Betting on Biathlon

Are you ready to learn about how to bet on biathlon? Well, first we need to talk about what biathlon actually is.

Where to bet on Biathlon

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What is Biathlon?

Biathlon is a winter sport combining rifle shooting and cross-country skiing that was developed out of a training regime used by Norwegian military in the 19th century. Biathlon is considered to be one of the more difficult sporting events in the world, with a participant’s rifle skill and endurance being tested concurrently. The basis of the event requires competitors to ski cross-country over several distances while pausing intermittently to shoot at five evenly spaced targets, some from a standing position and some from lying prone. Various penalties are instituted for missed targets.

Details About Biathlon Betting

The nature of the sport allows for a number of betting practices to be employed. There are various formats of the event, specifically individual, sprint, pursuit, mass start, relay and mixed relay. Betting odds are calculated on the outright individual winners of the event in both the male and female categories.

The sprint category is a much shorter and faster version of the sport, and again, bets may be placed on the ultimate individual winner of the event in both the male and female category. Similar to the sprint race, the pursuit is another individual event in which participants are required to start the race in positions that are staggered according to time differences from previous races, generally the sprint.

Betting may be made on the male and female winners of this event. Rounding off the individual events is the mass start, whereby all competitors commence the event at the same time and betting odds are calculated on the first male and/or female to cross the line. In all individual categories, split times are also eligible to be bet upon.

Team Categories Exist for Betting on Biathlon

Two team categories, being the relay and the mixed relay, also exist within this sporting event. By virtue of the name, the relay involves four biathletes, typically of the same country, each skiing one leg of the event at a time and with the winner being crowned as the first team to have all their participants over the line in the fastest time.

Betting odds are calculated on the ultimate team winner as well as the split times and leg winners in each gender category. The mixed relay differs only from the perspective that team composition is required to be two male and two female participants. The same betting principles for the relay events are applied to the mixed relay events.