Beach Handball

If you don’t understand the game of beach handball, it only takes a few minutes to learn.

Also known as sandball, this is similar in most ways with team handball, which is also played on a beach.

What is beach handball? This is a game in which two teams of four players each face off against one another. A team can have eight players on the roster, but only four are competing at a given time.

Beach handball is played on a court that is approximately 12 meters wide and 27 meters long.

Here is the most important beach handball information: the goal for each for team to pass the ball, attempting to eventually throw it into the other team’s goal.

Beach handball is typically played in two or three sets. The scoring system is simple: when a court player scores, one point is awarded. When a goalkeeper scores, two points are awarded.

If you want to give beach handball a try, throw yourself into a game in the near future. You won’t be disappointed with the fun and excitement!