Boli Khela

What is Boli Khela? This is a question asked by many people. In short, this is a type of wrestling that got its start in Bangladesh. At this time, the sport remains popular in this country but not many others.

In the full contact sport of Boli Khela, fighters use a variety of techniques to outdo the competition. This includes maneuvers such as throwing, joint locking, clinching, pinning, grappling, and more.

A Boli Khela takes place in a square or circular field made of dirt. Players compete in a pair of shorts, no shoes, and no other protective gear. This ensures that every Boli Khela match is truly man vs. man.

The goal of the sport is similar to most other types of wrestling, in which one participant attempts to force any part of the opponent’s body to the ground.

A Boli Khela match does not have a set time limit, but instead depends on the skill and durability of each player. Generally speaking, a match will last between 25 and 30 minutes.

Although Boli Khela may not be spreading as much as some other sports, it still remains popular in Bangladesh. With this Boli Khela information guiding you, you may want to get involved yourself.