Betting on Ice Hockey

Hockey is a full-contact indoor team sport which is played on an icy surface with players wearing skates. The sport which originated in Montreal, Canada, is currently immensely popular in the United States, Canada, and major European countries. Hockey, also referred to as Ice Hockey, is currently played by both men and women in 74 countries. The sport is intense, fast-paced and extremely physical, which makes it extremely exciting to watch and bet on.

Where to bet on Ice Hockey

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Hockey Basics

Hockey is played in indoor stadiums on an ice rink. The ice rink has an ice surface, is rectangular in shape with rounded edges, surrounded by a wall. Players wear ice skates and use sticks to move the puck around the rink. A hockey match is played between two teams, with six players on each team. Each team has one player designated as a goaltender. The objective of the sport is to score as many goals as possible, and simultaneously prevent the other team from scoring goals. Each match is played for 60 minutes, in three 20-minute periods.

Hockey Competitions

The Winter Olympics hockey and the annual Ice Hockey World Championships are the two most popular international competitions held for the sport. These two competitions are separately conducted for both men and women. The World Cup of Hockey, is a more recent tournament, which is scheduled to be conducted every four years. National teams in Europe also compete annually for a Channel One Cup.

Most hockey matches are played as part of domestic league competitions, with North America and Europe having some of the most popular leagues. The top most league in all of hockey is the NHL - an international league with teams from the United States and Canada, that generates revenue in excess of 4 billion dollars a year. North America also has a second tier league named AHL, with 30 teams which have a huge following as well.

In Europe, several countries have domestic hockey leagues. Some of the most popular leagues are, KHL in Russia, Extraliga in the Czech Republic, SHL in Sweden, Liga in Finland, and NLA in Switzerland. The top teams from each major European league also compete in a Champions League tournament which is conducted annually.

Types of Hockey Bets

Outright ice hockey betting

These types of hockey bets are about predicting various outcomes for the entire season. Some of these types apply only for certain specific league tournaments.

Money line betting

Bet to pick which of the two teams will win the match, including overtime play.

60 Minute line betting

This bet applies only for the 60 minutes of regulation time. Bettors will bet on one of the three outcomes, either team to win or a draw.

Handicap betting

Bettors will pick if, the favorites or the underdogs will win after the handicap points are applied. Some sports will offer multiple alternate handicap bets by changing the handicap points.

Score over/under betting

Bettors will pick if the final score of both teams combined will be over or under a certain number fixed by oddsmakers. Separate bets will be offered to pick over/under score for all three periods.

Odd/Even goals betting

A hockey bet to pick if the total goals scored in a game is odd or even. Separate Odd/Even bets will also be offered for goals scored by each team.

Correct score betting

For this type of bet, multiple exact scores for both teams will be listed. Bettors will pick which of the choices will be the right outcome. Separate bets might also be offered to pick the exact score for each period.

Winning margin betting

For this bet, multiple choices will be listed for the number of goals each team will win by. Bettors will bet on which of the choices will be the right outcome.

Number of goals betting hockey

For this bet, multiple total goals scored range will be listed. Bettors will bet on which of the choices will be the right outcome. Separate bets will also be offered to predict a goal range for each team. Bets will also be offered to predict a goal range for each period.

Double result

For this type of bet, two outcomes have to be picked as part of a single bet. Bettors will have to pick which team will win both, 1st and 2nd periods, 1st and 3rd periods, 2nd and 3rd periods, 1st period and full match, 3rd period and full match. Bettors will pick which of the choices will be the right outcome. Bettors will win the bet only if they correctly predict both outcomes.


Hockey has a cult-like following in the countries where it is played. Several hockey league tournaments are played in different countries all through the year. Hockey provides unlimited action for fans, where matches are hard fought, and the outcomes are unpredictable. Betting on hockey matches makes watching each shot at goal and each assist a thrilling experience. Hockey experts know exactly how to bet on hockey matches. Bookmakers offer a huge variety of bets, for all major tournaments, and for every single match, which keeps hockey fans and hockey betting enthusiasts totally gratified.