Forsaken Kingdom Slots

After HBO released the popular TV series Game of Thrones, several medieval-themed slot games have emerged. Slots players are not complaining, especially since gaming companies have been competing against each other and constantly releasing above par slot games. Take Microgaming’s Forsaken Kingdom online slot machine for example. It is a slot machine that offers multiple bonus features, free spins and multipliers along with excellent design, animation and audio. Needless to say, it is the complete package! Play Forsaken Slots for free by trying our demo version below and see for yourself! Once you are ready to play slots for real money, 

Forsaken Kingdom Online Slots Info

GameForsaken Kingdom Slots
TypeVideo Slots
Number of Reels5
Number of Paylines20
Coin Size0.01 to 2.00
Free SpinsYes
Bonus GameYes
Return to Player (RTP)96.54%

Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot Machine Symbols

When you load this fruit machine online, you will see that the lower paying symbols are represented by playing card icons like the King, Queen, Jack and 10. On the other hand, the higher paying symbols are represented by icons like the Sword, Arthur, the Black Knight and the Dark Castle. Lady Guinevere is the only symbol that comes with vivid colours. It represents the Wild feature and even expands to cover all three rows when landing in the middle reel. It also triggers a bonus feature which we will discuss later on.

How to Play Forsaken Kingdom Slots

If you have tried playing online Microgaming slots before, then learning how to play Forsaken Kingdom slots would be easy for you. The easiest way to determine how much you would want to bet is by choosing the number of paylines you wish to play. You can do this by clicking the right or left arrow of the Lines area. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse over the left side of the reels and the numbers for the paylines will appear. Click the number you wish to activate. However, do remember that when you select a higher payline, you automatically activate the lower ones. For example, if you choose the seventh payline, you also activate paylines one to six.

After selecting your paylines, the next thing you have to do is choose your bet size. You can do this by clicking the right or left button of the Bet area. Keep in mind that your bet size will be multiplied by the number of paylines you chose. So if you chose 2.00 as your bet size and you’re playing on 20 lines, your total bet amount for that spin would be 40.00. Once you have selected your bet amount, you can begin playing by clicking the Spin button. You can also click Max Bet to spin the reels. However, when you do so, you are playing on all paylines and betting the highest possible amount.

If you ever get tired of clicking the Spin button after every round, simply click the Auto Play button right below the Spin button. You can select up to 25 auto spins. Once you are ready, click Start. If you want the spin animation to move quickly, you can do so by clicking Fast Gameplay. You can abort the auto spins by clicking Stop.

If you want to know the payout for every symbol, simply click the Paytable button. Aside from that, you can also view descriptions of the bonus features as well as the payline legend through this window. To go back to the main game, simply click the Close (x) button.

Eternal Love and Epic Love Bonus

When the Lady Guinevere Wild symbol combines with the Arthur icon on the top row, you will be rewarded with an Eternal Love bonus. When the Black Knight symbol and the Arthur symbol appear next to each other on the top row, there will be an exciting fight animation and you will instantly be rewarded with an Epic Battle bonus.

Forsaken Kingdom Slots Free Spins

With the right number of Scatter symbols on your reels, you can trigger 5, 8 or 12 free spins. Remember that your wins during this free spins bonus feature can be multiplied by 2x, 5x, 10x or 20x. If more than two of the Shield Scatter symbol appear, they can be stored. There is a stone table that stores the shield and when this is filled, you will activate a mini bonus round. In this bonus game, you can win a stake multiplier which can range from 3x to 100x.

Forsaken Kingdom Slots – Round Table of Fortune Bonus

The Round Table of Fortune Bonus round can render considerable wins. In this bonus feature, all you have to do is collect all twelve knights at the Round table. You have to collect the Scatter Shield symbols to be able to accomplish this. When two of these symbols appear simultaneously on the reels, one knight will appear and seat himself. This goes on until the final knight is seated. This is also the point when the main feature begins. Now all you have to do is spin the table to activate a win.

Final Thoughts on Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot Machine

One of the things you will love about the Forsaken Kingdom online slot machine is the graphics. The 3D design and animation are above par that you will feel like you’re playing an RPG. Beside the reels, Arthur is standing waiting for you to win and once you encounter a big payout, he will cheer you on. He even pulls the sword out of the stone when you activate a free spin. Some wins also show a short animated clip which you will find entertaining.

Another thing worth mentioning is the option of choosing the speed of the reel animation. Other slot games do not offer this option so it is good to know that with Forsaken Kingdom slots, you can speed up the spins. Simply click the Settings button which can be found at the lower right corner of the reels. Here, you will find options for volume and ambient sounds, among others. Click Fast Gameplay to change the speed of the reel animation.

The multiple bonuses are also something to look forward to. You can win free spins, multipliers and even bonuses just by spinning the reels of Forsaken Kingdom online slots. After a long session, you will definitely play it again several times. The genre may not be new, but the thought of winning up to 100x worth of multipliers is enticing enough.