Online Slots - The Basics

Slots are a staple at every casino, whether bricks and mortar or online casinos. Online slots attract players because of the ease of playing, different types of games on offer, range of odds and prizes to suit your budget. You also have the opportunity to play slots online for free. To play slots online, the first thing to do is to check out Internet casinos offering these games, and there are a lot of them out there. It would be a good idea to check out a few online slots reviews first and then select a handful of online casinos to form your opinion about them.

Best Sites to Play Online Slots

With the number of online casinos and slots sites launching every year, it can be quite difficult to choose the ideal one for you. However, HitYah has made the process a lot easier by compiling a list of top-rated slots sites. Our expert slots analysts reviewed every aspect of these sites - from bonuses and promotions to selection of games and software. Rest assured that you will only read unbiased and objective reviews here.

How to play

Playing a game of online slots is easy, you spin the wheel, and if it a payline is activated by the symbols when the wheel stops, then you win. While this general principle remains the same, the games attract many different sorts of players. There are differences in the number of paylines, themes used, music, and also special features that are often unique to a game.

Try before you buy

Before wading into a session of slot machines online with real money, it is advisable that you make full use of the free spins and free credits that casinos give players. This is so that you can understand what the game is about, the odds, and the prizes available. Take a look at the paytables that accompany a game. A 5-reel game can have more paylines on offer than you could possibly remember. These paytables help you place your bets for paylines that you fancy.

A basic aspect of slots machines online that enthusiastic gamers need to get right is bankroll management. Play within your limits. Decide on an amount that you can spend on a session of enjoying online slots. Do not go chasing losses.


One of the most alluring features that attract gamers to play slots online is the regular bonus offered in this game. Every casino offers bonuses on slots, but the same does not hold true for other games. You cannot expect to find decent bonuses with every online casino. You do not have to wager large sums with the bonus amounts; this lets you play more. Free spins are a kind of bonus that give you the opportunity to hit an active payline without wagering from your pocket. They can come into play when a given number of scatter symbols appear on the screen. You are more likely to find scatter symbols on 5-reel machines than on 3-reel online casino slot games. The scatter symbols are easily recognisable because they are drawn from the game’s theme. If you’re interested in playing online slots games with scatter symbols then first refer the game’s paytable. It will tell you if that particular game offers this prized feature.

Bonus games

These are perhaps the most popular feature with the best online slots. And quite often, when you play online slots, these bonuses appear as pleasant surprises. Often, these slots bonus games have interesting sub-themes and plots that take the game forward. And if the symbols that triggered the bonus game in the first place fall into place again, then the bonus game is retriggered. It’s an opportunity to win without wagering your own money.


Slot games online do not demand any skill from players, but you do need to have an idea of how to wager with common sense. Use the coins intelligently. Depending upon the slot game you choose, the coins are allotted by denomination. You bet coins on the lines and depending upon the number of paylines you choose to bet on, the spin can be of a high or low value. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can always opt for the maximum bet that features the highest number of coins for each payline. In fact, for many slots machines online, a maximum bet is a requirement to qualify for the progressive jackpot.


Similarly, slot volatility is another feature that you should have a little look into. Slot games with higher volatility usually yield big wins. These wins are few and far between though, when compared to games that are tagged as having lower volatility. Volatile games have an inherently high risk, and they appeal to gamers who like to play for big wins. The big wins are there, but if you’re not careful, you’ll find that your bankroll has dwindled more than you planned. If you’ve got the money to spare while waiting for a big satisfactory win, then these games are good for you. Also, there’s no reason you cannot win within a short time of sitting down to play a high volatility game. It’s good practice though not to go chasing a win when sitting down to play such a game.

At the other end of the spectrum, games with low volatility will have more frequent wins, but they are smaller amounts as you can imagine. Every now and then, you may land a big win. These games are primarily about getting small prizes and having a fun experience. If your bankroll is small, then it’s a good idea to enjoy these games. A lot of these have interesting storylines and great graphics.

Play the game for free and you’ll get an idea of how volatile it is. This will help you select the ones best suited to your style of wagering.

Other features

If you have played fruit machines online, you will be familiar with the 'Gamble' feature. It comes in different hues; a popular one is where you guess the colour of the card on the screen. Get it right and you win twice the amount that you wagered.

Collapsing stacks are an interesting new feature incorporated into some slot machine online. The concept is similar to that of games like Candy Crush, where symbols collapse in a rush and the points multiply. Here, if such a collapse is triggered, it can lead to massive wins.

Regular or standard wild symbols, when they appear on the screen, are always welcomed by slots enthusiasts. This is because they can take the place of any other symbol and complete a payline. As the game has developed for the online gamer, this symbol too has evolved. Expanding wild symbols are a new feature that makes the game of online slots more interesting. The wild symbols, once they appear on the screen, expand to cover all other symbols on a reel. They open up additional possibilities of winning. Sticky wild symbols and stacked wild symbols are innovations that make online slots more interesting.

Pros and Cons of Slots Online

Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of playing slots online rather than playing in a casino.


  • Online slots offer better odds to the players. The costs of running an online casino are lower than the overheads incurred when managing a bricks and mortar casino. Players, therefore, benefit with more frequent wins and bigger wins. The progressive jackpots offered can scarcely be matched by land-based casinos.
  • Because online slots casinos are a very competitive business, owners try their best to entice visitors through free spins, bonus rounds, sign-up bonuses, and creatively designed games.
  • You can play slots online when you want to; you do not have to travel anywhere to enjoy a game of slots online. You save time and money, avoid traffic, the congestion in the casino, and best of all, there’s no dealer that you’re expected to tip.


  • While there are no real disadvantages to playing slots online, if you’re a habitual gamer at land-based casinos, you may miss the atmosphere. It may take you some time before you settle down to enjoying online slots.
  • Wins take time to appear in your account. At the very least, it may take 24 hours before the money appears in your bank account.


Secure online gaming is crucial to the survival of the online casino gaming industry. And, online slots are invariably played in a secure environment where your financial information is safe. In fact, if you’re using an e-wallet to transact with online casinos, then you do not to divulge sensitive credit card and bank details to the site.

To begin with, check if the online casino is licensed. Most online slots casinos are licensed by authorities in Malta and the Isle of Man. Does the casino mention when its games were last audited? You can always ask. This auditing also includes checking the function of the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is at the heart of the operations of an online casino. This information should be available on the online slots site. Reputable and honest online slots games casinos use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for encrypting data that is transmitted between servers.