Halo World Championships Set to Award Largest Prize in eSports Console History

Halo World Championships Set to Award Largest Prize in eSports Console History

- March 10, 2016

The Halo World Championship 2016: Slayer is set to award the biggest prize in eSports console history, after crowd funding helps create the US$2.5 million prize pool.

This year, Halo’s greatest players are fighting for more than just bragging rights. 16 teams from all around the world have secured their slots to compete for the first prize of the championship. Microsoft initially set the prize pool at US$1 million, but then opened it up for Halo fans to increase by purchasing Halo 5: Guardians’ REQ system add-ons.

The final prize pool is now locked at US$2.5 million. The Halo World Championship will play out over three days on March 18-20 in Hollywood, California. The event is sponsored by Mega Bloks, Legendary Pictures and the Universal Pictures summer blockbuster Warcraft.

The first place winner of the tournament will bring home 40% of the prize pool – a total of US$1 million. The second place winner will win 20% of the prize pool, bringing home $500,000. Teams in third and fourth place will share 10% of the prize pool (US$250,000). Teams in fifth to eighth place will split 3% of the prize pool (US$75,000). Finally, teams in ninth to sixteenth place will share 1% of the prize pool (US$25,000). Fans are also joining the action through eSports betting sites.

The tournament will feature players competing in Halo 5: Guardians. Although most popular eSports games are played on the PC, Halo is the best example of a console hit having success in the eSports market and online sports betting arena. Halo will hit US$463 million this year, and it is predicted that it will rise to US$1.1 billion by 2019. Halo 5: Guardians earned US$400 million in its first week of sales alone.

Competing in the championships are eight teams from North America, four teams from Europe/the Middle East/Africa, two teams from Australia/New Zealand, one team from Asia and one team from Latin America. The tournament will feature a four vs four competition. If you’ve always wanted to bet money on eSports, then this is the tournament to do so.

Here are the names of the final 16 teams:

  • Team Allegiance (North America)
  • Counter Logic Gaming (North America)
  • Evil Geniuses (North America)
  • Team Liquid (North America)
  • Noble eSports (North America)
  • Renegades (North America)
  • Triggers Pound (North America)
  • Denial eSports (North America)
  • Epsilon eSports (Europe, the Middle East, Africa)
  • FabE (Europe, the Middle East, Africa)
  • exceL (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
  • Team Infused (Europe, the Middle East, Africa)
  • Team Immunity (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Team Exile5 (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Skyfire (Asia)
  • Chosen Squad (Latin America)

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Brodey Sheppard

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