Betting on Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a modified version of indoor volleyball, played between two teams with two players on each team, on a sand court. There has been a steady increase in popularity of this sport in recent years, with additions of new major tournaments, which has fans seeking opportunities to bet on beach volleyball matches.

Where to bet on beach volleyball

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Beach Volley Competitions

The Olympics is the biggest competition in beach volleyball, which sees the highest betting action. FIVB Beach Volleyball SWATCH World Tour is an annual tour that runs from April to October; which consist of 8 grand slams, with teams from over 50 countries. Several bets are offered for these competitions, which attract a lot of bettors interested in beach volleyball betting.

Types of Bets

Winner betting

The most common bet in beach volleyball is picking the winner. This bet will be available for almost all matches. Most beach volleyball matches have clear favorites who have no chance of losing the match. Though it offers minimal returns, betting on these matches offers easy chances for some wins.

Handicap betting

The handicap betting in beach volleyball is based on the number of sets each team wins. Since beach volleyball match is best of three sets, the only handicap possible for the favorites is -1.5. Bettors who pick the favorites at -1.5 win the bet, only if the favored team wins in straight sets. If not the bettors who pick the underdogs to win.

Over/under betting

In this type of bet, bookmakers will post a number, for the total points that both teams put together can score in all the sets, and bettors can bet if the total score will be over or under that number.

Other betting

Some bookmakers offer over/under and handicap bets for just the first set.

Live betting

For major competitions, top sportsbooks will also offer live betting, where bets like, which team will score on each play, which team will first score 5, 10, and 15 points, will be available.


Though beach volleyball is not an extremely popular sport, there are a number of sportsbooks offering bets on it. With a lot of good betting opportunities, beach volleyball fans have a chance to make their favorite sport more exciting.