Anna Meares Wins Silver at the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships

Anna Meares Wins Silver at the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships

- March 07, 2016

Were your earlier predictions right when you viewed live odd comparisons for the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships? We sure hope you were successfully able to place your wagers on the best online betting sites for track cycling because cycling veteran Anna Meares has won Australia’s second medal for the event. In a thrilling finish, she snatched the silver medal in the women’s Keirin category.

During the final lap, Meares appeared to be boxed in but she managed to get the chance to win the event’s fourth gold medal by squeezing through a gap. However, she wasn’t able to finish first. It was a close fight to the first place as Germany’s Kristina Vogel won by 0.078 seconds. Still, this is a good thing for the Australian team and cycling betting odds may change in favour of them following Meares’ feat.

Anna Meares in the 2012 London Olympics

If you were on the best online betting sites for track cycling during the 2012 London Olympics, you might have been disappointed with Meares’ performance. She faded terribly and was beaten by Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton. On the other hand, Meares’ brilliant ride in the Track Cycling World Championships 2016 should help erase the memories of her disappointing loss in the Keirin ride division in the Olympics.

Road to the Women’s Keirin Finals

If you took advantage of your bookmakers no deposit bonus by placing a wager on Meares, you were in luck! During the qualifying rounds, Meares was given a scare when Ekaterina Gnidenko from Russia drifted into the splinters lane clashed with the Australian rider’s front wheel. She wobbled a bit, but thanks to her experience riding a BMX, she was able to remarkably regain control of her bike. She finished in third, but when the UCI officials disqualified Gnidenko, she was able to gain her spot in the semi-finals.

Anna Meares’ Talent in Cycling

Anna Meares is one of the most decorated track cycling athletes in the field. One of Australia’s sporting heroes, this cycling veteran is a ten-time world champion across four separate events, a five-time Commonwealth Games champion, three-time Olympian and a two-time Olympic Champion (Gold and Silver - London 2012, Silver - Beijing 2008, and Gold and Bronze - Athens 2004). Through the years, she has also become a crowd favourite in track cycling betting.

Anna Meares Almost Quit Cycling

Anna Meares might be an Olympic champion, but she is still vulnerable to heartache. The Australian track cycling athlete revealed that she contemplated about quitting cycling twice in 2015 due to personal problems. She was devastated after calling it quits with her husband of nine years Mark Chadwick.

Aside from the separation, she also found it difficult to recover from her neck injury as well as the mental challenges she had to face after the 2012 London Olympics. Thanks to the support of her family, friends, coaches and teammates, she was convinced to set aside her retirement for the time being. She went on to win the silver medal in the women’s Keirin division and another silver in the team sprint category at the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships. During the same year, Meares also won two gold medals at the Track National Championships and two more golds in separate competitions.

At this rate, we can expect to see more of Anna Meares and her thrilling feats. So it’s high time to prepare for track cycling betting online!

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