that of the slot roll? Are the animations 3D but start at random moments of gameplay? Do either of these fit the actual game content, or do you have Marvel superheroes in a terminator movie themed game? Quality, after all, is quality, and it always stands as a standard of its own. Nowadays there is such a wealth of games in the market that it is best simply to start playing with free or play money, spin a few rounds and move on to the next one. This should give you a good idea of how the game works and how it should work. If you find that something bothers you about the game it is best to move on, and try similar games until you find all the features you want.

What to look for in a good slot:

  • A trusted casino. If you are a regular in a casino and like their games, it’s a sign of quality that you can use to choose which of their new games you want to try. 
  • A trusted producer. The casino chooses which games to publish; producer chooses which to build in the first place. Keep track of your favourite slot producer to get the latest and best slots.
  • Graphics – except high-quality animations, buttons, symbols and frame. If the graphics look like they are from the 90s but not retro it might be a good idea to switch to the next game.
  • Sound – most games offer simplistic music experience, but the market is starting to fill with slots that offer licensed music. Certainly, something to keep an eye, or an ear, on.
  • Payouts – look out for bad payouts. Anything under 90% is sketchy, unless they are specialty games. Normal theoretical return to player payout is between 94-98%.
  • Game design – at the end of the day a successful game needs to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together in a manner that is easy to use and understand and works without a glitch.
  • Play, play and play. With free money you can try any game easily. If there is no free money play or a demo version you should skip the slot and never even look back.
  • Have the right expectations. If you are waiting for something that will never materialise you will never find a slot that you can enjoy.

The elusive loose slots

Some think the best slot machine to play is the mythical loose slot, which gives a win on every spin. There are supposed to be tricks, especially with the older live casinos, where you could enter a cold coin, rub the machine at the right spot, or play with a secret combination of button presses. By performing these rituals you were supposed to get a guaranteed win: but as we all know such things do not exist. Personally, the only trick I ever heard of that worked was drilling a hole in the machine and holding the symbols at bay: but that is very criminal and doesn’t really work with modern laptops and desktops. There is always the harm in such thinking that pushed player towards unrealistic expectations. You will never find a slot that you can truly enjoy if you keep these miracle slots as your standard of comparison, and that if something can truly ruin your gaming and gambling experience.

Know what you are looking for, and we will help you find it. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then we are here to help as well, and we have plenty of articles to suggest a good choice of games and casinos for every player. You will also find a slew of information on everything casino related that you can use when making your choice. To put things in a nutshell: best casino UK slot machines come with the best casinos, and we are here to tell you where to find both of these.