Zynga Slots

There are a lot of new online slot games on websites and social media sites, but Zynga slot games stand out from the pack thanks to the trademarked style, high-quality design and appealing sound effects. Zynga brings an addictively entertaining betting experience for every online slot game it launches. Both veteran slot players and newbies to the game have a blast when playing Zynga slots. There are a wide variety of different stages available for players to make sure they don’t get bored quickly.

Zynga’s games are free to download and are compatible with laptops, smartphones and tablets. Players can also play as guest members online or register using a Google or Facebook account.

About Zynga Slot Games

Players can always count on Zynga to offer a pretty diverse selection of games. These games appeal to many players because they are based on already popular shows like Duck Dynasty Slots, Ted Slots, Princess Bride Slots and The Wizard of Oz Slots. Surely at one point or another, players have become addicted to a Zynga-powered social game. Slots by Zynga feature rich and fully packed games that give players exciting ways to amass virtual coins. Players also have the option to play with real money.

Those who want to play without using real money will enjoy the collection of Zynga games. This is because players don’t need to worry if they run out of virtual coins as bet money. When it comes to virtual coins, there are always ways of getting more. Aside from a regular supply of free coins that can be collected every few hours, Zynga online fruit machines typically have daily bonus rewards. Aside from these bonus coins awarded daily, there are also random coin rewards that are greater than the regular daily bonus.

Bonus Features of Zynga Slots

Slot games by Zynga vary by bet size and the number of paylines, but there are features that are common to all of them. Bonus rounds are activated by landing at least three of the Bonus Symbols on valid lines. These bonus rounds come in the form of free spins or additional coins.

A special feature of Zynga Slots is levelling up or advancing to the next round. Every coin a player wagers adds to "experience points" that are found on a bar at the top of the screen. When the experience bar is filled up, players get to move on to the next level. Gaining a level also gives a player more bonus coins.

All Zynga slot machine games also come equipped with a unique feature called “Fever Mode”. In this mode, all wins are boosted for 30 seconds, so players can cash in on even more prizes and progress through the game much faster. Needless to say, do not hesitate to take advantage of this feature as you can have greater rewards through it.

Zynga Elite Slots

When Zynga launched the Elite Slots, the company called it a “synchronous, multiplayer slots game” where players can enjoy casino slots while being entertained by storybook animation. Zynga Elite Slots allows players to advance through several themes and level-up characters.

Zynga calls this slot game a “true social engagement among players.” Players can log in to play any time and find other players online to play with. They select a pet as their avatar and go on quests. Players progress by playing slots, and they can track their progress through a bar on the screen.

Players can choose a pet for one game or one theme, but are not required to use the same one all the time. In fact, players will have a blast choosing from 26 different pet characters in Zynga Elite Slots. Pets can be swapped out at any point in the game. Each pet has specific attributes, and the more a player uses one pet, the more the pet grows in skill.

Zynga Elite Slots is a win-win game for all the players in the same online room. Players will see their pets racing across the screen when other players win and share the prizes. Prizes come in the form of gems, tokens and other collectable items in the game.

At the end of each round, there is a boss battle that players must fight by winning at the online slot machine. By beating the boss, players unlock more prizes and other pet avatars.

Zynga Elite Slots is truly a one-of-a-kind game from Zynga. There are six themes for players to participate in: Enchanted Forest, High Noon, Pet Park, House of Fangs, Treasure of Anubis and Aurora Dreams. These themes have specific voice-overs, graphics and about one hour of original music scores.


There are certainly many features that make online slot games by Zynga stand out from other slot games. The wide variety of options alone is enough reason for players to check the games out. What makes Zynga Slots particularly special is how it has incorporated RPG into a slots game in such a way that it becomes a social adventure, rather than simply playing a slots game alone. Specifically with Zynga Elite Slots, players embark on quests with different themes that yield varying mini-games. At the same time, players also work together and participate in real-time chat rooms. These features plus the music and graphics will surely get any player hooked on Zynga Slots.