Slot machine games

In any casino slot machine games are the main attraction. There are several different types of slots, although perhaps the most popular are the different fruit machine themed games. In addition there are jackpots, video slots, branded and themed games, video poker, different table games converted into slots and many more specialties and niche products. For those who do not wish to risk their money in roulette, spend their money on poker, or play against the house in blackjack slots machine games are the perfect choice for their casino enjoyment.

One of the best features for slot machines is their simplicity as well as possibilities for big wins. Often this comes in the form of jackpot games that offer millions or even tens of millions. These are often called progressive jackpots because they grow bigger by taking a percentage of each dollar played by any player and place it in the pot. Of course given the diversity of this gaming field there are slots to fill each niche one can think of. Yes, there are even slots that offer extremely low payouts while mostly concentrating on player enjoyment by offering wins often.

The question of what make a slot machine game is not so easily answered this day due to the wide variety of games available. The one combining factor of these games is the way slots play: there are always symbols to match on spinning reels. Of course even this is a gray area these days as for example different video poker slots pay based on the original games but play in line with traditional slots.

Casinos and the revolution of slot machine games online

Originally land based casinos offered one armed bandits (so called because of the lever on the side), and they trace their history back to late 19th century. The games quickly rose to great popularity, and gained a revered position among the different categories of games such as poker, table games or betting. Depending on casino these games account for most of the income generated by gambling games, and often come in a great variety of choice. With the rise of internet and online casinos it has become even more apparent that slots are the way to go for most players.

As game developers and producers no longer need to build massive and heavy machines, but can instead offer software based solutions the amount, range and quality of online slots has exploded in ways that were not even imaginable a decade or two ago. Almost every niche is catered for, and new innovations and designs are constantly tested in order to offer the player best possible value for their money. One great example of this is the different progressive jackpot games. Beforehand the original brick and mortar casinos could only offer jackpots based on their own size: the bigger the casino the bigger the jackpot. Today the online casinos offer jackpots that come from several different producers, and each of these software producers pools their jackpots from all the casinos together. Of course site specific games still exist, and they are great games on their own, but progressive jackpot can offer wins in tens of millions. And the more popular they become the more players there are, which means more money and even bigger wins. Although not in competition with the biggest lotteries available they might one day become so. Who could resist playing a slot that could offer you hundreds of millions with a single spin?

Today there are several major producers and a slew of specialty or rising software producers. Companies like NetEnt, IGT, MicroGaming and Playtech have all hundreds of games on the market and they continue to produce new and innovative games. With the ever forward going mobile technology and the increasing amount of users who only play on mobile it is natural that at the moment most games are dedicated towards smartphones and tablets. Of course they still work perfectly well in desktops, and mostly these games rely on excellent design and removing clutter on the screen. While a lot of resources are concentrated on producing these flagship games, the traditional games are just as popular still. As a result of this desktop games are starting to become slightly more complicated, and full of 3D art and animations, something that mobile devices do not handle so well yet. Another category worth checking out are all the different themed games such as Aliens or Top Gun. These games offer quite innovative game design choices while still incorporating everything useful from traditional slots. 

How slot machines games work

The basic slot works by spinning a set of reels, and stopping them at random. Some games have choices you can make such as holding reels, but these do not alter the gameplay significantly. Once the reels have spun they reveal a set of symbols that form combinations through a set of paylines. There can be as few as one payline or as many as thousands. In a sense a payline is just a way to judge which order the symbols are calculated. For example one line can run from left to right straight through the screen. Another one can start at the first symbol of the first reel, and then move to 2nd symbol of 2nd reel and back to 1st symbol with the 3rd reel. As there is little to no way to affect these in any games knowing paylines and winning symbols is only crucial for understanding and choosing the game you want to play. 

One thing most players misunderstand when it comes to slots is the theoretical payout or return to player. This is a number used to indicate what percentage of each played coin is returned to players. Usually this ranges between 94-98%. In theory this means that if you play one round with one euro you will win back 94-98%. In use this means that the casino takes 2-6% of every euro played, and the rest is returned as winning to players. Do understand that when it comes to gambling there are no such thing as guaranteed wins; you might play a thousand dollars and win nothing, or play one dollar and win a thousand. That is why it’s often called theoretical return to player, and is not to be confused with chances of winning. Jackpots and bonuses often work separately from this. Worth noting that higher payout does not always mean better payout, choosing the right slot is always a matter of personal choice and preference.

Jackpots work by offering big wins with a single spin. Some add a certain amount of each played bet into the maximum. Jackpots are therefore either progressive, meaning that they grow as they are played, or limited jackpots which give a certain amount per win. The best jackpots offer both of these, giving smaller set jackpots more often, and bigger progressive ones as major wins. Each round played in these games has a chance, although extremely small, to trigger the pot. In this way they are played a bit like lottery with each player unlikely to win, but one player winning the pot at some point is certainty. The largest jackpots deal out wins in millions every few months. It’s a good idea to read the rules when it comes to these games, as some offer for example an increased chance of winning on bigger bets.

Often each game also has some kind of bonus function. These are not simply scatter symbols, wilds or other specials that multiply your bets. Sometimes they are games-within-games, which offer a new challenge with new wins or functions to increase the fun and excitement of the game. Some of the bonus functions are entirely automatic, while others offer player a chance to effect the gameplay, or even win completely unrelated prizes. Worth checking out are also different kind of leaderboards and promotions that often come with new slots.

Where to play

There are no casinos that wouldn’t offer slots: that is how popular they are, and it is a position they are sure to keep for years to come. Casinos themselves choose slots from the software producers. Often this means sticking to a few companies and picking the best games or the ones that fit the casino themes. The larger casinos tend to choose from several of the bigger producers as well as the smaller ones to make sure they have something to offer for each and every player. This is why although each casino might rely on the same producers they still do not give out the same games or the same gaming experiences. Your first step should be to pick a trusted casino, find games that intrigue you and start playing. Best of all is that you can do this for completely free, since most games are available as demo versions even without registering. Once you’re comfortable with your choice it’s a good time to have a look at the possible bonuses and promotions that come with slots, and start enjoying your first freespins after a deposit.