Winning Post

Winning Post

- March 15, 2016

Winning Post is one of the biggest horse race publications in Australia. People from all parts of the country, except Western Australia, can get a printed copy of the publication every time it comes out on Fridays. On the other hand, select Melbourne newsagents release copies on Thursday afternoon. It only costs $5 to get a print copy of the publication. Alternatively, readers can go to the Winning Post website to gain timely insights regarding the latest in horse race betting or even updates about the Melbourne Cup.

What’s Inside the Winning Post Site?

Going to the best horse race betting websites is every bettor’s first choice when they look for general horse race information or when they want to view live odd comparisons. If you want to find supplementary materials to gain an edge when you evaluate horse race betting odds online at Ladbrokes Sport, turn to Winning Post. Here, you can find updates regarding upcoming horse races, reviews, and commentaries as well as predictions on the top contenders for a particular event. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the essential elements you will find on the Winning Post site.

This Week in Winning Post

When you visit the site, the first thing that you will see on the homepage is the section entitled ‘This Week in Winning Post’. Here, you can find a list of articles which discuss upcoming horse race events, horse trainers and jockeys. You can also gain an edge for the next time you engage in live sports betting by reading through reviews of horses’ performance stats from previous races.

Today’s Racing

If you want to get a schedule of upcoming horse races, go to the right column of the Winning Post homepage. There, you will find a section entitled ‘Today’s Racing’. You can now plot out a plan of which racing arenas to visit and what time you should turn to live sportsbooks. In this section, you will discover the horse racing events that will take place within the day and in the next two days. Under each racecourse, you will find the number of horse race events and the time they are scheduled to begin.

Winning Post Readers Poll

Sometimes, it’s exciting to visit the newest online sports books and check out the horse race odds. Meanwhile, other fun things you can do without shelling out cash is answering polls related to horse racing. Below the ‘Inside Winning Post’ section, you can find the ‘Readers Poll’ box. After reading the question, feel free to answer the poll. You can also view what most readers favour by clicking the ‘Results’ link.

Eye Catchers

If you’re looking at horse race betting odds online at Coral Sports and you’re still not 100% confident with your wagers, review Winning Post’s ‘Eye Catchers’. Here, you will find the horses that are identified to most likely win in future races. These ‘Eye Catchers’ are carefully selected by popular horse trainer Paul Richards.

Social Networking

If you want to get more timely updates on horse racing, just go to the Social Networking section and follow Winning Post on Twitter and Facebook. You can view the publication’s upcoming covers as well as news on horse race betting as they happen.

Racing Podcast

At the right column, below the Social Networking section, you will find the Racing Podcast box. You can listen to podcasts regarding weekend racing previews and even get tips from horse race betting experts. A download option is also available for free, so you can listen to the podcast anytime you want – whether you’re driving to work or doing other meaningful activities.


If you can’t find the time to purchase a print copy of the Winning Post for the lift-out form guides, just go to the Form page of the site. These guides will help you anticipate how your favourite horses will perform in future races.


To better understand betting odds from recent horse races, go to the Tipsters section. Here, you can view the results and the returns that a certain outlay rendered. You can also use this as a guide for your future horse race wagers.

What’s Good About the Winning Post Site

There are a lot of horse races to choose from, and some have hectic schedules. It is important for punters to be able to access information that is essential to them in a very timely manner. Convenience and simplicity translates in the Winning Post’s site provides. Through their phones or laptops, individuals can visit the site to conveniently access significant details regarding the past and upcoming horse races. The site’s layout is also simple so users can easily navigate through the sections and the pages. Needless to say, if you need to quickly get a fix on horse race information, the Winning Post’s site is definitely the place to visit at

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