Mobile Slots Apps

Through the years, tablet and smartphone gaming have become a hot topic among people in the UK. The reason behind this is that a significant percentage of individuals now own mobile devices and can access the games through their gadgets. According to a study conducted by communications research firm Ofcom in 2015, a bigger population of Internet users in the UK choose smartphones over laptops. Moreover, at an average, people are spending two hours online using their smartphones on a daily basis. That is twice as long as the time they spend online using PCs and laptops. Naturally, the online gaming industry would make a move to reach the audience from the mobile market.

Mobile slots are not a new concept in the online gaming industry in the UK. Since 2004, big gaming operator and software companies have been producing slot machine apps and games. So, if you are looking for play mobile slots for real money on your tablet or smartphone, you will be delighted to know that there are more slot games existing on mobile gaming platforms than other categories. Due to their minimal features, slots are easier to translate to a mobile device’s display size. Mobile slots UK can be accessed through casino slot apps specifically designed for mobile gaming. Other casino operators create sites that are responsive to a mobile device. This means that players can still access the slots games without downloading a software or a slot machines app.

Slots Software Compatibility and Requirements

Keep in mind that when you are choosing the best casino slots app, you have to make sure that the game is compatible with your mobile device. Check the requirements and see if it is suitable for your operating system – be it iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod use iOS. Mobile UK slots require an iOS device to carry iOS3.x or a recently released version for compatibility. Needless to say, if your Apple mobile device has iOS5.x or iOS6.x, the usual slots casino app will most likely work on your device.

UK Mobile Slots Apps

Before you select a mobile-friendly casino or app to pay slots on, you should review the technical specifications needed to download and play on your device. As previously mentioned, sites offer both downloadable and instant play versions of the mobile slots games. Take a look at what you can experience depending on the operating system of your mobile device.

  • iPhone slots – iPhones are known to feature an excellent graphics engine and a convenient touch screen function. Needless to say, you can play mobile progressive jackpot slots, video bonus games and 3D slots with ease on an iOS.
  • Android slots – If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can expect to see mobile slots that can be downloaded or are available via instant play. It is also important to note that Android is the operating system that has released the highest number of gaming apps in the market. Using this platform, you can also transfer your balance from the main casino site to the mobile version with ease.
  • Windows Phone Slots – Slots are considered to the most popular casino game that is played on Windows tablets or smartphones. This operating system’s vivid display makes it ideal for slots enthusiasts.
  • Blackberry slots – Blackberry users will be delighted to know that this brand also supports the mobile slots environment. There are new mobile-based slots that are made available for Blackberry. Using its browser, you will also be able to access the instant play feature. Aside from slots, you can also use Blackberry phones to play other casino games like roulette, blackjack and video poker.
  • iPad slots – Any app slots created for iOS can also function on an iPad. So, if you want to play real money slots on your iPad, just visit the Apple store to see what the list of available titles.
  • Kindle slots – If you prefer using Kindle Fire by Amazon, you will be delighted to know that you can use it to play slot games for real money as well as for free. You can access trustworthy and secure online slots sites and choose the game you like to play.
  • Smartwatch slots – Slots and other casino games are now available on Apple watch, Samsung Gear and other smartwatches. Just review the features of the app and see if it is compatible with your mobile device.
  • Oculus Rift slots – Expect to see slots games available on Oculus Rift because developers have been working on creating casino games that would work on the platform. Keep visiting HitYah for more updates on this.

Using the Best Slot Machine App

There are online casino sites which allow you to download their software so you can play their games. On the other hand, there are slots sites that incorporate HTML5, allowing the users to play the slot games directly on their device’s browser without downloading anything. The best casino slots app tend to function more smoothly and faster, but HTML5 mobile slots sites are more convenient.

Once you’ve downloaded the best slots app or you have accessed the slots site through your mobile browser, you will be able to start playing. On your smartphone or mobile device, you will be able to see different options for playing. For instance, on the mobile slot game, you will see playing options that will allow you to increase or decrease your bet as well as spin the reels automatically. Once you have made your selection, you only have to tap the spin button, cross your fingers and wait for the outcome.

Every month, the biggest slots suppliers, including Microgaming, NetEntertainment, Yggdrasil and IGT produce slot games that are compatible with laptops and desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Typically, these slots games are featured on mobile-friendly casino or slots sites. So how do you distinguish the best slot app from the bad ones? Take a look at some of the factors that make an excellent mobile slots site.

Safe and Secure Mobile Slots UK

When playing real money pokies, the first thing you have to consider is the security of the site. While it is true that you are just dealing with coins when you play mobile slots, there is still a possibility that you can win big jackpots. If you play on a mobile app or site that is not secure, your winnings and transactions may be compromised. Hence, do a little research. Check out the security technology that the site or app uses. Excellent mobile slots apps or sites incorporate a 128-bit encryption technology to ensure that transactions won’t be intercepted.

