Zynga Slots

There are many top online slot games that you can find on the internet, but slot games by Zynga stand out from the pack, thanks to its trademarked style and high-quality design.

Zynga’s slot games are free to download and are compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices. You also have the option to play the games as guest members online, or register using your Facebook or Google account.

About Zynga Software

Zynga Software is one of the world’s leading developers of popular social games. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and has been designing innovative offers since 2007. If you own a social media account, you most probably have encountered at least one Zynga game. Some of the most popular titles are FarmVille and Zynga Poker. More than 400 million people have played FarmVille and FarmVille 2, and more than 130 million hands of poker are played every single day in Zynga Poker.

Because of the popularity of online betting, Zynga also releases top-notch slots games. Slots by Zynga feature rich and fully packaged games that give players exciting ways to amass virtual coins. You also have the option to play with real money. But what makes Zynga distinct from other slots brands is that it focuses on the social experience of the game. We will explain this further later on with one of the software’s games – Zynga Elite Slots.

Features and Advantages of the Zynga Slots

Slot games designed by Zynga vary in bet size and number of paylines, but there are features that are common to all of them. For example, the best slots bonus rounds of the games are activated by landing at least three of the Bonus Symbols.

A special feature of Zygna Slots is that you get to “level up, or advance to a “higher” round. Every coin that you wager adds to “experience points” in the game. You can track these points by looking at a bar that is typically at the top of the screen. Once your experience bar is filled up, you will move on to the next level. By moving on to the next level, you get to unlock more game features and win bigger prizes.

All slots by Zynga also have a special “Fever Mode”. In the Fever Mode, all of your wins are boosted for 30 seconds, and you get to progress through the level much faster.

Zynga Elite Slots

There is no better expression of the Zynga brand than what you see when you play Zynga Elite Slots. When Zynga slots software released this game, it was called a “synchronous, multiplayer slots game”. In this game, you log in and find other players to play with. All of you will have an avatar and go on quests. There are 26 different pet characters in Zynga Elite that you can choose from. The more you use your avatar, the more your avatar grows in skill. At the end of each round, you and your fellow players will have to defeat a “boss”. By beating the boss, you unlock more pet avatars and prizes.

Aside from team players, pet avatars and boss battles, you will also enjoy playing in six themes. These themes are Enchanted Forest, Pet Park, High Noon, House of Fangs, Aurora Dreams and Treasure of Anubis. All of these themes even feature completely different music scores and voice-overs!

A Social Slots Experience with Zynga

Zynga definitely brings an addictively entertaining betting experience for all who play slot games. Both veteran slot players and newbies will have lots of fun playing Zynga games. Zynga brings together the best of online betting and social engagement. So choose an online slots site right now, and start spinning those reels!