A-League 2016 Ultimate Guide

A-League 2016 Ultimate Guide

- April 07, 2016

The A-league is set for a thrilling final round with the identity of the Premiers still anybody’s guess. Are you ready to bet on sports live? This year, the Hyundai A-League Week 27 could not be scripted any better. Four teams are separated by just three points - and all have a shot of claiming the Premiers Plate.

Rundown for Round 27 of the A-League

Check out the latest online sports bookmakers, because this season ender is going to be close. The leaders of the competition are Brisbane Roar, currently holding a three-point lead over Melbourne City in fourth place, with second-placed Adelaide United and third-placed Western Sydney Wanderers sandwiched between them.

Melbourne City – who were in first place last week – will aim to bounce back from their 3-2 loss to Perth Glory on Sunday when they will play host to Adelaide United. Perth is currently in fifth place.

The Newcastle Jets and Central Coast Mariners will turn against each other one more time on Saturday. The Mariners have endured a rough time in the past months, while the Jets have turned the soccer odds into their favour and improved their game under the leadership of Scott Miller. Football fans are looking forward to see how this bitter rivalry will end.

After the Jets and Mariners face off, Melbourne City will play host to Brisbane Roar. Since cementing their place in the finals, Victory is hell-bent to avenge their 5-0 loss to Brisbane Roar last month.

Western Sydney Wanderers will square off against Wellington Phoenix on Sunday. The Wanderers will be keen on taking the win for a shot at the Premiers’ Plate, while also avenging their recent heavy loss to Phoenix.

Perth Glory will then conclude the regular season when they face Sydney FC on Sunday afternoon. Take a look at the A-League match odds, live scores and results here on HitYah! Sports.

Current A-League Standings

Take a look at the current A-League ladder:

# Team Name MP PTS
1 Brisbane Roar 26 47
2 Adelaide United 26 46
3 Western Sydney Wanderers 26 45
4 Melbourne City 26 44
5 Perth Glory 26 43
6 Melbourne Victory 26 40
7 Sydney FC 26 31
8 Newcastle Jets 26 27
9 Wellington Phoenix 26 25
10 Central Coast Mariners 26 13

Brisbane Roar is leading with 47 points and a +9 goal difference. Brisbane Roar will win the Premiers Plate if they beat Melbourne Victory; or if they draw with Melbourne Victory, and Adelaide and Western Sydney both lose or draw. Check out the latest at the Brisbane Roar statistics to see their win percentages.

Adelaide United comes in second with 46 points and a +15 goal difference. Adelaide will win if they beat Melbourne City and Brisbane loses or draws. Adelaide United team statistics show that they also win if they draw with Melbourne City, Brisbane loses and Western Sydney loses or draws.

Based on Western Sydney Wanderers stats, the team is currently in third place with 45 points and a +9 goal difference. The Wanderers will win if they beat Wellington, and Brisbane and Adelaide both lose or draw.

Melbourne City is currently in fourth place, with 44 points and a +21 goal difference. In order to win the Plate, they need to beat Adelaide on Sunday and hope that Brisbane loses to Victory, and the Wanderers lose or draw against Wellington. Take a look at the Melbourne City statistics to see total home and away goals.

A Thrilling Weekend Ahead

Since the Australian National League launched in 1977, there have only been a handful of seasons where the top four positions on the ladder were not known until the last round. The first time this happened was in 1983, where teams leading into the final round were: Preston (52 points), St George (52 points), Sydney City (51 points), South Melbourne (51 points) and Newcastle KB United (49 points). At the end of the competitive football betting season, St George beat Brisbane City 4-0 to take the Premiership. St George was then coached by Frank Arok, and had three legendary players on the team: The O’Shea brothers John, Mike and Rob.

Three years later in 1986, Australian football history saw the highest number of teams with a chance of finishing on top with one round remaining. There teams were: Footscray (27 points, +2 goal difference), Brunswick (26 points, +13), Heidelberg (26 points, +12), Adelaide City (25 points, +12), South Melbourne (25 points, +10) and Sunshine (25 points, +7). It was Brunswick that finished first on the ladder with a 3-0 win over South Melbourne at Middle Park.

In the 2007-2008 season, there were four teams that leveled on points leading into the final round. These teams were: Brisbane Roar (+6 goal difference), Sydney FC (+4 goal difference), Central Coast Mariners (+3 goal difference) and Newcastle Jets (+3 goal difference). It was one of the best sports events to bet on. In the end, it was Adelaide United who won over Brisbane Roar.

