Betting Bonus Codes

Are you into sports betting? Of course you are, that’s why you’re reading this. In fact, you’re probably looking for a little more information about bonus codes you can use to enhance your sports betting experience. We’ve compiled some information for you about some of the different types of sports betting codes you can use to make sure you know everything that might be available to you, regardless of what type of action you’re into.

Deposit Bonus Codes

Just as there is no shortage of sites at which you can place bets, there’s no shortage of sports betting promo codes you can use. To get you to try their site for the first time, many offer deposit bonus codes. You’ll want to be careful and only make sure you make a deposit in an amount you can handle. But if you’re willing to put some money down upfront, there are many bonus codes you can use in which sites will match your initial deposit. These are among the most lucrative bonus codes you can use. In most cases these bonus codes can be used for nearly any sport you’re into, including the Australian Football League, cricket, soccer, and many others.

Mobile Bonus Codes

While online sports betting for many started with participants clicking away on a clunky desktop computer, that’s certainly not the direction sports betting is headed now. If you are interested in betting using your phone, many online sites will offer an exclusive sports betting promo code simply for using your phone to place a bet. Not all sites will offer this, and this shouldn’t necessarily be the only reason for you to choose any particular site over another. But if the site that you’re already using offers a code for this type of betting and this is something you could see yourself getting into, you should think of it as easy money.

In-Game Bonus Codes

Have you found yourself in a situation where you put money down on the outcome of a game or match, and 20 minutes in it’s clear that it will be a losing bet? Furthermore, have you ever wanted to try to recoup some of your losses, and/or wanted to make the remainder of the match somewhat meaningful for you? If so, in-game betting may be right up your alley.

Using Caution With In-Game Betting

In-game betting can be tricky as it requires that careful attention to be paid to a single game or match. Furthermore, in-game betting shouldn’t be thought of solely as a way to recoup past losses, as of course there is no guarantee that your money will be earned back. However, if you’re willing to pay close attention and can be smart with your bets, many sites will offer codes with a bonus the first time you try in-game betting.

Generally, these codes are applicable only the first time you try in-game betting on any given site. This means you likely will not be able to redeem a code the first time you try in-game betting on an AFL match as well as the first time you try in-game betting on a rugby match on the same site. With all betting bonus codes you should be sure to pay careful attention to the rules and regulations as they can vary significantly from site to site.

Cross-Promotional Bonus Codes

Many online sites will also often offer cross-  with different websites that may not offer betting services, but that contains related content. For example, this could be a site that offers a subscription service with AFL-related news and updates, and with a paid subscription to that service, you will be given a sports betting promo code that will automatically make a deposit into your new account with the online betting site. Though this type of deposit can often be thought of as “free money to spend,” many times these cross promotions will not offer as much of a free deposit as the free deposit bonus codes (mentioned above) offered directly through the betting site.

For example, signing up for a subscription service with an external site, may offer you a free $20 deposit to the betting site with a promo code, though that same betting site may offer a betting bonus code in which with a $50 deposit they will match that $50 deposit. Since some sites limit the number of promo codes that can be used by the same person, it can be prudent for players to spend some time thinking about how often they plan to be playing on any given site and make an educated guess regarding which betting bonus codes might be the most lucrative for them.

Read the Fine Print!

Finally, online users would be wise to remember that bonus codes that offer “free money” can often be thought of as free giveaways, but exactly how that money is given away from site to site can vary greatly. For example:

Redeeming a bonus code in which $25 was offered to players trying out mobile betting for the first time isn’t wise unless the user intends actually to try mobile betting, especially if redeeming that code precludes them from using other codes that may have been smarter plays.

For a player who was given an additional $50 deposit after making an initial $50 deposit into their account, that extra $50 can almost always only be used to place more bets and shouldn’t be thought of as a “refund” of the initial deposit. If a user only places $25 in initial bets and then stops using the site, the betting bonus code that was redeemed for an extra $25 didn’t do any good.

The best sports betting bonus codes are the ones that enhance a user’s online betting experience and that are utilized in a way that gives them a better chance to come out ahead when placing their bets.