Beach Soccer

What is beach soccer? As the name suggests, this is similar to traditional football, with one of the primary differences being that it is played on a beach or sand.

A game consists of two teams with five players each, including a goalie. During the game, each team can make an unlimited number of substitutions. While players do not wear shoes, they are allowed to use ankle guards for protection.

A typical beach soccer game lasts up to 36 minutes, broken down into three 12 minute periods. When regulation comes to an end, if the score is tied, three minutes of extra time is played. If the score is still tied, a penalty shootout takes place.

Yellow and red cards also play a big part in beach soccer, with players being penalized for severe action.

There are many beach soccer competitions, with some of the most popular including the Intercontinental Cup, FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, and Mundialito de Clubes.

As you collect more beach soccer information, you can decide if this game is right for you.