Clay Pigeon Shooting

What is clay pigeon shooting? Also known as clay target shooting, this is a sport in which participants attempt to shoot flying targets, using a shotgun.

There are many types of clay pigeon shooting, with some disciplines being more common than others. The three most popular in today’s day and age include: trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays.

With trap shooting, for instance, targets are thrown as singles or double from a variety of traps situated in front of the player.

While not always the case, the targets used for clay pigeon shooting are saucer shape and either black or orange in color.

The traps that throw the targets are able to do so at varying speeds and angles, thus increasing the level of difficulty.

Popular in many parts of the world, clay pigeon shooting gives participants the opportunity to display a wide range of shooting skills. At this time, the sport is most common in the United States and Europe. This clay pigeon shooting information may be enough for you to get involved on your own.