Betting on Netball

Netball is a team sport that originated from earlier versions of basketball to better suit the increasing number of women participating in sports at that time. Today, though netball is played by both men and women, the international and professional league competitions are conducted only for women.

Currently there are 46 countries in the world that play netball professionally, but the sport is more actively played in Commonwealth countries. Since the sport is not as popular compared to a lot of other sports, it's not highly sought-after for betting. Yet, some sportsbooks post netball betting odds for several netball matches, to attract betting enthusiasts seeking easy winning opportunities.

Where to bet on Netball

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Netball Basics

A netball match is played between two teams with 7 players in each team, on a rectangular court. Points are scored by successfully throwing the ball through a hoop. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible in four; 15 minute quarters. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins it.

Netball Competitions

The most popular netball competition in the world is the INF Netball World Cup, a tournament conducted every four years. The International Netball Federation (INF) also conducts annual continent-wide tournaments for countries within each continent. Besides this, other international matches are played throughout the year, where teams from countries' tour other countries to play a series of matches.

Netball is also played in domestic leagues in a few countries, the most popular of which are, ANZ Championship - a league with teams from Australia and New Zealand, and Netball Superleague - a league with teams from England and Wales.

Type of Netball Bets

Outright winner betting

For this bet, bookmakers post odds for all the teams participating in the tournament, and bettors will bet on which team will win the tournament. In netball this is an easy bet to score a win, because in most tournaments, there will be clear favorites, that are difficult to beat. For e.g. Australia has won the last three world cups, and has won 6 of the last 7 world cups. Though the returns will be minimal, these netball bets provide some easy winning opportunity.

Match winner betting

This bet is to pick which team will win the match. Since most netball contests are lopsided, with huge favorites, this bet is offered only for competitive matches.

Handicap betting

For this bet, the favorites are handicapped by certain points. Bettors have to pick if the favorites will have more points, or if the underdogs will have more points, after the handicap points are applied at the end of the match.

Head-to-head betting

For netball, this type of bet applies for the entire tournament. Bookmakers will field two teams, and bettors have to pick which of the two teams will finish higher in the standings.


Although not a hugely popular sport, quite a bit of netball tournaments and matches happen through the year, that's good enough to keep netball fans happy. Avid netball fans who want to up their fun, and other punters who are always seeking good betting opportunities, have made bookmakers open up several betting lines to bet on netball matches.