There have been a couple more seasons finished since then that have been exciting, but this 2015-2016 regular season climax is one of the most thrilling on record. The Premiers and all of the important top positions will not be determined until later in the weekend, gifting football fans prolonged excitement for this final round.

This 2015-2016 season is also one of the highest scoring seasons on record, adding another exhilarating dimension to the season’s finale.

A-League Chants

With all the excitement surrounding the final round of the season, many football sports betting fans are expected to attend and perform football chants on the stand. A football chant is a song or a chant sung at football matches. These football chants vary from team to team, but are generally used to encourage the home team or to slight the opposition. Football fans across the country will sing or shout their chants as a way to express their loyalty to their club.

These often rhythmic and rhyming sing-song verses are expected during final games in the A-League. Fans everywhere will be bolstering and cheering their team through their chanting. Soccer fans love a good football chant - whether spoken, typically in a call-and-response format accompanied by percussion, or adaptations of popular songs or spontaneous reactions to the events on the field, they have become an iconic feature of soccer matches across the globe. 

Melbourne City Vs. Adelaide United

Melbourne City vs Adelaide United kicks off on Friday. The Reds will start out Round 27 in second place, just one point behind Brisbane Roar. Melbourne City, on the other hand, will start three points adrift first place in the fourth spot.

Get ready to use your sports betting bonuses if you have them. Adelaide United has lost only two of their last 20 matches. But on Melbourne City’s team is Bruno Fornaroli, one of the most accurate shooters in the Hyundai A-League. 56 out of 81 (or 69.1%) of Fornaroli’s shots have been on target, making him the most accurate shooter in the entire competition this season.

If you want to know all about odds in sports betting, take a look at the match odds of the upcoming game. The best odds are in bold.

MATCH ODDS Melbourne City FC Adelaide United Draw
Marathonbet 2.20 3.18 3.90
Matchbook 2.14 3.26 4.05

Central Coast Mariners Vs. Newcastle Jets

The Central Coast Mariners will start the final round in tenth place, while the Jets will start in eighth. Jets gloveman Mark Birighitti has made more saves than any other keeper so far in this season. He is someone that opponents and A-League football betting fans should look out for because he has a save percentage of 71.6%.

Check out the match odds for Central Coast Mariners vs Newcastle Jets. The best odds are in bold.

MATCH ODDS Central Coast Mariners Newcastle Hets Draw
Marathonbet 3.04 2.35 3.70
Pinnacle Sports 3.12 3.21 3.69

Melbourne Victory Vs. Brisbane Roar

Brisbane Roar is the current leader for the Premiership, while Melbourne Victory will start Round 27 in sixth place.

Only once in the last nine matches have Melbourne Victory conceded more than two goals. This was a 5-0 loss to Brisbane in Round 23. So for Melbourne Victory, this game is not only for the Plate, but also payback for the humiliating loss.

Brisbane has won four out of the five previous matches. But those who will bet on the A-League must note that these wins have been on home soil.

Here are the match odds for the Melbourne Victory vs Brisbane Roar game on Saturday. The best odds are in bold.

MATCH ODDS Melbourne Victory Brisbane Roar Draw
Marathonbet 3.40 2.12 3.85
Paddy Power 3.60 1.83 4.00
Pinnacle Sports 3.73 1.97 3.99

Wellington Phoenix Vs. Western Sydney Wanderers

Wellington begins the final round in ninth place, while the Wanderers are currently in the third spot. The upcoming Wellington Phoenix vs WS Wanderers game will be Wellington’s first home match against the Wanderers. Wellington has won all their last three home games and have kept a clean sheet for each of those matches.

Check out the different betting odds for the match. The best odds are in bold.

MATCH ODDS Wellington Phoenix WS Wanderers Draw
Marathonbet 4.75 1.74 4.15
Pinnacle Sports 4.89 1.71 4.25

Sydney FC Vs. Perth Glory

Sydney is currently in seventh place and Perth will be starting the last round in fifth. The players of Perth Glory have won five straight matches, and are looking to set a new club record by winning six consecutive games. Glory’s Chris Harold has scored four headed goals this season – the most of any player.

Take a look at the match odds for Sydney FC vs Perth Glory. The best odds are in bold.

MATCH ODDS Sydney FC Perth Glory Draw
Marathonbet 3.20 2.26 3.70
Paddy Power 3.30 2.00 3.75
Pinnacle Sports 3.34 2.19 3.70
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