Playing Mobile Slots for Real Money

There are many different games featured in online betting sites, but probably one of the most popular are slots games. These games have successfully transitioned from the floors of casinos to the internet, and now can be played through mobile phones.

Mobile slots offer are straightforward and easy to understand, but offer high levels of thrill. By placing some small bets, you could potentially win some really huge slots real money prizes.

How to Choose a Mobile Slots Site to Play for Real Money

If your goal is to play real money slots mobile games, then you should know what kind of site you should play at. Here are the features of trusted sites that are great for real money slots games.

1) Safe and Secure Mobile Slots Sites

When it comes to playing real money mobile slots, the very first thing that you need to do is find a secure and safe online casino or slots site. These are the slots sites that adhere to betting laws and guidelines. You will often see if a site is registered to a Major Gaming Authority by scrolling to the bottom of the page. The sites on this page are all licensed by the UKGC, but you can find casinos licensed in other countries here.

Major Gaming Authorities recognised by the International Association of Gaming Regulators are:

  • Agenzia Delle Dogane e Dei Monopoli
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Autorite de Regulation Des Jeux en Ligne (ARJEL)
  • Curaçao Gaming Control Board
  • Government of Gibraltar, Gaming Division
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission

2) Slots with Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Options

If you're wanting to win real money with mobile slots, then as with virtually all online slots games, you'll need to be able to deposit and withdraw funds safely - it helps if you stick with reputable mobile slots games providers. You should also choose a mobile slots site that offers multiple deposit and withdrawal options. And you should look for a site that has at least credit card and electronic wallet options. Better sites have other online slots payment methods like PayPal, Ukash and Paysafecard. The best sites even offer the pay by phone bill method, where you can easily fund your account through your monthly phone bill.

More than likely, you'll need to commit to a mobile slots real money deposit if you want to withdraw any winnings. Yes, you can play mobile slots for real money by starting out with one of those great no deposit bonuses mobile slots games can provide. In this way, you have no risk but still the chance to win real money on mobile slots. This gives you the chance to play a few mobile slots free spins before you make a real money deposit. Look for no deposit bonuses that give you real money credits that you can use to try different mobile slots games for free.

3) Mobile Slots with Great Design

When you are playing for hours for real money, games can quickly get boring if you are staring at a poorly designed interface. The best mobile sites are those that will blow you away by the graphics. These sites have games that will come alive on your phone or tablet screen.

There is no such thing as weak visual impact when it comes to the best mobile slots sites. You will see vivid animation, carefully crafted icons, and high-definition backgrounds. Before you even click the “Spin” button, you already know you are going to have tons of funs just staring at the beauty of the screen.

4) Universally Compatible Mobile Slots

When you are playing online games, you will notice that not all of the sites can be accessed through your mobile device. The best mobile sites for real money offer you a roster of games that you can play comfortably across many devices. These are the sites that are typically powered by HTML5, and support major mobile manufacturers’ software, including iOS, Android and Microsoft. So your handheld can be an iPhone or a Samsung or a Blackberry, but you won’t experience any kind of slowdown.

5) Mobile Slots Sites with Game Variety

Playing mobile slots games for real money can go on for hours and hours. This is why the best sites make sure that you never get bored with a huge game selection. The best sites have all kinds of slot games – online fruit machine games, classic slots and video slot games. Some sites may even offer other instant-win games, like scratch cards where you can win extra money in between spinning reels.

Why Play Mobile Slots for Real Money?

Mobile slots has something unique to offer to online players like yourself. If you are wondering about the advantages of playing mobile slots for real money, then here are some of the best reasons to play.

1) Mobile Slots Sites Are Easy and Convenient

When it comes to online slots, you don’t really need special skills. Unlike table casino games that may need a bit of mathematical prowess, online slots require minimum effort. All you need is press the button and see what your luck gives you.

When you play slots on mobile, you get to play while being comfortable in your own environment. You can play at any time of the day, because slots games are accessible any time. So long as you have good internet connection, you can literally play anywhere you want through your trusty mobile device.

In addition, mobile slots have multiple deposit methods that make it convenient for everyone. You can even choose to fund your online slots account using your monthly phone bill!

2) Mobile Slots Have Big Jackpots

When you want to win real money on slots, don't think you'll be missing out on all those great online slots bonuses and promotions. Mobile slots are a great option because the jackpots in the games can be just as huge. If you want to win big, try a slots game with a progressive jackpot. When you play a mobile slots game, it may seem as though you are playing alone against the reels, but you are actually entering your pennies into a game along with thousands of other slots players. This is why jackpots become so huge.

The online Marvel slots game is an example of a game that has an epic jackpot. The largest jackpot ever paid was at a whopping US$1,365,801. Imagine winning that amount! By playing this slots game, who knows? You could very well be the next millionaire winner.

3) Mobile Slots Bonuses and Promotions

Online slots are generous when it comes to mobile slots bonus codes and promotions. This is because competition in the industry is steep, so sites make sure that players like you are given lots of incentives to sign up and to stay. The most common example of this is a welcome bonus, wherein you are given free money when you first deposit an amount.

