Marvel Slots

Are you one of the millions of comic book fans who line up in theaters whenever a new Marvel movie comes out? If so, you’ll most likely enjoy playing Marvel slots.

Are you one of the millions of comic book fans who line up in theaters whenever a new Marvel movie comes out? If so, you’ll most likely enjoy playing Marvel slots.

Indeed, the Marvel franchise has been part of different cultures around the world, not only in the industry of comic books, but also in films, toys, games, and merchandising. Online casino gaming is no exception, that is why Playtech acquired the license to feature various Marvel superheroes in its slots games. Each online slot machine game is crafted around the characters and themes that have been so famous through Marvel’s comic books and films.

Online Marvel slot machine games can be played by anyone, but they can be particularly enjoyed by fans of the comic books. If you try any of these comic book slot machines online, you will definitely see that a lot of hard work has been placed into making them true to their source material. Whether you’re a long-time Marvel fan, or a slots player looking for great rewards, you will find the Marvel slots adventures entertaining.

Theoretical Payout Percentage (RTP) of all Marvel Slots Games (Listed from High to Low)

Slot GameRTP
Iron Man 295.98%
Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin95.18%
Ghost Rider95.03%
The Avengers95.02%
Iron Man94.89%
Fantastic Four94.88%
The Incredible Hulk94.82%
Captain America – The First Avenger94.31%
Iron Man 393.02%
Iron Man 2 (50 Paylines)92.31%
X-Men (50 Paylines)92.31%
Fantastic Four (50 Paylines)91.99%
Blade (50 Paylines)91.98%
Thor The Mighty Avenger91.92%
The Incredible Hulk (50 Paylines)91.00%

Online Marvel Slots Online Machine Gameplay

If you’re the type of slots player who likes variety, you will be delighted to know that every Marvel slot game features unique themes and gameplays. While it is true that all the games contribute to the Marvel Jackpot prize pool, they are still designed to take complete advantage of the material that they are based on.

Take Fantastic Four slots as an example. This Marvel slot online game showcases the heroes of the comic book series, including Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing. For most of the slots game, the gameplay is just like that of a regular online slot machine – there are 50 paylines and five reels, and the objective of the game is to have the appropriate symbols across your paylines.

However, beyond the simply featuring the characters from the comic books, this Marvel slots online game certainly captures the essence of Fantastic Four in its extra features. Once you land three Earth symbols on the reels, you will activate the Free Games feature. These free spins bonus feature four bonuses that are based on the Fantastic 4 superhero characters.

If Mr. Fantastic appears on the third reel during the free spins, you can get additional free spins and the symbol expands as a Wild feature. When the Invisible Woman comes up, you will get extra free spins and the value of the multiplier will increase. Meanwhile, when the Human Torch appears on the third reel, you will get additional free spins and the symbol will cover the first reel. This means that you will get higher winning chances.

Another example would be the Incredible Hulk slots. Here, you can have a “Smash Bonus” where you can control the Hulk as he throws an outrageous fit. You can have a blast smashing police cars and helicopters while gaining bonuses and multipliers along the way. All the other online Marvel slot machine games are designed with unique features that are sure to bring a pleasurable gaming experience to its players.

Marvel Slots Progressive Jackpot

Marvel Slots are one of the most notable games from Playtech. One of the greatest features of this game is its progressive jackpot feature. Every time a person plays a Marvel slot game – be it Iron Man II slots, the Incredible Hulk, or Fantastic Four – a small percentage of each wager is added to the progressive jackpot prize pool.

It can be triggered at random and it can come up after any spin in any under the Marvel slots franchise – even losing spins can activate this feature. Once you’ve entered the Marvel Mystery Jackpot feature, you will be guaranteed to win one of the four featured jackpots – Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot, and Ultimate Power Jackpot. The biggest of the four jackpots is the Ultimate Power Jackpot as it usually renders a net prize of around 100,000 to 1,000,000 credits.

Even though chances of picking up a progressive jackpot are slim, there are still some ways you can use to swing the odds in your favour. One way you can do this is by monitoring the past payouts. It is best to spin the reels during a time you deemed best that the jackpot will pay out. Also, try not to aim for the Ultimate Power Jackpot just yet. At first, go for the lower jackpots and see when they are likely to pay out. Compare the average payout to the current jackpot prize. If the jackpot has exceeded the average payout, then it is the right time to start spinning for the jackpots.