UK Mobile Slots with Comprehensive Functions

  • Flexible coin sizes – A slot machine, even it is on a mobile device, would not be complete without coins. It goes without saying that without coins, you cannot consider a game with spinning reels a slot machine. You should be able to wager amounts ranging from less than a penny to over £100 even when you’re playing mobile slots in the UK.
  • Auto spins – Even when you’re playing a UK mobile slot machine, you should be able to access the auto spin feature. This will allow you to let the reels spin automatically so you won’t have to tap the screen on every spin.
  • Easier spin management – UK mobile slots have a relatively new feature which allows the players to decide when the auto spin should stop. You pre-select the condition depending on the amount of loss, win or if a jackpot has been triggered.
  • Adjustable paylines – It can be quite frustrating to discover that you cannot adjust the number of active paylines. Excellent mobile slots should allow you to do this so you can manage your bankroll more efficiently.

UK Mobile Slots with Excellent Graphics

The best online slots sites make sure that they provide a great gaming experience to its clients. Moreover, they do what it takes to make sure that their mobile-inclined clients are not left behind. Hence, they put all the features that can be found in the regular online version. When you use your mobile device, be it iOS or Android powered, you will discover that the best UK mobile slots provide impeccable graphics and audio. Just because you are using a smartphone or a tablet, it does not mean that you can’t experience the same quality graphics you can get when you play slots on a laptop or desktop computer.

UK Mobile Slots for Real Money

If you want to play slots for real money, you have to fund your UK mobile slots. Some of the acceptable slots apps deposit options include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, bank transfer and even charge to mobile billing. Once you have funded your UK mobile slots account, you can start playing your favourite games and play to win real cash. To withdraw from your account, you can simply use the same methods you used when you made a deposit. However, it is important to note that there are mobile slots sites which offer limited withdrawal options. This means that while you may be allowed to deposit funds through bank transfer, it may not be an option for withdrawals.

Free Mobile App Slots in the UK

In the UK, you will also encounter slots that you can play on your mobile device for free. However, it is important to note that you will encounter two types of free mobile slots apps. The first one will allow you to register and play using a free account. On the other hand, there are mobile slot sites which offer free welcome bonuses. If you want to play free mobile UK slots on your tablet or smartphone, look for a casino site that offers free play. Find a site that offers a no-deposit bonus. This will allow you to play the games without risking your money. This will also let you practice using the touchscreen or keypad on your mobile device so you can get a hang of the gameplay.

What you can Enjoy From UK Mobile Slots

As an avid slots player, you may have a general idea of the things you can enjoy from playing at online casino sites. You will be delighted to know that most of these features are also available on the UK mobile slots version. Take a look at some of the bonuses and features you can take advantage of.

Bet and win in different ways

When you play mobile slots from the UK, you will also encounter progressive jackpots. These are games that are part of a pool with a jackpot that increases progressively. Since the game contributes to the jackpot pool, the returns from these slots for every spent are generally lower. However, you still stand a chance at winning a massive jackpot.

You will be delighted to know that online UK mobile slots feature more than just the classic 3-reel slots where the only payline you can win from appears in the centre. You can use your smartphone or other mobile device and enjoy 5-reel slots which offer more winning combinations through their higher number of paylines. You will be free to bet on as many paylines as you want. You will find that there are UK mobile slots that will allow you to bet in more ways than one. The more paylines you wager on, the higher your chances are of landing on a winning combination. Moreover, the more coins you bet, the bigger your prize will be.

Bonus Rounds in UK Mobile Slots

Mobile slots in the UK also offer bonus rounds where you can get the chance to win without touching your bankroll. They are fun to play and at the same time, they bring big wins or even huge jackpots. With the right symbol combination, you can trigger free spins or activate a bonus game where you can play an easy game to win multipliers or extra coins.

Mobile Slots with Welcome Bonuses

Most of the time, online slots sites or casino operators encourage people to download their app. Hence, they give slots mobile welcome bonuses for those who would want to check out their mobile slots version. Look for games or mobile slots sites in the UK that offer attractive welcome bonuses. Try betting the minimum amount needed for each payline. Doing so will give you an idea of the game’s volatility. While it is true that UK mobile slot machines are purely a game of chance, you will discover that there are simply some titles which allow you to win more. Take advantage of the welcome bonuses to see if the odds for that particular game are in your favour.

UK Mobile Slot Games with Free Spins

Sometimes, you will find UK mobile real money slots that offer free spins to their new customers. Go ahead and take advantage of this free gift. You will discover that there are free spins that come with exciting multipliers.

Mobile-friendly Slots with Reward Points

The complexity of a mobile slots game is not the only feature that can attract more players. Sometimes, there are simpler games that offer reward points. As you keep on playing, you will accumulate more points which you can redeem for more cash. There are also mobile fruit machines with a Scatter feature that let you win even with only one symbol appearing on the screen. These symbols can also activate free spins and bonuses.

Even when you are using a simpler device as compared to computers, mobile slots in the UK are still competitively designed and built to bring you a pleasurable gaming experience. Needless to say, you will have access to a wide range of features that you usually see on desktop slots. Give them a try and see how fun playing casino slot apps can be.