Fighters to Watch out For on UFC 196

Fighters to Watch out For on UFC 196

- March 04, 2016

Sports fans are all surprised to see the changes in the UFC betting odds online at Coral Sports. Ironically, there was supposed to be a different main event at the UFC 196 which will be held at the MGM Grand on 5 March 2016. But fans are still thrilled to visit the best online betting sites for UFC because the event will be headlined by two remarkable fighters – Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

Werdum vs. Velasquez Cancelled

The main event was originally set for a match between Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez. However, after suffering a back injury as well as hampered knees and shoulders, Velasquez had to drop out of the fight. Stipe Miocic agreed to be Velasquez’s replacement. However, Werdum had to pull out of the fight as well due to a back injury.

Fans have been anticipating the Werdum vs. Velasquez fight and they’ve probably been looking for a bookmakers no deposit bonus to go with the betting scheme they’ve prepared. So UFC president Dana White had to make a decision quickly otherwise, he’d let the hype on UFC 196 die down. Consequently, he along with the UFC executives decided to move UFC 196 from pay-per-view to free television. They rebranded the event and named it UFC Fight Night 82 with the Stephen Thompson vs. Johnny Hendricks match as the main event. The actual UFC 196 was then moved to a later date.

Unfortunately, fighters pulling out of matches due to injuries is one of the sad truths that happens all the time in UFC, especially when it comes to the ones who are prepping to go against Conor McGregor. Changing line-ups are what you have to deal with if you want to understand betting odds for UFC.

Remember that time when Jose Aldo had to pull out of his first match with McGregor due to rib injuries? The fight was then moved from July at UFC 189 to December at UFC 194. This was a good delaying tactic as they were given six more months to train and condition themselves. Moreover, the hype grew stronger as fans prepare for UFC sports betting online. People dubbed the Aldo vs. McGregor fight as “The Biggest Fight in UFC History”. However, thanks to McGregor’s right cross, the supposed UFC fight of the century ended in 13 seconds.

Meanwhile, Nate Diaz was not the original fighter who was drafted to go against McGregor. The Irish fighter was supposed to face Rafael Dos Anjos on the Octagon, but the latter had to drop out due to a foot injury. While his injury looks legitimate, there are still a lot of UFC fighters who are routinely pulling out of big fights. Some use the scheme as a delaying tactic, while others really incur serious injuries that need recovery. Even if we already have our bookmakers free bets no deposit bonuses ready, we can’t blame these fighters because injuries are already part of the sport.

If you look at the best online betting sites for UFC, you will notice that McGregor won’t really get a lot out of his match with Diaz. When he fought Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title, he was a top end contender who’s ready to take on the challenge to move up to UFC ranks. Now that McGregor’s the champion, he has more to lose than ever before. Now this is the question we ask ourselves when we view UFC betting odds online at Coral Sports…Will Diaz take everything from “The Notorious” Irishman?

UFC 196 Main Event: McGregor vs. Diaz

If you look at the UFC betting odds online at Paddy Power Sport, you will see that McGregor is the crowd favourite. Moreover, there isn’t really much payoff for the Irishman in this match. The next thing that will happen for McGregor if he wins is moving on to UFC 200 with a match against Dos Anjos or Frankie Edgar. On the other hand, all hell might break loose if McGregor loses to Diaz. Don’t dismiss the possibility because the fact still remains that there are 3 challenges that McGregor will face against Diaz.

This matchup is a big risk for Dana White as McGregor has been known to be the people’s champ who loves to accept big challenges. McGregor’s fans are definitely frustrated to see his big opponents getting injured and pulling out of the fight. What’s up with these fighters? Did “The Notorious” scared the hell out of them?

If you look at the technical side of the fight, you will see that Diaz is a highly capable match for McGregor. While Diaz is at a disadvantage because of the limited prep time, he still has his remarkable conditioning to boot. Standing at 6’, Diaz has an advantage in height, as well as an edge in arm reach (76 in). With that said, McGregor would not be able to use his distance defence scheme on Diaz. He would have to move closer or he’ll keep on punching and kicking up.

What’s also interesting about this fight is the way Diaz has handled McGregor’s verbal lumps. If you watch the McGregor vs. Diaz press conference, you’ll see that the latter had his mental war weapons ready. You know that Diaz does not have time for McGregor’s slurs when he accused the latter of using steroids. Clearly, McGregor won’t get into Diaz’s mind, and we can expect to see full-on action on UFC 196.

 On the other hand, Diaz does not handle getting kicked well, and his footwork is not at par with McGregor. Diaz may be an offensive fighter, but McGregor’s footwork will just tire him out.

But McGregor has to keep his distance if he wants to win this fight. All UFC bettors – even the ones who go to the newest online sportsbooks – know that Diaz is a volume puncher. Once he gets through McGregor’s defence, he will throw in punches with no mercy.

Needless to say, this match will definitely be exciting. We can anticipate that the betting market will pounce on McGregor even while viewing live odd comparisons for UFC. As we all know, McGregor is a highly entertaining fighter and he knows how to work the crowd like nobody else. After all, he’s the kind of fighter who never gets hurt and never pulls out of a match that he has already booked. He is a man who’s ready to fight anyone, and his character resonates strongly with fans.

As of this writing, the odds are in favour of “The Notorious” fighter (McGregor: -470; Diaz: +370). But as previously mentioned, Diaz still has his own advantages. With the match quickly approaching, it’s high time you visit the best online betting sites for UFC to place your wagers!

Women’s Bantamweight Title: Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate

This match will be Holly Holm’s first title defence after she snatched the belt from Ronda Rousey in 2015. A number of UFC analysts say that her fight with Miesha Tate is nothing more than a warm up to build her stardom and fame.

If you still doubt Holm’s abilities, aside from viewing live odd comparisons, try watching how she obliterated Ronda Rousey on the Octagon. Having received training from Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s MMA team, Holm has developed superb boxing skills and speedy footwork.

Holm is so much different from McGregor in terms of charisma. Rousey was loved by many because she was entertaining and she knew how to draw a crowd – just like McGregor. As we all know, in UFC sports betting online and in mixed martial arts, the game is not all about fighting, it’s also about entertaining the audience. We’d still have to wait for Holm to crawl out her shell so she can push the division to greater heights.

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