5 Tips on How to Make Money out of Cricket Betting

5 Tips on How to Make Money out of Cricket Betting

- June 29, 2016

According to cricket experts, the game is simpler than it seems. However, from a sports betting enthusiast’s perspective, cricket is a very complicated game to follow. With test matches that run for five days, several nuances can arise which can make or break the cricket betting game.

There are plenty of cricket statistics available that make it easier to draw bookmaker bonus promotions and betting prices. However, your chances of becoming profitable still depend on how efficiently you place cricket bets. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of cricket betting tips that will help you make money.

1. Don’t bet on the draw too often

Since one of the formats of a cricket game spans days, the play can become quite unpredictable. Even when you try free sports betting, it is still safer to bet on the draw if the match becomes too complicated. However, it would be a mistake to bet on the draw too often. It is undeniable that the draw is the most popular bet that bettors prefer. If you follow a test match, you would understand that on the second or third day, there would be times when the second innings would seem to go on forever. In this case, it would be tempting to bet on the draw.

If you want to understand betting odds, the best advice in this particular situation is to determine which team has the momentum and try to focus your bets on them. It is easy for cricket betting enthusiasts to underestimate how the pitches deteriorate. Needless to say, during the test match’s last two days, it can be quite difficult to bat.

2. Try betting on both teams

At the beginning of a test match, you can see which team has a better momentum. Naturally, you would want to place a bet on that team and through the duration of the match you would root for them. What would happen is that you would either solely place your bets on that team regardless of the progression of the game or you would let your initial bet run so you wouldn’t compromise your position when the right time comes.

The truth is the momentum in a game changes regularly. Needless to say, a game’s favourite can easily become the outsider, and vice versa. Let’s say that you’ve placed your bets on the outsider and noticed that its price went down. In this scenario, it would be best to place your bet on the other team so you can secure your profit.

There are a number of trusted bookmakers out there where you can review live odd comparisons. As a sentimental sports bettor, you can easily harbour loyalty to the team you first placed bets on.

However, try to take a look at this theory on cricket betting so you can understand why this strategy works. According to the theory, you have to identify two sides that are very close to each other. Observe the sides and when one of them reaches 2:5 in odds, start betting on it. You then have to wait for the favour to swing back to the team you have your bet on. Once the odds reach 2:5 on the other side, start betting on it as well so you can secure your profit. This strategy is best used in limited overs cricket, but remember that when the game’s momentum doesn’t change, the tactic may become very costly.

3. Be careful with buying runs

It is a fact that sports betters are tempted to buy runs when they bet on overs and unders as well as on spread betting. This is because they know that they can win a larger sum of money when they buy runs.

When you look at these factors, you will see that most sports bettors love to bet on the overs. This goes without saying that while posting cricket live scores, bookmakers also try to balance their books by making the market artificially high. The best way to gain an edge is by betting on the under.

4. Take note of weather forecasts

If you choose to bet on the runs when you visit the best sport betting websites, don’t forget to take note of the weather forecast. Remember that the game of cricket is always affected by weather, particularly by rain. Now we’re not saying that you should automatically draw on the draw if you see rain on the weather forecast. Bookmakers like Bet365 would likely have noticed that too, and there’s always the possibility that forecasts may not be accurate. You can only jump to conclusions if you are actually close to the cricket grounds on the day of the event so you can judge the conditions yourself. 

When it seems sunny and dry, the bowlers will have a difficult time making the ball swing. Needless to say, there are more chances of staying in longer as well as scoring more runs for the opening batsmen. Consider buying runs and placing your favour on a team that’s strong on batting. On the other hand, if it is humid and overcast and if the ground would likely be damp, it would be easier for the bowlers to get the ball to move much more. Expect a lot of runs, and focus your bets on the team that is known to be strong in the bowling attack.

5. Review the prices

Even if you find bookmaker no deposit bonuses, you can only make a profit out of your bet if the price is right. If you think that there’s an 80% chance that Australia would win against New Zealand and the odds you get on Australia are 1:1, then you shouldn’t have a bet. These odds tell you that you can only gain profits if Australia wins 90% of the time more. In this situation, you can safely bet on Australia if the odds you get are at least 1:25 or higher.

Most of the time, it is better to avoid placing bets on the team that you feel will win. In this situation, it would be advisable to place your bets on a team whose odds represent their chances of winning, even if they are less likely to win.

The best way you can review prices is by browsing through HitYah’s bookmakers. You can head over Ladbrokes Sports, Coral Sports or Bet365 Cricket, and compare their offers so you can get the best prices possible.

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