FIFA World Cup 2018 Odds

FIFA World Cup 2018 Odds

- April 15, 2018

FIFA World Cup Odds

Odds Accurate at time of posting on April 13th 2018

Football fever is set to reach new levels at the FIFA 2018 World Cup which is scheduled to start in Russia from 14th June. Billions of fans of the beautiful game will tune in to support their favorite teams as they go head to head to determine who is 2018 FIFA World Champions.

The world cup always results in a flood of bets from around the world as punters look to bet on just about everything the ‘beautiful game’ can offer. Bets will be made on the top 5 favorite teams to win the world cup, the top scorers during the world cup, the number of yellow vs. red cards that will be issued, the total number of goals that will be scored, the result of each game (win, lose or draw) and the margin of defeat. We take a look at some of the current odds on to give you an idea of what to expect

Top 5 Favorites Teams:

Germany: Germany are the defending champions and TonyBet has odds at 5 currently –
which means if you put down £100 on Germany now, you can walk away with £500 if
Germany ends up winning. These odds will change as the tournament approaches and as the
matches get underway.

Brazil: TonyBet has given Brazil a 5 rating as well which means both teams have equal odds
of going all the way. Brazil has shown on previous occasions that they have the talent and
skill to go all the way. However, the squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup are not as
celebrated as some of the previous squads.

Spain: Spain will be looking to make an impression at the 2018 FIFA World Cup as they
have lost some of their old stars and will look to new talent to deliver. TonyBet has them at
6.50 which means if you put down £100 and Spain wins, you get to walk away with £650.
France: France should make the semi-finals if they play to potential but winning the World
Cup could be an uphill task. TonyBet has France at 7 which isn’t too far out from Spain.

Argentina: Tonybet has Argentina at 10 but given the fact that they have Lionel Messi in
their squad, anything is possible.

Top Scorers:

The top five players that are expected to top the scoring charts at the 2018
FIFA World Cup include Lionel Messi – Argentina, Neymar – Brazil, Cristiano Ronaldo –
Portugal, Antoine Griezmann – France and Harry Kane – England.

Yellow vs. Red Cards:

There are sports betting websites out there that are offering odds on
yellow vs. red cards for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. To help you make an informed decision,
we give you a glimpse into the yellow vs. red cards for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
The 2014 World Cup saw a total of 187 yellow cards and 10 red cards issued. That worked
out to an average of 2.92 yellow cards being issued per match and 0.16 red cards per match.

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