3 Challenges that Conor McGregor Will Face Against Nate Diaz

3 Challenges that Conor McGregor Will Face Against Nate Diaz

- March 03, 2016

Get ready to search for the best online betting sites for UFC because we may see an exciting match between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor at UFC 196 on 5 March 2016.

However, since Nate Diaz didn’t have enough time to prepare for their match, he is facing a serious disadvantage in the Octagon. We all know that in UFC sports betting online, people choose the fighter with even the slightest margins in terms of timing, sharpness and conditioning. Luckily for people who are observing UFC betting odds online at Paddy Power Sport, they know that Mcgregor has honed all these traits in a full training camp ahead of UFC 196.

However, the fact still remains that McGregor will face three challenges unlike what he’s ever seen before in his match against Diaz. Don’t use your bookmakers no deposit bonus just yet because we assure you that reading the factors below will be worth your while.

1. Nate Diaz has Excellent Conditioning

Nate and his brother Nick may not have a training camp, but they are known to always have a physical conditioning advantage ahead of a fight. Despite having a reputation as thugs with bad attitudes, in reality, Nate and Nick are among the most hard-working, disciplined and focused mixed martial art fighters in the world.

Former lightweight champion Jens Pulver has expressed how impressed he was with Nick even when he was just a young kid. He would be inside the gym before anyone else, and he would be there later than everyone else just to practice. His exemplary work ethics made a lasting impression on the famed UFC fighter also dubbed as ‘Lil Evil’.

Pulver went on to coach Nate for The Ultimate Fighter Season 5, and he was equally impressed with Nick’s younger brother. There are a lot of UFC fighters featured in the newest online sportsbooks who are known for their remarkable conditioning, but you will be blown away by the hours that Diaz puts into training.

Nick and Nate do not solely rely on training for fights – they also run, cycle and swim to condition their bodies. It may be more difficult to understand betting odds for UFC because Nate may or may not be in a better shape than McGregor. Needless to say, even if Nate has not been in a training camp, he is more likely to be the best conditioned fighter that McGregor has ever faced.

If you’re lucky enough to find bookmakers free bets no deposit bonuses, place a couple of your wagers on Nate. If he does not go down early, he would be probably pumping punches on McGregor’s face for all five rounds. Keep in mind that McGregor has never dealt with a fighter with such excellent conditioning.

2. Nate Has His Mental Game Play Ready

McGregor has been known to mentally destabilise his opponents. While it isn’t likely that he has actually scared anyone, he does have a skill in angering his opponents and distracting them away from their game plans.

Whenever we view UFC betting odds online at Coral Sports, we see a lot of fighters with promising performance. However, once they get intimidated by their opponent, they find it difficult to stay disciplined and safe. That’s probably what happened with Jose Aldo. When McGregor charged in with a right cross, he got so distracted that we didn’t even get to see any of his trademark kicks.

On the other hand, we did get to see how different Nate is. During the press conference where their fight was announced, Diaz remained unfazed by McGregor’s verbal lumps. He even gave McGregor a dose of his own bitter medicine when he gave the Irish fighter some verbal beatings.

This is a refreshing sight to see because no one has ever been eager to confidently go back at McGregor’s words. Of course, talking isn’t fighting, but we do know that Diaz will have a domineering presence on the fight night. Indeed, it will be exciting to watch this fight while we view live odd comparisons on one of HitYah’s bookmakers!

When he gets in the Octagon, we know that McGregor’s words won’t fluster him and that he won’t make the same mistakes that Aldo did. What we should watch out for is whether McGregor will be the first one to mentally break down – considering the amount of pressure he has on his shoulders. It would be a delight to see Diaz calling McGregor names and scaring him, getting the crowd to root for him through the fight.

We can see that McGregor won’t be able to get into Diaz’s head. Just by watching the McGregor vs. Diaz press conference, we can tell that the latter has a strong hand in mental warfare. Needless to say, the only way McGregor can beat Diaz is by cleanly taking him out.

3. Nate Diaz’s Advantage in Size

The fighter's weight probably makes up the most significant element in this contest. While Diaz has competed in the welterweight division before, McGregor is a former featherweight fighter who is going up 25 pounds for this fight. If you check out the UFC betting odds on Betway, you will see that the wagers have something to do with their weight titles.

Another interesting factor weighing in on this fight is Diaz’s height and length. While it is true that McGregor has long arms, they’re still a couple of inches shorter than Diaz’s overall reach.

These few inches can greatly contribute to the possibility of knocking out an opponent. In the featherweight division, McGregor usually has some height and length advantage.

On the other hand, when he fights Diaz, he’ll have to go closer otherwise he’ll have to punch and kick up. Needless to say, he may not be able to use distance for defensive purposes.

If you visit the top UFC betting sites, you will see that McGregor has been known to have an excellent sense of timing and range, and he often uses head movement to avoid strikes. Against Diaz, McGregor will have to work more on getting out of the way of strikes. This goes without saying that his tactic of leaning backwards to avoid his featherweight opponents’ strikes will not work with Diaz’s long punches.

McGregor can take a shot or two and even give one back. However, he can’t let Nate – who has been known to be a volume puncher – find his own rhythm and range. Once Diaz gets the advantage, he will not hesitate to throw continuous punches.

Meanwhile, McGregor can make up for the length with his active footwork. However, he will have to make a big adjustment because Nate Diaz is by far the longest and tallest opponent that he has ever faced.

If you want to view live odd comparisons for UFC 196, visit one of HitYah’s bookmakers. Don’t miss out on the action as it happens!

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