When you are playing mobile slots for real money, you will also receive slots real money loyalty rewards. These are usually given to players who have stuck with the site for a considerable amount of time. These kinds of rewards are typically bigger and more exclusive than the mobile site’s regular promotions, such as free games and cashbacks.

Playing Slots on Mobile Devices

If you play online games on your phone, then you might already know that your operating system affects what kind of games you can play.

Two of the most common OS are Android and iOS. Generally speaking, Apple devices that run on iOS are great options for playing mobile slots for real money. Apple devices are miniature processing powerhouses that can deliver high-definition graphics at lighting speed. In addition, the latest version of the operating system – iOS8 – promises more social connectivity and sharing options in online games. So if you happen to love sharing your online gaming experience, you can easily do so with the iOS.

Android devices are also popular choices for online slots players. You can play at mobile slots sites on an Android device, as long as you have 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection. You can also use downloadable mobile apps on your Android. Many work extremely well, although there are some that don’t. Those that don’t work well are the ones not permitted for inclusion on Google Play (the marketplace for Android apps). You may encounter sites that offer non-marketplace apps, but we strongly advise that you don’t download these for your own safety.

Tips on How to Win Real Money on Mobile Slots

It is no secret that slots is primarily a game of luck. While some may claim that they know ways to manipulate the game, the truth is that there is no secret formula for winning. There are also no difficult techniques or skills you can develop in order to play slots well.

There are, however, some tips that you can use to make sure you have the maximum chances of winning real money. Here are some of those tips:

Tip #1: Start from the Simplest Mobile Slot Games

In order to win loads of real money on mobile slots, you have to first find out what kind of game you are most comfortable with. At mobile slots sites, you will find all kinds of games to choose from. Start from playing the most basic 3-reel slots, and then move to 5-reel slots, and then online video game slots. By trying out these games, you get a feel of which type of game you are most lucky.

By starting out at the most basic slot variations, you will also gain great ideas on how slots and paylines work. Soon, you will be able to identify what games appeal to you the most, and have so much fun!

Tip #2: Find Mobile Slots with In-Game Bonus Features

Top slots software developers create all kinds of features to make the game interesting. Some of these features are the in-game bonus features that give you more chances of winning big when you spin the reels.

These bonus features usually come in the form of free spins or multipliers. Some branded online slots games even have mini-games within the game, that make the gaming experience richer. Once you land these bonus rounds, you will get a bigger payout. So if you want to win more real money, then check out our game reviews here on so that you can see which games have the most special features.

Tip #3: Build Up Your Bankroll

When you play mobile slots real money, you have to know how to build up your bankroll so that you can wager bigger amounts. It might seem tedious in the beginning, but you will love the benefits of having a large bankroll.

To start building up your funds, you have to keep betting the minimum amount until you have doubled your original deposit. It can be tempting to suddenly bet the maximum when you’ve been having a great streak, but just keep betting the minimum until you have twice the money you had. Once you have doubled your original funding, slowly increase your bet amount at regular intervals. Soon, you will have a big enough bankroll to make risky bets, only it won’t seem so risky because you already have accumulated funds.

Tip #4: Be Ready for Some Losses

As mentioned earlier, playing mobile slots is primarily a game of luck, so you have to accept that you will have some losses along the way. It’s all part of the gaming experience, after all. But if you followed the previous tip on building up your bankroll, you will have stable funding to keep on playing for real money and have fun at the same time.

Tip #5: Know When to Bet the Maximum

If you are ready to make a risky bet, then make sure that you bet the maximum amount so that you activate all of the paylines. Activating all of the paylines in the mobile game makes sure you receive the biggest possible payout if you do win.

If you are worried that activating all the paylines will cost you too much money, then find a mobile slot game that has a low betting amount. This is better than not betting the maximum in a real money slots mobile game with a higher betting amount, because you risk missing out on the jackpot.

Usually, mobile slot games have the “Max Bet” icon on the screen. So you can simply click that instead of manually activating all the paylines.

Some Reminders Before Playing!

Before you jump in and start playing slots on your mobile for real money, just remember to understand the rules, terms and conditions of the online site. Even every slot game will have its own set of rules and its own payouts, so you have to understand these first to make the most out of your bets.

When it comes to mobile slots bonuses, take note that there are usually wagering requirements attached to these. Wagering requirements specify the amount you need to bet before you can cash out the bonus amount you were given.

Wagering requirements usually written in terms of multiples. For example, if a site has a x4 wagering requirement, this means you need to wager four times your original deposit before you can cash the bonus out.

Lastly, remember that playing mobile slots should be fun and profitable. So on days that it isn’t, you should be responsible and know when to call it quits. You can do this by having a set budget and sticking to it strictly. Even if you find yourself winning, you should understand when to stop playing so that you do not end up losing the money you have already won.