Betting on Cross Country

Cross country skiing is a winter sport where skiers race towards a destination, with a skier completing the race in the lowest time being adjudged the winner. It is one of the major winter sports with several racing events in different parts of the world.

Where to bet on Cross Country

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Cross Country Format

Cross Country races are of various formats based on four factors, Race distance - distance varies between 1.5 km to 50 km, Technique used - classic or freestyle, Whether competing as an individual or a team, and Race type - sprint or pursuit. Races of all formats are conducted for both men and women.

Cross Country Competitions

Winter Olympics, FIS Nordic Ski World Championship, FIS Cross-Country World Cup, Tour de Ski, and FIS Marathon Cup are the major competitions held for cross country racing. Sportsbooks offer extensive coverage of all these events for fans to easily bet on cross country races.

Types of Bets

Antepost/Outright Winner betting: This bet is to pick the outright winner of a race. It's the most common type of bet and is offered for every cross country race.

Finish in Top 3, 5 or 10 betting

This bet is to pick if an individual or team will finish in the top 3, top 5, or top 10.

Head-to-Head betting

These bets field two individuals or teams, and bettors can bet on who between the two will finish higher.

Triple Head-to-Head betting

Three individuals or teams will be listed for these bets, and punters will bet on who among them will finish higher.
Other betting

Bookmakers also offer several other types of bets, some of them are:

  • Team to lead at 1st, 2nd, 3rd exchange, which apply to relay races, is to bet on which team will be ahead in the intermediate exchanges.
  • Skier to lead at X kilometer intermediate check, X can be 5, 10, 15 or other kilometer mark, with bets available for each mark.
  • Nationality of the winner which is the best athlete from each nation.


With a variety of races for both men and women, and several top cross country events, there are is always a lot of betting opportunities and good bets available to keep cross country betting fans excited.